WSJ: Google developing touchscreen Chromebooks

Google is rumored to be making what could be a competitor to its own Android devices – touchscreen Chromebooks that could very well end up being very similar to the new Windows 8 touchscreen laptops available today.


SingNshock alarm clock delivers an electric shock to wake you up

Designed for anyone that habitually relies on the snooze button to avoid getting up, the singNshock alarm clock offers a jolt of electricity to start the day.

Cool Tech

Touchscreen restaurant table forecasts the end of human interactions

Moneual has unveiled a design for a touchscreen cafe table that can display apps to help diners browse and order off the menu. Basically, Seamless has arrived to a real world setting.


Will Lenovo’s IdeaCentre Horizon ‘bring back family night’ or just drain the vacation fund?

We play with Lenovo's new IdeaCentre Horizon, an all-in-one computer that can also be used as a tabletop productivity and gaming system.


Intel shows roadmap for 4th generation ultrabooks, makes touch mandatory

Intel reveals that a touchscreen and Intel Wireless Display will become mandatory features in 4th-gen ultrabooks.


Samsung announces two new monitors, one a touchscreen model

Samsung revealed details about two new monitors it's set to show off at CES next week. One's a touchscreen model optimized for use with Windows 8 while the other features a display that can be rotated a full 90 degrees.


New Kickstarter project aims to bring proper buttons to your iPhone

Are you an iPhone gamer annoyed by your gadget's lack of true buttons? Help fund the WynCASE project on Kickstarter and that may no longer be a concern.


With Mujjo leather touch capacitive gloves, you’ll never want to put your phone down

Combining style with functionality, the Mujjo leather touch capacitive gloves is a must-have this winter season for those who refuse to sacrifice aesthetics for utility.

Cool Tech

Kyocera demonstrates new touchscreen that feels like it has physical keys

Kyocera has demonstrated a touchscreen that it's claimed, feels like touching a physical keyboard. Using similar technology to haptic feedback, it can be adjusted to provide a different feel depending on what you're touching on screen.


Maybe I don’t want a touchscreen laptop

With Windows 8, it seems that Microsoft is forcing the touchscreen laptop upon us. While they work on tablets and hybrids, touchscreens never seem like the best method of control for a machine placed on a desk. Is it possible touchscreen laptops are just a…


Sensus iPhone case makes the back of your phone a touchy subject — literally

The Sensus iPhone case, by Canopy, adds a touchpad to the back of your phone so you never have to touch your precious glass screen.

Cool Tech

AT&T gives hotspots a touch up with touchscreen MiFi Liberate

AT&T puts control right at user's fingertips with MiFi Liberate, the first mobile hotspot with a touchscreen.


Will Windows 8 be the next Vista?

Microsoft only seems to get a solid hit with every other Windows release. After Windows 7's success, is Windows 8 destined for ignobility?


Previewing Almond, the touchscreen wireless router

Giving a fresh update to traditional routers, Securifi's Almond adds a touchscreen and a color interface to what would otherwise be a boring box on your computer desk.