Verizon iPhone

The iPhone 4S gets torn apart for the world to enjoy

The people over at iFixit have managed to tear apart another new gadget even before it has become available to the general public. This time the victim is none other than the Apple iPhone 4S, and even though there aren't many surprises we…

Sprint: The iPhone 4S will have unlimited data plan

One day after announced it will be the third mobile network to carry the iPhone, Sprint clarifies unlimited data will be available for the handset... for now.
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Sprint and T-Mobile may get the iPhone 5

Apple held out for awhile: Rumor has it iOS will finally be available on all four major US carriers beginning with the next iPhone launch.

Sprint iPhone still in the works, possibly available this summer?

Three down, one to go? If the rumors are true that is: A Sprint iPhone may join the ranks of Verizon and AT&T this summer.

Verizon drops unlimited plans, offers iPhone 5 details

We knew it was coming: Verizon joins rival AT&T and kills off its unlimited data plans.

Report: Verizon iPhone 4 drops fewer calls, but customer satisfaction even with AT&T

A new report shows how well Verizon is dealing with its iPhone coverage, and how pleased consumers are with their iPhone 4s in general.

New study finds Verizon iPhone is slower than AT&T iPhone for data downloads

A comprehensive study finds that Verizon's iPhone not only under-performs in data download speeds when compared to AT&T's, but is also slower than other devices on Verizon's own network.

Verizon will pull unlimited iPhone data plans

That was quick. Shortly after introducing the iPhone, Verizon will cut out its unlimited plan and force users into tiered pricing.

Consumer Reports: Verizon iPhone is subject to death grip

Consumer Reports verifies what we all knew was coming: The Verizon iPhone is susceptible to the death grip.

Verizon’s rate of dropped 911 calls during recent snowstorm is ‘truly alarming,’ FCC says

An e-mail from the Federal Communications Commission calls out Verizon Wireless for 10,000 dropped emergency 911 calls during a recent snowstorm near Washington, D.C.

Verizon iPhone sales fall short of expectations

An alleged Apple insider reveals that Verizon's first week with the iPhone didn't perform as well as either company hoped.

Verizon handling iPhone traffic well, so far

It's too early to say if it's avoided the same coverage fate as AT&T, but so far Verizon has been able to support the bandwidth burden of the iPhone.