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Make your Web a better place: Rather replaces social media posts you hate with ones you’ll love

If you're tired of people ruining Facebook and Twitter for you, this browser extension will silence annoying posts forever (and replace them with cat pics).
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So, you’re wondering how much Twitter owes you post-IPO?

Twitter is now officially crazy rich, and this app can tell you how much the site has made off your tweets. You can expect to be paid back in spam bot follows.
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These are some of the most-faved tweets of all time

Using FavStar, I tried to find the most-faved tweets on Twitter. The results were weird ... and also might start to make you question Twitter's insane valuation.
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Sick of the Twitter IPO buzz? Ease the pain with our definitive drinking game

Heard enough about the Twitter IPO? Well, nothing can stop the onslaught of the media hanging out to and extorting this story, but at least there's a drinking game.
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The latest site stealing teens from Facebook is … YouTube

We keep hearing how Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr have challenged Facebook's ability to retain younger users - but the latest site to steal the youth is YouTube.
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Twitter to go public today, sets share price at $26

Twitter has announced it’ll be launching its IPO on the NYSE Thursday with 70 million shares priced at $26, valuing the company at $18.3 billion. The company is set to raise around $2.1 billion from the flotation.
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Here’s how to find the most popular Internet images in real time

If you want to see which images are capturing the Internet's interest, Oublio can give you a streamlined overview.

Will Anonymous do something big today? After all, it’s November 5th…

Today is November 5, a date significant to Anonymous, the mysterious hacker-activist group. Will they pull off something big today? Maybe so, if their official Twitter account tells us anything.
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WTF, Internet? Overexposed celebs don’t get to pick which parts of their life go viral

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a lawsuit from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who claim their privacy was violated. Yes - they of the fame-mongering are mad at the Internet.
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Event notifications are Facebook’s latest attempt to be Twitter, and they’re coming soon

Facebook's obsession with getting users to participate in real-time events continues: the site is testing live event notifications. Annoying or convenient?

How to turn off Twitter’s enlarged photo previews … on your phone

Not a fan of Twitter's new, huge photo and Vine previews? Well you can't do anything about the desktop client, but here's how to keep them out of your mobile Twitter feed.
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The very simple reasons Twitter just totally messed with your feed

If there was any wondering why Twitter is pushing photos - and pushing them hard - ease your mind, because it's all pretty obvious: Ads and brands. As Instagram continues to be the go-to for marketers' visual social campaigns, Twitter hops…