Tweet-to-buy startup Chirpify sells Wired writer David Wolman’s book on Twitter

Wired contributor David Wolman is - appropriately - foregoing traditional avenues and selling his new book, The End of Money, on Twitter using in-stream purchasing platform Chirpify.

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Facebook dropping ‘Subscribe’ button for ‘Follow’

Facebook is dropping the terms "Subscribe" in favor of "Follow" and joins social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, already using the term.

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Developers are embracing Facebook Open Graph on Web and mobile

Facebook is singing its own praises today at LeWeb where the social network announced a promising trend of developers that are integrating Facebook.

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Twitter adds 100 more cities to ‘Trends’ and tip toes closer toward curation

Twitter is adding 100 more cities to its Trends feature. The announcement indicates yet again that Twitter is looking toward curation and solidifying itself as a media company.

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Twitter loses Instagram card integration and now images will appear cropped

Instagram has made a power play and removed integration with Twitter Cards, which means that Instagram photos may appear cropped on Twitter.

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US ad firm Pontiflex sees its Twitter feed ‘go nuts’ thanks to similar name to Pope’s

A number of confused Twitter users briefly started following a New York mobile ad firm this week thinking it was the Pope. The situation arose thanks to the pair having almost identical Twitter names.

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Tweetro is back up on the Windows Store, but the Twitter app doesn’t come cheap

Due to Twitter's API limits, Tweetro is the latest third-party client to go the paid route.


McDonald’s hopes to avoid earlier #McDStories fiasco with new Twitter campaign

You might recall how McDonald's #McDStories Twitter campaign ended up backfiring for the fast food giant. Almost a year on, it'll be hoping its latest attempt at engaging with social media will prove more successful.

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Texting turns 20 today, and it’s still kicking

Text messaging turns 20 today. We go over the history and future of everyone's favorite messaging standard.


Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter, holds blessings until Dec. 12

Pope Benedict XVI now has his own personal Twitter account. Despite racking up tens of thousands of followers in only a short time, however, the pontiff has yet to pontificate in 140 characters.

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Facebook wins case over network that tried to replace its ads over Facebook’s

The U.S. District Court ruled in favor of Facebook over an antitrust complaint filed by Sambreel, an ad network replacing Facebook's ads for its own ads using PageRage.

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Syria disappears from the Internet, Google responds again with Speak2Tweet

Amid the Syrian civil war, Syria's Internet connection has vanished overnight spurring Google to encourage citizens and journalists to reach out through Twitter using Speak2Tweet.

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Kred creator PeopleBrowsr fires back at Twitter and wins temporary restraining order

The company behind Kred, PeopleBrowsr has dared to fight back against Twitter and its recent API restrictions and won a temporary restraining order that for the time being enables PeopleBrowsr to retain full access to Twitter's stream.

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Introducing the Twitter Fiction Festival

For something that only allows short 140-character bursts, you might not think that Twitter is particularly literary-minded, but the service is celebrating its way with words with a new five-day literary festival.

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IBM claims 0.0 percent traffic referrals from Twitter on Black Friday, but retailers say otherwise

IBM published a report indicating low social media referrals on Black Friday, so we turned to retailers and social media strategists about how they performed through social media channels during Black Friday weekend.

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