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Think 140 characters is too short? Twitter may finally agree with you

Twitter has plans to build a new product that will have none of this 140-character-limit business in a project it is creatively code-naming "140 Plus." No word yet on timing or what the product will ultimately look like.
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Edward Snowden has finally joined Twitter

Just a few days after Neil deGrasse Tyson asked him to join Twitter, Edward Snowden sent out his first tweet to the masses.
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Twitter tests out polls inside your tweets

Twitter used to be so simple — but it can't stand still if it wants to keep up with the likes of Facebook and Instagram. A small group of users have found they can now add polls to their tweets.
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Surpassing Twitter by a country mile, Instagram hits 400 million users

Instagram recently surpassed 400 million users, which is 80 million more than Twitter. Much of this growth has taken place in the last nine months alone, when 100 million newcomers joined the platform.
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#MasculinitySoFragile is bringing angry men to the forefront

This morning on Twitter, the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile is trending, a jab at the idea that somehow, the rise of women should be equated with the trampling downfall of men. Good lord.
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Here are the best questions that came out of #AskTrump, the predictable disaster

As a man who has made a name for himself by being rude, offensive, and sometimes downright cruel, the vitriol that Twitter turned on Donald Trump during his "ask me anything" session was highly effective as a collective venting session.

Spanish group campaigns to bring accents back to the Web

Internet shorthand is part of the way we communicate with one another now, but a nonprofit organization in Spain wants to see more done to preserve accents and meaning on social media.
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Will Facebook succeed in luring journalists away from Twitter?

Facebook's new Signal feature is an attempt to lure journalists away from Twitter, but is it going to work? Twitter as a quick-fire platform for breaking news is currently a favorite among journalists.
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Social media madness: Bush tweets, joins Vine during CNN’s presidential debate

Social media is a huge part of politics these days, so much so that Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was actually tweeting and joining social networks while simultaneously debating on national television.
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Wanna donate to your favorite candidate’s campaign? Do it on Twitter with Square

Twitter and Square want to make it even easier for you to support your favorite presidential candidate by introducing the $Cashtag, a unique URL campaigns can now use to request donations from supporters.

More ‘Buy’ buttons coming to Twitter after Stripe simplifies mobile payments

Twitter users look set to see more "Buy" buttons in their feeds after online payments startup Stripe launched a new service that lets merchants more easily sell their products via tweets.

Google and Twitter team up to make it easier to read news articles

Google and Twitter are planning to team up to develop a platform for instant articles. The system will be capable of caching articles to load quickly on the microblogging service and Google's search app.