Obama calls for tighter cyber security after U.S. Central Command Twitter hack

ISIS supporters hacked the U.S. Central Command's Twitter and YouTube accounts during President Barack Obama's speech on the importance of cyber security and data protection. Both accounts are now suspended.
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Twitter broken? Timelines slow to update, company investigating

Twitter engineers are currently working on fixing an issue with the social media site that's causing delays in timeline updates. Developing....

Twitter’s about to take on YouTube with a new video hosting service

We were told last month that Twitter had YouTube and Vimeo in its sights and now we have more details on the new video hosting service that's about to be rolled out across the network.
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Twitter rolling out ‘while you were away’ timeline feature

If you follow hundreds of other users or go for a long time without logging in, Twitter thinks you might be missing lots of interesting tweets. With that in mind, it's now rolling out a recap feature that places such tweets at the top of…
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Twitter said to be weighing up whether to put autoplay videos in timelines

Use Twitter? How do you like the sound of autoplay videos in your timeline? According to an Adweek report this week, the social media site is considering the feature in a bid to boost ad revenue.
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Netflix testing a ‘tweet me a reminder’ feature

Always missing the arrival of new episodes on Netflix? A new feature the service is working on with Twitter could help — it prompts you to start watching with a tweet delivered straight to your timeline.
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Twitter beefs up tools to fight trolls

Twitter said Tuesday it's in the process of rolling out enhanced tools for users to report abuse on the service, and has also made changes to ensure it responds to such reports more quickly.
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Twitter to track your apps to help it deliver a ‘more tailored experience’

Twitter will soon start tracking the apps you have on your mobile device in a move that it says will help it to deliver more relevant content to timelines, though you can opt out if you'd rather not have the service peeking into your…

Twitter Offers stores coupons on your credit card for in-store purchases

Twitter enters the digital coupon market with Twitter Offer, a feature that allows users to store coupons on debit and credit cards. The cash back deals can then be redeemed in physical stores.
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For Hollywood hopefuls, tech like YouTube has been a blessing and a curse

The days of interns toiling away in the mail room have passed, and the days of Midwesterners toiling away on YouTube and waiting to be discovered are upon us. But wait: Is this actually easier?
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How to search through every public tweet sent since 2006

Good news, Twitterers; you can now search through each and every public tweet sent since 2006.
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British Airways’ ‘Welcome of Home’ campaign launches travel contest on Twitter

For its latest campaign, British Airways taps into the expat communities living in the U.S. and Canada, and documents one woman's emotional journey back to India. The airline has also launched a related travel contest on Twitter.