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Instagram and Vine to the rescue in the case of the Lone Star stabber

In the midst of the horrific news this morning, one Instagram users took it on himself to nab the stabbing suspect. Other students left warnings on Vine. And thanks to their efforts, the rest of the world was able to watch as the events…
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Who won the Internet at last night’s Shorty Awards

Many public figures use social media as a creative means to get their messages across. The fifth Shorty Awards gave kudos to the Web's best and brightest.
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Facebook is the new Twitter (at least, it wants to be)

Facebook has long ruled the social media scene, but recent beta testing and feature announcements suggest that its taking a page out of Twitter's book. Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, or is Facebook just desperate to increase…
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Can you buy Twitter legitimacy? A look inside the fake follower business

People are turning to all sorts of services to boost their Twitter followers. Do any of them work? While these systems may boost your follower count, they're hurting the platform overall with their spammy feeds and lack of profile…
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Vine adds trending hashtags; will they be annoying or useful?

The Twitter-owned Vine is taking a page out of the microblogging platform's book with some new adjustments to its hashtag system. Now users will see trending hashtags instead of just idly using them. But will the update help or hurt the…
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Facebook pulls the Facebook Home leak, says we’ll all just have to wait

Hey, here's a way to get Facebook Home before April 12! Oh wait, never mind, Facebook shut it down. Just as a workaround to gain early access to Facebook Home surfaced, the social network shut it down. We'll all have to wait a few more days…
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Proposed amendment fails, employers still can’t ask for you Facebook passwords

A bill may block employers from asking for your social media passwords, but a now withdrawn amendment to the bill threatened the privacy of employees.
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Gnip hits the social media data jackpot with API access to Instagram, Bitly, and Reddit

Social media data gathering has been made even better for companies as Gnip gains access to six new public APIs, enriching their social reporting even more.
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Hacker group Anonymous sets its sights on North Korea, vandalizes Twitter and Flickr accounts

Hacker group Anonymous appears to have targeted North Korea this week, plastering offensive images at various North Korean websites and overtaking others. The group also indicates its next attack would be coming later this month.

No reservations: How a restaurant took social media’s power back into its hands

Restauranteurs are tired of customers running to Yelp and Foursquare to complain, ruining their Web reps. Instead, they're starting to use social media for more than gratuitous self-promotion.
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The new Twitter Cards are about to change the way you look at Twitter

Twitter wants to woo back developers on its own terms with the announcement of new Twitter Cards for displaying apps, galleries, and products. After becoming plenty of third party app's nightmare, the network is offering up new capabilities…
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SEC rules in favor of Netflix CEO’s Facebook post, execs now free to overshare

Last year, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings found himself in hot water over a Facebook status update celebrating his company's success. Turns out, the SEC says his sharing was okay - so if your company is doing amazingly well, go ahead and take to…