Rainbow Six: Siege may compromise IP addresses during online play

New reports suggest that Ubisoft still hasn't fixed a security flaw in Rainbow Six: Siege that allows hackers to access the IP address of players, opening them up to DDoS attacks.

1666: Amsterdam is back with Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets

Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets has been returned the rights to 1666: Amsterdam after a long legal fight with his former employer Ubisoft. The property was originally in development at THQ.

Ubisoft celebrates The Division’s Incursions with a launch trailer 2:09

Tom Clancy's The Division's Incursions update is out today, bringing with it the "Falcon Lost" mission and changes to the Dark Zone. New features include the ability to trade gear and uncontaminated Dark Zone supply drops.

The wages of sin: New tools will combat cheating in PC version of The Division

Those playing the PC version of The Division have likely had their run-ins with cheaters, but that is now about to become a lot less common, as it will soon become a bannable offense.

Ubisoft’s Zombi free with PlayStation Plus in April

Sony's PlayStation Plus service will give subscribers access to free downloadable copies of Ubisoft's first-person survival horror game Zombi and the team-based space shooter Dead Star for the PlayStation 4 starting in April.

Ubisoft says Watch Dogs 2 for PC will support DirectX 12

Ubiift said during the Game Developers Conference in March that the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2 will support DirectX 12. That means the game is definitely coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. What's unknown at this point is how DirectX 12 will…

Bored in the Dark Zone? Today's The Division patch should fix that

The Division's Dark Zone is an incredibly cool concept, but the first few weeks of the game have seen players cooperating too much. That changes today with the game's first major patch.

It’s a hit! Ubisoft’s The Division has likely sold 4+ million copies

2016 is turning out to be a great year so far for Ubisoft. The publisher had the best-selling game of the month in February with Far Cry Primal, and now The Division has had the best first week ever for a new game franchise.

Convince your friends to kill each other in Werewolves Within, a new VR game from Ubisoft

Ubisoft revealed Werewolves Within, a social multiplayer game for virtual reality headsets at a press event during the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco this week.
Virtual Reality

Assassin’s Creed is coming to VR headsets for movie tie-in

Ubisoft has announced that 20th Century Fox and Practical Magic are collaborating on an Assassin's Creed VR experience that will be released to promote the upcoming movie based on the hit video game.

Griefers are stopping player progress in The Division: Here’s how to get past them

It's been less than a day since The Division went live, and there's already a big, potentially game-ruining problem: A narrow doorway in an early communal area that players can block if they are so inclined.

Ubisoft teases two free updates for The Division after launch

Gamers who are looking forward to The Division but fear the same post-launch content drought that plagued Destiny in its early days should have nothing to worry about, according to Ubisoft's recent blog post detailing its…