Man drags his family into a plot to fake his own death in chilling new Sprint TV ad

Sprint is concerned about the lengths people may go to in order to escape a long phone contract. In a new TV ad, Sprint depicts a man at the end of his tether, dragging his family and a stranger into a plot to fake his own death.

Sprint is back — the fourth largest carrier posted strong growth, beating AT&T

Sprint announced during its fiscal third-quarter report on Tuesday that it added 405,000 net new post-paid subscribers, 368,000 of whom were phone customers, marking Sprint's highest growth rate in four years.

The best iPhone 7 deals for every carrier, including free offers

Black Friday deals have passed you can still save on an iPhone 7 by taking advantage of the latest offers from top carriers. Before you pay full price for Apple's latest phone, check out how you can get your iPhone 7 at a discounted rate…

Here's how every major carrier is bracing for data-hungry fans ahead of Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 will draw tens of thousands of screaming fans -- and their data-hungry mobile devices -- to Houston in a few short weeks. Here's how carriers are preparing for the coming onslaught.

Verizon explores merger with Charter that would create meganetwork

Verizon is looking to gain a firmer foothold in the wireline internet business. It's reportedly in talks to merge with cable company Charter, which recently purchased Time Warner Cable.
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Verizon eyes Charter cable as mergers hit fever pitch 2:27

Also today: Facebook re-jiggers how your Trending Topics will work, and they also brought in a heavy hitter to jump-start their VR business.

Verizon's Unlimited Together connects you to certain countries for $15 a month

Verizon unveiled Unlimited Together World, which lets you place unlimited calls to a certain number of countries for $15 per month. Alternatively, Unlimited Together North America does the same for Mexico and Canada.

Following in Verizon’s footsteps, AT&T is raising its activation and upgrade fees

AT&T has followed in the footsteps of Big Red, and is upping the ante on how much it will charge if you want to upgrade or activate a device. Beginning January 20, you're looking at a $25 charge, up from $20.

As AT&T makes major acquisitions, Verizon may be mulling one of its own

It looks like Verizon could be prepping another major acquisition -- company CEO Lowell McAdams is reportedly interested in buying a major cable company like Comcast or Charter.

Flying off the shelves: Demand for the Pixel and Pixel XL now exceeds supply

As per new data from Wave7 Research, the Pixel made up 9.5 percent of all smartphone sales at Big Red in the last month -- something neither Verizon nor Google actually anticipated. During the holiday season, sales were even hotter.

FCC concludes that AT&T and Verizon’s policies violate net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission concluded in a detailed report that AT&T and Verizon violated net neutrality rules by exempting first-party products from subscribers' data plans.

Consider this an intervention — Verizon cuts off unlimited data customers

Verizon confirmed on Wednesday that it would be cutting off customers on unlimited data plans who burn through more than 200GB a month. These folks will be forced to switch to limited plans or be disconnected.