CES 2016

Opinion: The coolest products of CES 2012

Rob Enderle runs down his personal list of some of the most exciting products from CES 2012.
CES 2016

Best of CES 2012: Staff picks

From new laptops and tablets to the the most useful refrigerator drawer you'll ever use, Digital Trends' writers round up their favorite gadgets and inventions of CES 2012.
CES 2016

Lenovo spills more of its laptop and desktop PC lineup at CES

Lenovo has unleashed more than a dozen new laptop and desktop PCs on the eve of CES.
CES 2016

Opinion: What will it take to drop jaws and eclipse Apple at CES 2012?

Despite shunning CES, Apple continues to set expectations for the thousands of gadgets to be unveiled there. Here’s what it will take for one of them to outshine the most prominent electronics company in the world.
CES 2016

Prediction round-up: What we’ll see at CES 2012

There's plenty to look forward to, and more than a few items we're expecting to see. Check out our CES predictions.
Android Army

Toshiba to unveil the world’s thinnest and lightest tablet at CES

A Toshiba press release claims the company will have the world's thinnest and lightest tablet and laptop at CES, along with a 55-inch TV capable of QFHD 4K resolutions and glasses-free 3D.
CES 2016

LG ‘Super Ultrabook’ thin laptops to debut at CES

LG will show off a five new notebooks and desktops at CES 2012, including two "Super" Ultrabooks it claims have a speed advantage on a growing field of competitors.
CES 2016

Lenovo teases ThinkPad Ultrabook, X1 Hybrid, new B series for CES 2012

The clever X1 Hybrid will extend battery life up to 10 hours with parts borrowed from the smartphone world, while the T430u Ultrabook focuses on portability and the new B series brings more affordability to the fabled business line.