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Twitter blows up over Hillary Clinton’s three words of advice for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton's Twitter putdown of Republican rival Donald Trump has become the most popular tweet of the election season thus far. With 300,000 retweets in just six hours, it may eventually secure the all-time retweet record for a U.S…

Twitter hacker co-opting famous musicians' accounts attempts explanation

J5Z, a Twitter hacker responsible for infiltrating the accounts of George Harrison, Keith Richards, Tame Impala, and more, has stepped out of the shadows to attempt to explain why.
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Time to change your Twitter password: 32 million accounts may have been hacked

It looks as if malware may have allowed hackers to collect passwords for some 32 million Twitter accounts. The company insists its own servers are secure, and says it's currently investigating the matter.
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The Twitter forecast: cloudy with a big chance of a merger or acquisition

Twitter faces the very likely chance of a merger or acquisition within a year if current trends continue, according to tech industry analysts and insiders. The pressure is now on CEO Jack Dorsey to prove the predictions wrong.
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Twitter gets materialized in latest Android update

Twitter's Android app just got a visual makeover -- it now follow's Google's Material Design guidelines for Android apps. There's a floating action button, a slide out navigation drawer, and tabs you can swipe through.

Twitter, Yahoo reportedly considered what would have been a blockbuster merger

Yahoo and Twitter are said to have entered talks in recent weeks to merge the two companies together, but the deal fell through after some brief negotiation. If it had gone through, it would have been one of the biggest in tech history.
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Twitter to showcase exclusive 360-degree videos from NBA Finals

Twitter has jumped on the 360-degree video bandwagon thanks to a new deal with Samsung that brings exclusive clips from the NBA Finals to the platform. The footage arrives just in time for the Cleveland Cavaliers match against the Golden…
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Trending up: Snapchat passes Twitter in daily users with more than 150 million

Snapchat has increased its daily users to more than 150 million, moving the mobile visual messaging app ahead of Twitter's estimated 140 million daily users.
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Why Xiaomi bought Microsoft patents, big magnet vs. big hydraulic press 2:38

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi hooks their U.S. market plans to Microsoft, Periscope rolls out a crowd-sourced comment moderating system, watch a big neodymium magnet take on a big hydraulic press.
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Twitter criticized for not Putin up with parody accounts that spoofed Russian leaders

Twitter has suspended a number of popular parody accounts that mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin and other state officials. The move has prompted criticism of the platform over its censorship of what some users deemed as harmless…

Periscope’s new live moderation tool could revolutionize abuse and spam reporting

Twitter’s livestreaming app Periscope has introduced a real-time method of reporting abuse and spam in the comments section of a live broadcast. The new tool relies on its community of users to review offensive posts as they are shared.
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Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors took over Twitter on Memorial Day weekend

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors eliminated Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder to advance to the NBA Finals by winning two consecutive games over the Memorial Day weekend. Those games had more Twitter activity than…