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Twitter to host Cheddar’s business news live-streams from NYSE

Twitter has struck up another live-streaming deal, this time to broadcast Cheddar's daily coverage of business news from the NYSE trading floor. Launched in May, Cheddar brands itself as a news network for millennials.
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Twitter likely to start allowing longer tweets from September 19

Twitter is reportedly about to let its users post longer tweets. From Monday, it'll remove several elements from counting toward the 140-character limit, including media attachments such as photos, GIFs, videos, and polls.

Twitter shares continue to plummet as investors push for takeover

With its growth numbers stagnant — just up 1 percent year-on-year — and nowhere near competitor Facebook’s profitability, although up 20 percent from last quarter, shareholders are left scratching their heads.
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Researchers teach computer to understand dialects by reading Twitter

Researchers in natural language processing have taught machines to be more adept at recognizing and understanding particular dialects, such as "African-American English," by reading Twitter.
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Alexa can now read you tweets from your Twitter timeline

Twitter has launched its very own app for Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon's virtual assistant can perform a bunch of cool Twitter-related tasks, such as reading tweets from your timeline, and trending topics.
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Twitter now tells you when someone’s read your direct message

Twitter has poached a bunch of features from traditional messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and iMessage, for its DM component, including read receipts. The changes will be automatically applied but, worry not, you can deactivate them.
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Twitter just gave your fave NFL team the Emoji treatment

Everyone loves emojis, and Twitter users love tweeting about sports. That's why Twitter has given every single NFL team its very own hashtag-activated emoji in the lead-up to its live-stream coverage of Thursday Night Football games.
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Twitter for sale? Upcoming board meeting will shape company’s future

Another week has brought with it more rumblings of a Twitter takeover. The company's board is reportedly set to meet on Thursday to decide whether it can continue to operate independently, or if it should be put up for sale.
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Back from the dead — hackers manage to resuscitate suspended Twitter accounts

"What is dead may never die" has now become a catchphrase for Twitter, too. Or rather, for a hacker group known as "Spain Squad" that has discovered a method for resuscitating suspended and inactive accounts on Twitter.
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Twitter has a white supremacist problem, claims new study

White nationalists and self-proclaimed Nazi sympathizers in the U.S. are far more popular on Twitter than Islamic extremists, claims a new study. The report examined the major white nationalist groups operating freely on the platform.
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PewDiePie suspended from Twitter after tweeting Islamic State joke

PewDiePie was temporarily booted off Twitter after tweeting a joke about joining the Islamic State group. The YouTube star has since made a video about the incident in which he slams the platform, and social media in general.
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Twitter co-founder Evan Williams addresses those takeover rumors

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams' latest statement adds fuel to the fire surrounding the company’s future as a possible takeover target. The Twitter board member also revealed his thoughts on CEO Jack Dorsey.