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Frozen’s Elsa at center of social media backlash against Disney’s LGBT failings

Disney has been noted as one of the worst offenders when it comes to LGBT representation in film, according to a new study by GLAAD. The studio is being taken to task on Twitter, with users nominating Frozen's Elsa as its first LGBT…

Radiohead’s website shows fans how to disappear completely

Five-piece British rock band Radiohead have made their website, Facebook, and Twitter posts disappear completely in what many fans believe is a buildup for their ninth studio album.
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CIA gets creative on Twitter to mark fifth anniversary of bin Laden raid

Sunday was the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and to mark the occasion the CIA took the curious step of tweeting the event "as if it were happening today."
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Twitter results disappoint as advertisers abandon the platform

Twitter announced its first quarter earnings on Tuesday. Despite a growth in monthly active users, the platform's revenue fell below expectations, resulting in the company downgrading its second quarter predictions.
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Jurors caught checking Facebook may face a $1,500 fine

Looking for a better way to enforce rules about checking mobile devices during a trial, California has proposed new legislation that would slap a juror with a hefty fine if they hop on social during a trial.
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Twitter makes it easier to report multiple abusive tweets

In a bid to resolve incidents of abuse on Twitter more quickly, you can now report multiple abusive tweets at once instead of one at a time. This should give Twitter's safety team a clearer idea of a particular situation, allowing for a…

The NHTSA is using Twitter to personally call out people who text and drive

The NHTSA has taken to a new method of calling out people who text and drive -- Twitter. Scroll down the NHTSA's Twitter feed and you'll see a constant stream of tweets at people who admit, sometimes gleefully, that they're testing and…
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Hillary Clinton PAC spends millions on ‘correcting’ her critics on social media

Hillary Clinton's weapon against her online attackers is a PAC that targets her critics on social media, including Twitter and Reddit. 'Correct the Record' has spent millions opposing those who "harass" Clinton and her supporters online.
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Olympic torch fires up own Twitter account

The Olympic flame is now on Twitter. The famous torch, which was lit at a special ceremony in Greece on Thursday, will be tweeting regularly during its 106-day relay journey to the Olympic stadium in Rio, Brazil.

Your Instagram selfies could land you a place in the Miss USA contest

Miss USA is heading to Instagram and Twitter in search of a 52nd contestant for its 2016 beauty pageant. For the first time in history, the public will also be able to vote to select the new candidate via Twitter and the Miss USA website.
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New Mexico to expose DUI offenders and lenient judges on Twitter

New Mexico is taking to Twitter to reveal the identities of repeat DUI offenders and the judges that aren't handing out tough sentences in drunken driving cases. The move is being termed "unethical" by its opponents.
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Buckingham Palace seeks Twitter royalist to tweet for Queen and country

The Queen of England is seeking someone for a job fit for a king. The official website of the British Monarchy is in search of a social media manager for the Royals' Twitter and Facebook accounts. The right candidate could pocket over…