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TV goes social as Comcast and Twitter roll-out the See It platform

Comcast and Twitter have unveiled a preview for iOS users of the SEEiT platform, a link embedded in tweets that will allow users to watch content on their smartphones and tablets, or program their DVRs to record them. The platform begins…
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Want to follow Bud Light on Twitter? You now have to enter your age

Attempting to keep kids from being exposed to advertising meant for adult brands, Twitter has streamlined the age verification process that has to be completed to become a follower of an alcohol company.
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Twitter gets serious about user privacy with added encryption

Snooping on your Twitter account and messages just got a lot more difficult. On Friday, the social network announced that it has bolstered its system with a robust privacy technology that makes it extremely difficult for anyone to get a…
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This $1.2 million lawsuit is why you shouldn’t steal photos from Twitter

Two photography agencies took Daniel Morel's photos from Twitter and used them without payment or permission - but now he's getting a $1.2 million payday.
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How to get your guests’ faces out of their phones this Thanksgiving

Sick of dinners where everyone's texting, Instagramming, Facebooking away? Then these tips could help you have a more personable Thanksgiving ... full of things like, you know, conversation. With spoken words and eye contact and everything!
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Taxi Magic is fighting ride-sharing giants like Lyft and Uber with some social media magic

Taxi Magic might be the compromise between upgraded, transportation and licensed cab drivers who've been displaced by this new, emerging market.
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70 percent of Snapchat’s users are women – so why do ladies love the app so much?

Snapchat revealed that 70 percent of its users are women - so what is it about the app that keeps the ladies coming back for more? We went to our friends and scoured the Internet to find out why.
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The Twible reimagines the greatest story ever told … in tweets

If the language of the Bible left you feeling confused and out of touch with the words, then one author's Twitter breakdown of the good book might be your speed.
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A social giving app with a competitive twist uses your enemies’ tweets against them

Sometimes the best motivation is rooted in competition. This social giving app lets you donate to a cause of your choice when the opposition posts something negative about it.
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Twitter is finally trying to answer the question ‘What is Twitter?’

Now that Twitter is a public company, it has to define itself so investors understand where their money is going. This video is a first step in simplifying the vast world of tweets - but do users agree with it?
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Twitter improves search with new filters for its iOS and Android apps

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps with new filters for search, enabling users to find meaningful content more quickly instead of having to wade through a mass of mixed-up results.
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YouTuber reveals the motivation and victim reactions behind that Social Media Experiment video

Jack Vale tells us why he made the viral Social Media Experiment YouTube video, as well as the various reactions from his victims - which ranged from confused to outraged.