New ‘Sentry’ eye-tracking tech aims to help gamers hone their skills

Described by its maker as a "virtual, visual coach," the new Sentry Eye Tracker from SteelSeries aims to help gamers hone their skills, training them to process on-screen information in the most efficient way possible.

Tobii Glasses 2 may improve eye tracking research methods

Tobii wants to make a wearable worth using. To do so, Tobii intends to do a lot of eye tracking research. Tobii Glasses 2 are aimed at researchers rather than consumers, in hopes that new gaze data will improve the user experience.

Who needs gestures? Tobii’s eye-tracking sensor returns to CES

While many companies look for motion control to be the next big thing, Tobii remains adamant that its eye-tracking technology is superior. The company has announced a partnership with SteelSeries to sell a device this summer and has slashed…

Tobii eye-tracking development kit makes for an eye-pleasing demonstration

We take a look at Tobii's eye-tracking development kit and come away feeling like we've seen the future of computing.

Tobii Rex lets you control Windows 8 computers with your eyes

With sci-fi developments like Tobii's Rex camera becoming more common, it could be just a matter of time before the mouse and trackpad are consigned to the trashcan.

Eye tracking evolution: A look at Tobii’s slim new IS-2, glasses-free 3D gaming, and the future

Today, Tobii announced a newer, smaller, better eye tracking device that can be used in consumer devices as well as a partnership that could greatly enhance glasses-free 3D. We spoke with the company about its plans and where eye control is…

Tobii debuts EyeAsteroids, an arcade game you play with your eyes

Defend the Earth from asteroids... with only your eyes!

Hands-on: Tobii and Windows 8 Gaze interface

CES 2012 - Tobbi shows off its eye-tracking technology for Windows 8 Gaze interface.

Windows 8 to get eye control ‘Gaze’ interface (video)

Tobii has unveiled its plan to launch an eye-controlled 'Gaze' interface for Windows 8, allowing users to simply look at items instead of using a mouse or touch control.

Death of the mouse: How eye-tracking technology could save the PC

First it was the mouse, then touch control, then motion. On Friday, we got our hands on Tobii's new eye-tracking laptop, which could potentially eliminate the need for the mouse by keeping tabs on what you're looking at with astounding…

Tobii shows off eye-controlled Lenovo laptop

Is this the end of the mouse and keyboard? Lenovo and Tobii demo an eye-controlled computer.