Close to the Metal Ep. 17: Can you really live with just one USB port? 34:10

Axing ports has become a trend in modern device design, including laptops. Some of the best new laptops have just one or two USB Type-C ports. Can you really get by with one port, and if so, how? We take a closer look.
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Yahoo confirms massive data breach was real, at least 500 million accounts compromised 3:41

Hundreds of millions of accounts were apparently compromised in August by a single hacker using the pseudonym Peace

Watch what you connect! ‘USB Killer’ fries almost anything it’s plugged into

The USB Killer, the hardware that fries computers, is now available to buy online. The company claims it’s for testing the surge protection of your devices, but the potential for abuse raises some eyebrows.

Keychain not included: The five highest-capacity USB flash drives for your digital life

Skeptical of cloud-based storage but in need of a way to sort your digital life? Here are five of the most robust USB flash drives currently on the market, from Kingston to SanDisk.

Store a massive 3.3TB of data using Sony's 2nd-gen Optical Disc Archive cartridge

This summer, Sony launching its second-generation Optical Disc Archive system that can store 3.3TB on a single cartridge. This system isn't meant for home use, but rather for disaster recovery, broadcasters, near-line applications, and…

USB Type-C will feel a little safer with new authentication certification

Since USB Type-C devices started to appear early last year, the USB-IF has been hard at work to make sure developers meet its certification standards. The authentication certification specification takes this a step further.

Kingston’s new DataTraveler drives offer serious protection and encryption

Kingston has launched two new FIPS-compliant DataTraveler USB drives, the 4000 G2 and the Vault Privacy 3.0. Both use 256-bit AES hardware encryption although the Vault Privacy 3.0 model offers an added optional anti-virus component.

Google engineer says to avoid OnePlus USB Type-C cables and adapters

After his Amazon reviews made waves, a senior software engineer at Google is continuing his one-man campaign against potentially harmful USB Type-C cables and adapters by taking OnePlus to task in two Google+ posts.

USB Killer 2.0 can brick your computer in mere seconds

The Russian security pro behind the USB Killer has created a new version of the drive that's even more powerful and will brick any computer in just a couple of seconds.

USB 3.1 have you confused? Here’s everything you need to know about the standard

Need a quick primer on USB 3.1 and its various flavors? This guide will teach you the difference between Gen 1, Gen 2, and Type-C, and give you the scoop on Thunderbolt 3 compatibility.

Confused about USB Type-C? These stickers will help sort it out

As the USB Type-C rollout begins in earnest, the Implementers' Forum has decided it's time to clear up the confusion with a set of logos for each USB port.
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No, it’s not a hamburger: The MicFlip is a fully reversible micro USB

It's a small but serious annoyance -- attempting to plug in a USB cable, only to find that you've gotten it upside down. Now, you never have to worry about plugging in your USB "the wrong way," thanks to MicFlip, the first reversible USB.