D-Day: These Twitter accounts are live tweeting the events of June 6, 1944 today

You can learn about the sacrifices made during D-Day, which occurred 70 years ago today, by following these awesome Twitter accounts. Each account follows the course of D-Day's events, which propelled the Allies towards ultimate victory…

Tweet while you watch TV, all on your Xbox One

As part of the lead-up to their Xbox presentation at E3, Microsoft has announced more than 45 new entertainment apps, including TV-integrated Twitter, coming to Xbox One and 360 globally.
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Police use ‘bait bikes’ with GPS technology and public Twitter shaming to fight bicycle theft

“Bait bikes” are bicycles tagged with GPS tracking devices, and they’re being deployed by the San Francisco Police Department’s Anti-Bike Theft Unit to catch and shame bike thieves in the city.

Billboard and Twitter launch interactive, real-time “Trending 140” chart

The collaboration yielded two new real-time charts that track song shares in the form of tweets on the popular social networking site. Billboard plans to share weekly summaries of the new chart's findings in the form of a "Billboard Twitter…

Twitter may make another run at music, considering deal to buy Soundcloud

Twitter, fresh from killing off its own music app, may renew its pursuit of a viable audio streaming service as it looks into buying Soundcloud. The company is looking to purchase recovery by buying the music service.
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Twitter adds notifications for suspicious logins and SMS reset option

Working to increase the overall security of Twitter accounts on the Web and mobile devices, a new verification feature checks login attempts by location, device type and frequency.
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ABC picks up a new comedy called ‘Selfie’ about a social media addict

Attempting to take advantage of the popularity of social networks in modern society, ABC has greenlit a comedy about a girl obsessed with selfies and promoting herself virtually on Instagram.

How Facebook, Twitter, and Bing are giving researchers the perfect guinea pig (you)

Who needs Gallup polls? Social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter are opening the floodgates of data for social scientists, potentially ushering in a new age of understanding how we relate to one another.

You can now use Twitter to add things to your #AmazonCart

Amazon has just rolled out a new feature called #AmazonCart, which lets users add items to their cart by including a hashtag in a tweet. So far, the capability is only available in the US and the UK.
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Twitter boss hints at ‘whisper mode’ to enhance DM feature

Twitter boss Dick Costolo said the microblogging service could introduce a so-called "whisper mode" allowing users to move more easily between public and private conversations as the company looks at ways to improve its DM feature.
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Twitter hits 255 million users but slow growth worrying investors

Twitter's revenue is up, but so are its net losses. And although it picked up 14 million new users in Q1, taking its user base to 255 million, slow growth and a drop in timeline views knocked investor confidence Tuesday.
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NYPD surprised by reaction to its Twitter campaign, asks for some positive tweets

Despite the NYPD's disastrous attempt to connect with its citizens through Twitter on Tuesday, commissioner Bill Bratton is adamant the campaign will continue, saying, "It's not going to cause us to change any of our efforts to be very…