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Twitter is testing a dedicated GIF button on its mobile app

Twitter users have spotted a dedicated GIF button on the platform's mobile app, which gives them access to trending and categorized GIFs. Selected users are already tweeting out GIFs using the new feature.
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Twitter is reportedly charging brands a million dollars for an official emoji

Twitter is charging its biggest advertisers up to a million dollars for custom emojis and other sponsored content to coincide with Super Bowl 50. The likes of Pepsi and Budweiser have already secured custom icons to be rolled out on…
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Now you can say #iVoted with the first election 2016 Twitter emoji

Twitter has unveiled its first election 2016 emoji to mark the start of the presidential race. The hashtag activated emoji, described as a "digital version" of the 'I Voted' sticker, is available right now.
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Could Apple’s former top PR executive turn things around at Twitter?

It's reported that Twitter is close to hiring Natalie Kerris, a top Apple PR veteran. Kerris spent 14 years at Apple, working on some of the company's major products. If she accepts the job, she could help turn the social network around.
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Turmoil at Twitter: Four top executives leave company, some for competitors

Twitter executives Katie Jacobs Stanton, Kevin Weil, Skip Shipper, and Alex Roetter are leaving the struggling social media company. Weil will be taking over the same position at Facebook-owned Instagram.
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Livestream to Twitter with a GoPro and Periscope 2:56

Livestream to Twitter using Periscope and a GoPro, Trolls are targeting iPhone users with a malicious URL disguised by link shorteners, and Uber turns to a kids toy to pacify drunk passengers.
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Researchers develop sarcasm detector for Twitter, and that’s no joke

Researchers have figured out how to detect sarcasm on Twitter at an 85 percent rate of accuracy through evaluating the profile, history of content, user details, and information in the user's profile.
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Twitter trying to boost engagement by removing ads for top users

Looking for ways to boost engagement on the social media site, Twitter appears to be removing ads from the timelines of some of its most active users.
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Which House holds your allegiance? New Game of Thrones promo wants to know

Game of Thrones plays the social media game with three clever new promos that give away nothing, but tease so much. Check out the dark clips for House Lannister, House Targaryen, and House Stark.

Polish game developer Techland has designed a Twitter-powered slot car

Polish video game developer, Techland, has designed a physical slot car set that is powered by tweets with the hashtag #TweetForSpeed. In addition to moving a car around the circuit, tweets will reveal details of the company's latest video…
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China’s Sina Weibo beats Twitter past the 140-characters mark

Popular Chinese social network, Sina Weibo, plans to abolish its 140-character limit, just weeks after Twitter was rumored it would be doing the same. Weibo will allow posts of up to 2,000 characters.
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Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is launching a ‘social’ fitness platform

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has tweeted that he is launching a fitness startup with Fitify co-founder Bryan Oki. Costolo claims the new "social" fitness platform will be delivered to a "massive audience."