The Verizon iPhone 5 gets a Wi-Fi data leak fix from Apple

Apple has issued a fix for Verizon iPhone 5s and all that cellular data they're leaking while connected to Wi-Fi.
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Redbox Instant to take on Netflix with pre-Christmas launch

Redbox Instant could challenge Netflix for market share come Christmas.

Verizon pays out $500 million + to settle two patent disputes

Verizon is facing an expensive payday today, having settled two different lawsuits surrounding patent infringement for DVR technology and having to pay out $510.4 million in costs.
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Woah. The Galaxy Note 2 is also coming to all major carriers

Samsung plans a wide release list for its second smartphone/tablet hybrid in time for the holiday season. The Galaxy Note 2 will be ready for a November launch.

AT&T permitting iPhone 5 buyers to grandfather in existing unlimited data plans

If you're eyeing the iPhone 5 but worried about canceling your unlimited data plan with AT&T, you're in luck. AT&T will grandfather in existing data plans.
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What happened to the Amazon smartphone?

Amazon did not announce its own Android smartphone last week, but its app-bundling deal with Verizon may mean it never needs one.
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Entry-level Android: Samsung Galaxy Stellar hits Verizon September 6

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar is a 4G LTE Android smartphone with a special "Start Mode" interface tailored for new Android users, and will launch on Verizon on September 6.
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LG’s Optimus Vu comes to Verizon as the LG Intuition, out this week for $199

As expected, Verizon has announced that it will be releasing LG’s tablet/smartphone hybrid the Optimus Vu this week, but under the new name of the LG Intuition. The Optimus Vu has been around since the beginning of the year, but only in…

Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset coming to Verizon this year

Verizon appears to be sticking with its plan to support Windows Phone 8 later this year. A Nokia phone may hit Verizon shelves.
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Droid Razr HD videos leak: Is this Motorola’s new flagship smartphone?

Five leaked tutorial videos surfaced on YouTube over the weekend allegedly revealing Motorola’s new flagship Android handset, the Motorola Razr HD.
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Verizon will offer $350 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 beginning August 17

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) will be available to Verizon customers starting August 17. At $350, it's the network's cheapest tablet yet.
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LG’s Optimus Vu phablet coming to the US, likely Verizon

LG is planning to bring the Optimus Vu to the United States and Verizon may be its first home.