Planning a vacation? Grab two free months of Google Play Music via TripAdvisor

Google is offering up a pretty unique way to sign up for its music streaming service. Now, when you're planning trips via TripAdvisor, you can listen to locally curated tunes thanks to a Google Play Music integration.

Frustrated restaurateurs suggest a new way to tackle fake TripAdvisor reviews

TripAdvisor insists it already has in place effective measures to deal with fake reviews, but many business owners believe they're not enough. In the U.K., restaurants and hotels are joining a new campaign that's suggesting another way to…

Sick of Yelp reviews? Apple Maps now returns TripAdvisor and reviews too

While Apple Maps still doesn’t have nearly as many features as Google Maps, it's starting to catch up. Though not yet formally acknowledged, the service now seems to be returning reviews from TripAdvisor and

Hotel owners complain of being held ‘hostage’ by TripAdvisor users

Hoping to resolve the issue with TripAdvisor at some point in the future, hotels and restaurants are being forced into handing over freebies to TripAdvisor users or be faced with a negative online review.

Amazon merchant caught bribing customers for five-star reviews

While many merchants take advantage of Amazon's position as the leading online retailer, one merchant's unethical attempt to game the review system has shed more light on Amazon's inability to protect consumers from paid reviews.

Cornell researchers working to scrub fake reviews off the Web

How many times have overly positive reviews on the Web steered you in the wrong direction? A group at Cornell are getting some extra attention from companies like Amazon and TripAdvisor for their research.

Expedia to spin off TripAdvisor

Online travel company Expedia is planning to spin off TripAdvisor into a separate company to better compete with the likes of Priceline.

TripAdvisor hacked, member emails stolen

Hackers have stolen the email addresses of some of's 20 million members, according to a email sent out to users today.

Anti-trust: Google blames Microsoft for turning Washington DC against it

Google says Microsoft is the mastermind behind an "anti-Google industrial complex" in Washington D.C. that seeks to give Google a taste of the anti-trust medicine.