New iPad preorders pushed up to three weeks, opportunists overcharge on eBay

With the release of the new iPad rapidly approaching at the end of the week, demand for the product has already spiked online and is causing delays in shipment as well as inflated prices on eBay.

AT&T planning 4G LTE upgrade within 11 new cities

With more 4G LTE-enabled devices hitting the consumer electronics market, AT&T is continuing to push out the 4G LTE network upgrade across more cities within the United States.

Mythbuster: Why unlimited data throttling may be pointless

New research finds top unlimited and tiered wireless users consume virtually the same amount of bandwidth.

T-Mobile to FCC: Stop Verizon from buying more spectrum

In a surprise announcement, T-Mobile has petitioned the FCC to block Verizon Wireless from purchasing additional wireless spectrum. But what is the move really about?
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Verizon customers experience another 4G LTE outage

While Verizon's 4G data network has been relatively stable over the last seven weeks, customers reported another 4G LTE outage this morning in several cities across the country.

Congress declares another spectrum auction, but is anybody selling?

The government's plan for a spectrum auction has mobile carriers salivating for the extra airwaves and Congress salivating for the proceeds, but there's one major hitch: Existing broadcasters have to volunteer to sell it. Will any of them…

New wireless spectrum auctions will offer wireless carriers room to expand

Congress may finally be ready to put some much-needed wireless spectrum on the FCC's auction block. Here's why that's important.

Apple testing 8-inch iPad, 4G LTE iPad 3 coming to Verizon, AT&T: report

Apple is reportedly testing a smaller, 8-inch version of its iPad. And the iPad 3 will be available with 4G LTE connectivity, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal.
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AT&T doubles the activation fee on all phone upgrades

While many consumers will be upgrading their standard cell phones and smartphones to new models during 2012, AT&T management has decided to make more money on that process with an increased fee.

How the iPhone is raising your phone bill

The iPhone is a massive success for Apple, but its high subsidies are bringing down profits at AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. So what will carriers do? Raise your rates.

iPhone effect: Sprint gains customers & revenue, loses $1.3 billion in Q4

Apple's iPhone brought Sprint more than 700,000 new customers in the fourth quarter of 2011. But the company still posted a net loss of $1.3 billion.
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Motorola Droid 4 Confirmed for February 10 with Verizon

Verizon has finally confirmed when the Motorola Droid 4 will launch. The 4G LTE QWERTY slider will be yours to buy on February 10 for $199.