Yes, it’s discontinued, but HP may offer more TouchPads for sale

HP's $99 TouchPad tablet was such a hit that, even though it's discontinued, it flew off retailer shelves. And HP might - just might - offer more of them.
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Best HP TouchPad Apps

Who said webOS was dead? We've handpicked the best HP TouchPad apps to help you turn your $99 toy into a recipe book, television, virtual magazine and more.

HP offers TouchPad owners six free apps – but hurry

In an offer which expires at the end of the month, Hewlett-Packard is giving away six free apps worth over $30 to owners of its discontinued TouchPad tablet.

Over a third of tablets end up in the bathroom

In a study surely to make hypochondriacs cringe at the thought of touching any tablet, owners of tablets are admitting to taking the device into the bathroom to play Angry Birds and watch video while on the toilet or in the tub.

Free iPhone 3GS available Monday at Best Buy

Best Buy is cleaning house by offering Apple's two-year-old smartphone, the iPhone 3GS, for free, with the signing of a new two-year contract with AT&T.

HP webOS tablet prices slashed at Best Buy and elsewhere, availability is scarce

Store supplies disappear as Best Buy and other retailers slash the price on HP TouchPad tablets following Hewlett-Packard's announcement last week that it is discontinuing support for its webOS platform.

HP TouchPad slashed to $99

Electronics retailers in Canada are selling off Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad at a massively reduced price - $99 for the 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB version. Websites of US retailers are currently showing the old price but can be expected…

Survey: Potential tablet buyers fixed on iPad

The results of a recent survey show that companies competing against Apple's iPad have a lot of work to do to get the attention of consumers.

HP TouchPads failing to sell, lots left at Best Buy

If you're looking to buy an HP TouchPad but can't find one anywhere, try Best Buy. According to a report, the store has around a quarter of a million of the devices taking up space in its stockrooms.

HP TouchPad $100 price cut made permanent

In what could signal the start of a price war in the tablet market, Hewlett-Packard has made permanent the $100 discount it offered last weekend on its TouchPad device.
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HP TouchPad gets $50 cheaper

Did $499.99 put you off from buying HP's webOS-based TouchPad tablets? How would you feel about $449.99?

HP TouchPad gets its Movie Store

HP is tricking out entertainment options on the TouchPad, adding a RoxioNow-powered Movie Store to its webOS tablet.