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Surprise! Tumblr used to have a secret music app

Tumblr did music with Tumblr Play way before Twitter made #Music cool. The app was hidden behind the scenes, although publicly accessible. So where'd it go - and why?
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Efemr is Snapchat for Twitter – but proceed with caution

Efemr rides on the coattails of the Snapchat phenomenon, but despite it selling itself as a privacy tool the app falls far, far short of our expectations. Suffice it to say if you're trying to tweet and destroy questionable content, Efemr…
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Followgen will give you tons of new Twitter followers, as well a guilt complex

Followgen recently shot into our collective Twitter consciousness as a relatively genuine way to grow your follower count without turning to spambots or doing it all yourself. We go hands on, and while the tool is effective, our feelings…
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Win two hours with Russell Simmons, and other social ways to win this week

Win a free round of golf, and HP laptop, an iPad, or just plain old cash. All you have to go is log on, sign up, and go ahead and use the social sites you spend too much time on anyway.
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Twitter wants to bring local discovery feature to your stream

It took a week-long hackathon before Twitter realized that serving local tweets might lead somewhere. According to insiders, Twitter could soon be adding a feature that would read your location and serve you tweets based on what's happening…
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This developer broke Twitter’s rules, says the site should ‘shut him down’

We look at one man's quest to get Twitter to notice his program to build followers - is it sophisticated spamming or the next step for Twitter Ads? Currently, Followgen has been able to fly under Twitter's radar, but now that the jig is up…

Twitter for Mac finally updated with photo-sharing, 14 languages, and Retina Display

Twitter's Mac app has finally been updated with Retina Display support, easier photo sharing features, and support for 14 new languages.
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NFL tries to put toothpaste back in tube with a Draft Day Twitter ban

Live events were made for Twitter - or where they? The NFL, one of the most socially engaged sports organizations, is struggling to navigate how to use (or not use) the real time network come draft day. Fans reportedly want to revel in the…
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Twitter finally getting serious about security, considering two-step authentication

Twitter is in dire need of a security upgrade, and its next security move may be a two-step authentication system per account.
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The White House’s response to fake tweets? Pretend they never happened

Yesterday, the AP's Twitter account was hacked and spreading false information, notably a White House bombing that did not happen. So what does the White House do when someone online claims the POTUS has been injured? Ignore it, apparently.
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There was no White House bombing; Associated Press’ Twitter hacked

This morning, The Associated Press' Twitter account was hacked, tweeting false information about a White House bombing. The account has since been suspended.
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Does Comedy Central’s Twitter funny fest sound confusing to anyone else?

Twitter is already a comedy goldmine, so the network's choice to organize all that funny into a tweeted festival seems misguided. So how will Comedy Central's upcoming event make sure of all the hashtagged hilarity out there?