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SickWeather scans Twittersphere for people who are ill, creates map of areas to avoid

If you're trying to escape catching a cold or getting allergies, use SickWeather to see which areas in your city to avoid. The iOS app scans Twitter and Facebook feeds to determine which areas of your city are most likely to get you sick.
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SpaghettiOs’ Pearl Harbor tweet enrages Twitter, company apologizes

Definitely a lesson in what not to do on social media, the folks behind the SpaghettiOs Twitter account probably should have spent more time crafting the proper tweet to remember Pearl Harbor.
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Twitter CEO wants Tina Fey’s tweets, and 4 other big reveals from the ‘Today Show’ interview

While he didn't offer up any unexpected revelations, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shined some light on his vision for Twitter in a Today Show interview.
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Twitter wants to work on phones that don’t have data access at all

Twitter is looking to increase its user base in emerging markets after partnering with a Singapore-based start-up to bring its microblogging service to handsets that lack Internet access.
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A tale of two Twitter hoaxes

If a Twitter-based feud seems too outlandish to be true, it probably is. TV producer Elan Gale and comedian Kyle Kinane participated in viral hoaxes.

Apple acquires Twitter analytics firm Topsy for around $200 million

Apple has reportedly acquired social-media analytics firm Topsy for around $200 million. It's not yet clear why the tech giant has bought the San Francisco-based company, though there are suggestions it may incorporate its technology into…
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TNT to tweet the screenplay of new show ‘Mob City’

TNT's new drama 'Mob City' looks promisingly pulpy -- and people excited about the show can preview its screenplay on Twitter.

Russell Brand to Pirate Bay users: download my DVD, please!

People downloading movies and other content from Pirate Bay and other torrent sites is far from new. An actor or celebrity encouraging the practice publicly? That's most definitely new.
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15 books that will transform you into a tech scholar

Here are the 15 books that have helped shape, define, and explain this era of Internet, robots, and the quest to transform society into something beyond the realm of humans.
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Twitter is your best friend on Black Friday, and these are the handles to follow

Before you hit those lines, sit back and check out these Twitter handles and hashtags so you can truly attack Black Friday shopping. All of this can help you take an efficient approach to the madness, or even find online deals and avoid the…