Apple just released a fix to a Verizon iPhone 7 connectivity issue

Verizon users of the iPhone 7 have been noticing a few connectivity issues with their devices, causing their phones to randomly lose service. Apple has now released a fix to the problem.
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Verizon weighing options regarding Yahoo! buyout after hack incident 2:09

Also today: Google gets out their political microscope and a DT staffer wades into the belly of the tech toy beast to hunt down a battery in bustling Shenzhen, China.

Get (sort of) unlimited data with Verizon’s new PopData, but use it quickly

Verizon Wireless has unveiled a new series of data sessions known as PopData, which allow you to access unlimited amounts of 4G LTE data ... for 30 or 60 minutes at a time, as long as the network can handle it.

Yahoo’s data breach has Verizon feeling buyer’s remorse, may withdraw acquisition

Yahoo disclosed it discovered a data breach from 2014 that affected 500 million accounts. Verizon thinks that could affect its $4.83 billion deal to acquire the company. Verizon is waiting for Yahoo to finish its investigation into the…

Verizon says it will push Android updates for Pixel 'at the same time' as Google

Google is out with new smartphones, ones that are apparently "Only on Verizon." They're not -- you can use them on any carrier. Here's why you should avoid purchasing the phones from Verizon, and get them from Google instead.

Want the new ZenPad Z10 tablet from Asus? Head on over to Verizon

Need another reason to head to Verizon, other than its consistent standing as the number one wireless carrier? Maybe the ASUS ZenPad Z10 tablet will provide that extra motivation for you.

Verizon will begin using drones to bring 4G connectivity in emergency areas

Verizon announced it will be using drones to test new ways to bring 4G connectivity to emergency areas. The announcement follows a similar one from AT&T, who is exploring using drones provided by Qualcomm.

Verizon offers free calls to Haiti in ‘chaotic’ aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Verizon is offering free wireless and wireline calling from the U.S. to Haiti to connect with family and friends in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the mobile service provider said in a statement on Tuesday.

Connectivity issues put damper on Apple iPhone 7's robust sales

Apple's new iPhone 7 might not have the explosive problems and double as a high-tech hand grenade like Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, but it sure seems to suffer from connectivity issues.

Alto Mail gets smarter with an Inbox-like interactive Dashboard

Alto, the email client from AOL and Verizon, is out with version 2.0, which adds a smart Dashboard to offer up relevant information at a glance. It also lets you perform actions from these cards like ordering an Uber or Lyft.

Former Verizon employee faces time behind bars for selling customer records

Authorities brought charges against Daniel Eugene Traeger, a former Verizon employee who was found guilty of selling customers' private phone records. He pleaded guilty to the charge and faces up to five years in prison.

Take your calls in HD with Verizon's Voice over LTE feature for prepaid customers

Verizon announced that prepaid customers will finally be getting HD calling starting on September 25. Apart from high-quality voice calls, the feature also allows for things like six-way calls.