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Oreé introduces a wooden touchpad so get your bandages ready

Dragging your finger over a pad of wood might sound like the least fun idea, but we admit it's pretty amazing that Oreé has figured out a way to make a wooden touchpad that actually works.

Windows 8 to get eye control ‘Gaze’ interface (video)

Tobii has unveiled its plan to launch an eye-controlled 'Gaze' interface for Windows 8, allowing users to simply look at items instead of using a mouse or touch control.

IDC says 3Q tablet shipments miss mark, but 4Q should be huge

A new report from IDC finds "media tablet" shipments in the third quarter were lower than expected, reaching 18.1 million units. But the firm expects a strong holiday quarter.

Last $99 HP TouchPads sold out in 15 minutes

Hewlett-Packard quickly rid itself of the remaining TouchPad units Sunday night, after once again dropping the price from $499 to a mere $99.

Discount TouchPads back on sale – for developers only

Hewlett-Packard seems determined to keep its WebOS software platform alive - it emerged on Monday that the company was offering discount TouchPads to WebOS developers. This comes on the same day as news that HP was looking into the possibility of selling the…

HP to release Windows 8 tablet in 2012, future of webOS uncertain

HP will release at least one Windows 8-based tablet next year, the company said Thursday. But the ball is still up in their air for its mobile operating system, webOS.

New Logitech Wireless Touchpad gives PC users Apple-like touch control

With Logitech's smart new product, PC users can now have just as much fun as Apple fans with touchpad scrolling, swiping, and pinch-zooming.

Amazon tablet rumor: 7-inch due October, 10-inch in 2012

Rumors out today suggest Amazon's still-unconfirmed tablets could begin to arrive this year, with a 7-inch device due in October, and a 10-inch version set for a 2012 release.

Yes, it’s discontinued, but HP may offer more TouchPads for sale

HP's $99 TouchPad tablet was such a hit that, even though it's discontinued, it flew off retailer shelves. And HP might - just might - offer more of them.

Best HP TouchPad Apps

Who said webOS was dead? We've handpicked the best HP TouchPad apps to help you turn your $99 toy into a recipe book, television, virtual magazine and more.

HP offers TouchPad owners six free apps – but hurry

In an offer which expires at the end of the month, Hewlett-Packard is giving away six free apps worth over $30 to owners of its discontinued TouchPad tablet.

Over a third of tablets end up in the bathroom

In a study surely to make hypochondriacs cringe at the thought of touching any tablet, owners of tablets are admitting to taking the device into the bathroom to play Angry Birds and watch video while on the toilet or in the tub.

Free iPhone 3GS available Monday at Best Buy

Best Buy is cleaning house by offering Apple's two-year-old smartphone, the iPhone 3GS, for free, with the signing of a new two-year contract with AT&T.

HP webOS tablet prices slashed at Best Buy and elsewhere, availability is scarce

Store supplies disappear as Best Buy and other retailers slash the price on HP TouchPad tablets following Hewlett-Packard's announcement last week that it is discontinuing support for its webOS platform.

HP TouchPad slashed to $99

Electronics retailers in Canada are selling off Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad at a massively reduced price - $99 for the 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB version. Websites of US retailers are currently showing the old price but can be expected to follow suit. The…

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