Rumor: Apple MacBook Pro sans optical drive enters production

Following rumors that Apple will be merging its MacBook Air and Pro notebook lines, reports have surfaced indicating that Apple will keep the "Pro" label, but slim down the laptop by ditching the optical drive.

Thunderbolt gains support from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, but can it topple USB 3.0?

Acer, Asus, and Lenovo are planning to include Thunderbolt ports in their upcoming Ultrabooks. We explain what this means, how Thunderbolt stacks up to USB 3.0, and what it might mean for you, and Apple.

How to choose the right Ultrabook for you

With a flood of seemingly identical Ultrabooks hitting the streets soon, how do you find the right one for you? From SSD sizes to battery life and connectivity, here are some of the biggest considerations to keep in mind.
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Looking back at CES 2012, and forward on the year it will define

CES isn’t just about gadgets, it’s about the future. Here’s what 2012 will look like, according to the Magic 8-Ball we shook up in Vegas.

Opinion: The coolest products of CES 2012

Rob Enderle runs down his personal list of some of the most exciting products from CES 2012.
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Best of CES 2012: Staff picks

From new laptops and tablets to the the most useful refrigerator drawer you'll ever use, Digital Trends' writers round up their favorite gadgets and inventions of CES 2012.

Lenovo spills more of its laptop and desktop PC lineup at CES

Lenovo has unleashed more than a dozen new laptop and desktop PCs on the eve of CES.

Opinion: What will it take to drop jaws and eclipse Apple at CES 2012?

Despite shunning CES, Apple continues to set expectations for the thousands of gadgets to be unveiled there. Here’s what it will take for one of them to outshine the most prominent electronics company in the world.