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Microsoft's Tay comes back, gets shut down again

Microsoft created an AI chatbot for Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe, but it pulled the plug after Tay was posting racist and genocidal tweets. Tay came back alive this morning after Microsoft accidentally turned it on, and has since been shut…
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Twitter improves Apple’s digital assistant with #ThingsIWantSiriToSay

Twitter users have transformed Apple's Siri into the perfect digital assistant that offers motivational advice and stops your from drunk texting. The #ThingsIWantSiriToSay hashtag is currently trending with over 20,000 tweets and its own…

You can now add a description to your Twitter pics to help the visually impaired ‘see’

Twitter is adding support for alternative text for images tweeted out by users, essentially meaning that the visually impaired will be able to read descriptions of those images and know what they're about.
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#My5WordRomanceNovel was trending on Twitter — here are some of our favorites

Romance isn't dead, friends. It's just switched mediums. And gotten shorter. And a little weirder. On Monday, the hashtag #My5WordRomanceNovel was trending on Twitter, giving us a poignant snapshot of love in the 21st century.
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T-Mobile CEO John Legere now has his own Twitter emoji

No stranger to the spotlight, John Legere is known for his outspoken ways and bold use of social media, particularly Twitter. And now, the social media platform is giving the T-Mobile executive his very own emoji.
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Periscope broadcasted equivalent of 110 years of live video in its first anniversary

The future of Twitter may be in question, but the outlook of its video-streaming service Periscope is brighter than ever. The platform turned one-year-old on Saturday, and has many reasons to be celebrating.
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The state of American health, as told by Twitter

The folks over at Bay Alarm Medical took a closer look at nearly 500,000 geotagged tweets to determine just what people were saying about being sick, and where in the U.S. they were saying it.

Trends with Benefits: Don’t walk and text in NJ, or try to train AI on Twitter

This week on our weekly podcast Trends with Benefits, the DT round-table of experts dissects Apple's March 21 event. Also on the docket: an AI chatbot learns to be a Nazi from trolls, and VR porn.

Oculus VR CEO reveals that the first Rift headset has shipped

The Oculus Rift seems like it's been in development forever. But that's not true, of course: we've just been really eager to get our hands on the final $600 consumer-based product. The company revealed on Thursday that the first unit has…
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Ricky Gervais, Steve Martin, Amy Schumer, and more tweet tributes to Garry Shandling

Celebrity comedians Ricky Gervais, Steve Martin, Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow have taken to Twitter to share their tributes to comedy legend Garry Shandling, who passed away this afternoon at the age of 66.
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Twitter: Cute stickers for photos could be on their way

Hey, Twitter users, have you ever felt the need to add a sticker to a photo before posting it? If so, you'll be pleased to know that the app could soon include such an option, though we're not sure everyone will go for it.
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LeBron James claims he’s joining Snapchat after Twitter controversy

NBA superstar LeBron James has tweeted that he is ready to join Snapchat as soon as this week. His decision comes after he unfollowed the official Cleveland Cavaliers account on Twitter, fuelling speculation about his departure from the…