Verizon rolls out mobile device charging stations for Sandy victims

Definitely helpful for anyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy, Verizon is providing assistance to the public in the form of emergency communication centers.

Windows Phone 8 introduces Live lock screen, Family Rooms, Kid’s Corner, and more

Microsoft announced a slew of new features available on its new lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices. We take a quick look at what WP8 has to offer.

Samsung, HTC and Nokia show off Windows Phone 8 launch devices

With tons of new features announced during today's press conference, everyone wants to know when they can get their hands on a Windows Phone 8 to try it out. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon will all carry the devices, with prices and release…

Verizon welcomes Windows Phone back into the family with the Nokia Lumia 822

Verizon has welcomed Windows Phone back into the family with the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 822, an exclusive Windows Phone 8 device set to be released soon.

Isis Mobile Wallet Launches in Salt Lake City and Austin

Residents of Austin and Salt Lake City can now swipe to their heart's content as Isis Mobile Wallet is available in those markets. Nine handsets from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are compatible, with up to twenty Isis-ready by the end of the…

The Verizon iPhone 5 gets a Wi-Fi data leak fix from Apple

Apple has issued a fix for Verizon iPhone 5s and all that cellular data they're leaking while connected to Wi-Fi.
Home Theater

Redbox Instant to take on Netflix with pre-Christmas launch

Redbox Instant could challenge Netflix for market share come Christmas.

Verizon pays out $500 million + to settle two patent disputes

Verizon is facing an expensive payday today, having settled two different lawsuits surrounding patent infringement for DVR technology and having to pay out $510.4 million in costs.
Android Army

Woah. The Galaxy Note 2 is also coming to all major carriers

Samsung plans a wide release list for its second smartphone/tablet hybrid in time for the holiday season. The Galaxy Note 2 will be ready for a November launch.

AT&T permitting iPhone 5 buyers to grandfather in existing unlimited data plans

If you're eyeing the iPhone 5 but worried about canceling your unlimited data plan with AT&T, you're in luck. AT&T will grandfather in existing data plans.