The hubless, carbon-fiber Cyclotron bike looks straight out of 'Tron'

The Cyclotron bicycle borrows both look and name from the science fiction film, with a design that’s unmistakably based on the Light Cycle, namely its two illuminated, spokeless wheels.
Virtual Reality

‘Project Arena’ isn’t just an amazing ‘Tron’ tribute, it could be VR’s first eSport 2:20

CCP's stunning Project Arena looks like an exciting battle scene from a Tron movie, and playing it feels more visceral than any VR game to date. Could this become the world's first VR eSport?
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Tron 3 gets derezzed by Disney

After rumors suggested that another film in the TRON franchise would begin filming this fall, Walt Disney Pictures has reportedly canceled the project, leaving the future of the series in doubt.
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Olivia Wilde to return for Tron 3 with filming set to begin this fall (Update)

TRON: Legacy actress Olivia Wilde will reportedly return to the sequel to Tron Legacy. Wilde will join Garrett Hedlund for the third installment, set to be directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Shadow of Moroder: Electronic music pioneer is working on a mystery Tron game

Italian electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder is working on the soundtrack to a new and as-yet-unannounced Tron video game with prominent, young DJ Skrillex.

New subscription service delivers retro arcade machines to your door

Possibly attempting to become the Netflix of giant arcade machines from the 80's, a company in the San Francisco Bay Area will deliver and setup an arcade classic within your home for a monthly subscription fee.

Hands-on with ‘Disney Infinity:’ combining toys, imagination, and the bizarre

Disney Infinity might look like a quick way to cash in on a toy craze, but the game is surprisingly fun, and the Toy Box mode is incredible.

Disney moves one step closer to a third Tron movie

Though neither Tron film was an earth-shattering fiscal success, Disney is committed to the franchise and is reportedly working toward pushing a third Tron movie into development.

Place your bids on an electric, 70 mph Tron Lightcycle replica

Have you been dreaming of The Grid since seeing Tron or Tron: Legacy? If so, you'll be wanting your own Lightcycle to zip around on, and here's the chance to grab one and do your bit for charity.
Android Army

Video of Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Nexus S

An anonymous tipster sent in a video showing Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Nexus S, and it looks a lot like Honeycomb.
Cool Tech

Watch the TRON lightcycle race recreated with duct tape

New ad offers duct-tape recreation of iconic Tron scene, complete with Tron Guy cameo!