Earth shake! Brinco is a personal early-warning system for earthquakes and tsunamis

There's no way to predict earthquakes, but if one is about a strike, there are ways to send out an alert a few seconds before. Those few seconds can make a lot of difference, which is why Brinco wants everyone to have a personalized…

Street View: Google posts imagery of town evacuated after Fukushima disaster

At the request of its mayor, Google has posted Street View imagery of Namie, a town close to Fukushima that was evacuated, and remains empty, following the multiple meltdowns at the nuclear facility more than two years ago.

New Street View images of Japan tsunami disaster show full extent of damage

Google has now added to its Street View website images of the areas affected by the tsunami which struck Japan in March. The company said it hoped the new data would ensure "the memories of the disaster remain relevant and tangible for…

Apple iOS 5 to include earthquake alerts for Japanese users

In an attempt to help mitigate future disaster, Apple will reportedly include an integrated earthquake early-warning system into its upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating system, for Japanese users.
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Robotic seals provide comfort for Japan quake survivors

A retirement home in north-eastern Japan has turned to a furry robot to provide comfort for residents affected by March's earthquake and tsunami.

Post-tsunami relief efforts steady Google’s shaky reputation in Japan

Google Street View and Person Finder have been a big help to tsunami-ravaged Japan, and may help improve the search giant's image in the country.

Explore the ocean floor with Google Earth update

Google's new update to Google Earth penetrates the mysteries of the ocean floor.
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Panasonic to cut 17,000 employees

Japanese mega-corporation Panasonic will be slimming from five major groups down to three, and cutting 17,000 jobs.

Japan, other countries getting the iPad 2 this week

Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and eight other countries are getting the iPad 2 this week - and the Wi-Fi version lands in China May 6.

Video shows the panic Fukushima’s radiation cloud caused as it spread across the globe

This interactive graphic shows the number of Fukushima radiation tweets made by each country in the days since the reactor blew. It also shows the movement of the radiation cloud around the world.

LivingSocial: Give $5 to Japan disaster relief and we’ll match it (for a limited time)

Daily deals maker LivingSocial has offered to match all $5 donations made to the American Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami fund until 1pm EST today.
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Gilbert Gottfried fired as Aflac duck voice after Japan tsunami tweets

Funnyman Gilbert Gottfried got himself fired as the voice of the Aflac duck after publishing a series of jokes about the Japan tsunami.