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Twitter is telling Hillary that she's #NotMyAbuela

On Monday, the Democratic front-runner's campaign site featured a brand new blog post, "7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela.” Sadly, the Twitterverse didn't take kindly to that list.
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Does Twitter want to build a tweet-controlled drone?

A Twitter patent recently granted by the USPTO suggests the social media company may be looking into the idea of building a tweet-controlled drone, or at the very least looking at ways to quickly embed captured media into messages on its…
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Twitter Targets Gamers by Appointing its First Head of Gaming

Twitter has hired a former YouTube and Google exec to boost gaming content on its platform. Rodrigo Velloso, the new head of gaming at the social network, previously served as director of gaming content at YouTube.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter pledge to take down hate speech within 24 hours in Germany

Facebook, Google, and Twitter reached an agreement with Germany that will have the companies take down hate speech within 24 hours. They will have specialist teams that will make it easier to report online hate speech in the country.
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Washington Redskins Twitter blunder leads to accusations of fake community profile

The Washington Redskins have been forced to come out on the defensive following a Twitter blunder that saw identical tweets posted to the official team profile and that of a supposed fan page.
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Twitter warns its users of possible state-sponsored cyberattacks

Following in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, Twitter is now sending out alerts to users whose accounts are targeted by "state-sponsored actors" searching for personal data on individuals or groups of interest.
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Twitter isn’t for the faint of heart, so here’s how to delete your account

Tired of all the hashtags and 140-character drivel in your feed? Check out this guide to get a quick rundown on the steps you need to complete in order to delete your Twitter account.
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Mark Cuban says Apple should remove Twitter from its App Store for violating policy

Billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, went on a rant against Twitter for violating Apple's App Store policy. Cuban, who was voicing his thoughts via Twitter, called for the removal of the service's app from the…
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Users repurpose Egyptian government's tourism hashtag to voice dissent

An official hashtag created by the Egyptian government to promote tourism has been hijacked by Egyptians to voice their dissent. Twitter users have been using #ThisisEgypt to protest Egypt's human rights abuses.
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Twitter takes Turkish government to court over ‘terrorist propaganda’ fine

Turkey's communications watchdog fined Twitter over a failure to remove "terrorist propaganda." The fine reportedly relates to images posted online by a Turkish terrorist group in March of this year.
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Twitter users without an account will start seeing ads, affecting up to 500 million viewers

Twitter will begin showing adverts to the 500 million viewers that don't have an account, as it tries to offer marketers a larger audience for adverts. It follows a few shareholder worries about the financial future of Twitter.
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Twitter testing timeline changes that see tweets appear in out-of-order format

Twitter users have noticed that tweets on their timeline are appearing in a non-chronological format. The company has confirmed that it is testing these changes to the appearance of content on its platform.