HP announces new Envy Recline all-in-ones and new monitors at IFA

HP announced a handful of new products at IFA today, including three Envy Recline touchscreen all-in-one PCs, two new Envy and Pavilion monitors, and the Envy Phoenix 810 gaming PC.

How ‘Minecraft’ is shaping the future of touch interfaces

The iPad and 'Minecraft' – besides the fact that the latter can run on the former, they have nothing in common, right? Wrong. While they serve different purposes, both of these revolutionaries have a common trait that is responsible for…

Google sends out Android software update to fix Nexus 7 touchscreen glitch

If your new Nexus 7's touchscreen has been causing problems, either with the multitouch or using the keyboard, help is on its way. Google has released a software update for the new tablet which should solve these issues straight away.

Turns out, nobody wants to touch Windows 8 (and Microsoft is screwed)

A recent remark from an IDC analyst puts touchscreen market share at a projected 15 percent (or less) by the end of 2013. There's now plenty of options on the market, but consumers still aren't buying. Does this mean Windows 8's focus on…

Ubi Interactive’s Kinect app turns any surface into a touchscreen

Ubi Interactive, in partnership with Microsoft, launched a new app for the Kinect that turns any image projected onto a surface into a giant touchscreen. The software has the Kinect and a projector working together to create a touch display…
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What type of touchscreen laptop is best for you?

Convertibles, dockables, and sliders, oh my! The world of Windows 8 touchscreen laptops is a jungle. Whether you're looking for a laptop that can double as a tablet in a pinch, or a tablet that can transform into a laptop when need be…

Meet WorldKit, the projector that turns everything into a touchscreen

Two Carnegie Mellon researchers share their plan for making every surface in your house a touchscreen without spending thousands. Could the Kinect plus a projector be the future of touch computing?

Microsoft Research develops moving robotic touchscreen that interacts with the user

Microsoft Research has developed a moving robotic touchscreen that is capable of virtually mimicking the shape of objects and can also provide "realistic" return tension against an individual's touch.

BlackBerry to sell new flagship touch phone, the A10, by the holidays

BlackBerry is will be replacing its current flagship phone, the Z10, with a brand new top tier device, the A10, by the 2013 holiday season. This release will let the company offer newer devices across three levels of affordability.

Acer Aspire Z3 all-in-one debuts with 23-inch touchscreen, Harman Kardon speakers

Today, Acer introduced a 23-inch all-in-one, the Acer Aspire Z3. The Z3 has a 1920 x 1080 full HD touchscreen display that's large enough for gaming while also doubling as a small TV.

HP Envy 14 TouchSmart Ultrabook sneaks out with 3200 x 1800 display

The HP Envy 14 TouchSmart Ultrabook will start at $699, but it can be upgraded to a whopping 3,200 x 1,800 resolution display. This puts the Envy 14 in the same display league as the Chromebook Pixel and the MacBook Pro, plus it bests the…

How a Dutch pop band turned us all into cursor zombies … in the name of art!

We chat with Dutch band Light Light and design studio Moniker about their crowdsourced vision of the impeding disappearance of the mouse cursor, as well as what the touchscreen revolution means for the intersection of design, tech, and…