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No ordinary airport vending machine: Project Fi Travel Trolley gives free gifts

On Wednesday, it was discovered that Google's mobile virtual network operator Project Fi had set up a vending machine in San Jose International Airport. It's not just any vending machine -- it's a free vending machine.
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Italian teens’ vending machine turns plastic bottles into cell phone cases

A group of Sicilian teens wanted their peers to recycle their plastic bottles, so they created a vending machine with a 3D printer. Called the MyProGeneration, the machine converts the bottles into cell phone cases.
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This vending machine in France dispenses short stories instead of snacks

It doesn't dispense sodas like traditional vending machines, or french fries like some new-fangled European kiosks, but the Short Edition machines in Grenoble, France, will print out little vignettes for you to enjoy on the go.
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This French fry vending machine is the stuff dreams are made of

Combining years of testing and development with our natural glutinous tendencies, there now exists a vending machine that dispenses freshly prepared french fries and condiments at the push of a button.

Drexel University unveils first ever vending machine for iPads

You see vending machines for all sorts of things these days, but Drexel University's new one for iPads is surely a first. The tablets can be borrowed by students and local residents for up to four hours at a time without charge, the…
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Pot brownie, anyone? First marijuana vending machine shown in Colorado

Attempting to provide an easier way for Colorado residents to purchase marijuana-laced edibles, a company called American Green has developed a vending machine that verifies identity through biometrics.
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Vending machine violation: Man uses forklift to dislodge Twix from machine, loses job

Now and again, stuff gets stuck in vending machines. You might give it a shake or a shove to try to dislodge it, though you probably wouldn't use a forklift to drop the machine from a couple of feet in the air like a guy from Iowa is…

Amazon vending machine turns up at Vegas airport to catch returning CES folk

Amazon showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week. Sort of. The e-commerce giant installed a vending machine at the city's main airport, presumably hoping to tempt a few tech folk into buying a Kindle on their way home…
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Subway ticket machine in Moscow dispenses free rides if you do 30 squats

The Moscow subway has unveiled a special machine offering free rides for squats. The novel idea is part of a campaign run by Russia’s Olympic Committee to promote next year's Winter Games in Sochi and to encourage people to get fit.
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Oh snap, Diet Coke’s newest vending machine became anorexic

It's space efficiency meets quirky product marketing in Diet Coke's Slender Vender vending machine, which measures approximately one foot thick and can fit in the most surprising of places.
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New Orleans becomes the first city to offer cabs with built-in vending machines

New York City may have wanted to modernize its famous yellow cabs, but it's New Orleans that beat it to the punch. The southern city is now offering cabs with built-in vending machines for passengers' soda fix.
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Dreambox is a vending machine with a built-in 3D printer

Only limited by the imagination of the user, the Dreambox vending machine allows anyone to upload and create a 3D model without having to spend thousands of dollars on a 3D printer.