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Motorola unveils Droid Xyboard tablets and a white Droid Razr

Motorola has officially unveiled two Droid Xyboard tablets and a new, white version of the Droid Razr. Pictures and info inside.
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Verizon planning a Netflix competitor for non-FiOS markets

While Netflix struggles to satisfy investors and the subscriber base to DVD rentals as well as streaming content, Verizon has plans to roll out a streaming service that will threaten Netflix.
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Verizon to block Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus

Verizon has decided to remove Google Wallet from the Galaxy Nexus, likely in favor of its own mobile payment system backed by ISIS. T-Mobile and AT&T may follow.
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Why did Samsung yank the Galaxy Nexus from its NYC showcase shop?

The Galaxy Nexus was put up for display a the Samsung Experience shop in New York and abruptly taken down a day later, marking the latest in Verizon's attempts to suppress knowledge of the phone. So is it coming this year or not?
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Xoom 2 tablets coming to Verizon as ‘Droid Xyboard’ in December

Motorola's 8-inch and 10-inch Xoom 2 LTE tablets will launch this month on Verizon with the Droid Xyboard name.

30 percent of iPhone 4S owners paid the iPhone 4 early termination fee

While many Americans are making continual efforts to make wise financial decisions during uncertain economic times, a sizable percentage of iPhone 4S owners aren't on the same page.

Can AT&T scramble to make a T-Mobile deal happen?

Now that both the Justice Department and the FCC oppose the T-Mobile merger, can AT&T find a way to make a deal work? And what happens to T-Mobile if it can't?

Xbox 360 To Stream 26 Verizon FiOS Channels For Subscribers

Verizon will be bringing streaming FiOS cable TV service to the Xbox 360, with 26 channels available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who are also FiOS Internet and cable subscribers.
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Droid 4 specs and images leak, launch reportedly set for December 8 on Verizon

Leaked images and tech specs reveal that Motorola is just about ready to release the Droid 4, which will be able to access Verizon's 4G LTE network.

Malls plan to track shopper locations through cell phones on Black Friday

While Black Friday shoppers will be lining up at shopping malls after gorging themselves on turkey, a couple shopping malls in the United States plan to track locations and shopping patterns of customers this holiday season.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus due in US in December on Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Nexus will reportedly arrive in the US in December on Verizon Wireless.

AT&T isn’t losing iPhone customers to Sprint or Verizon

AT&T says it is not losing iPhone customers due to Apple making the device available on both Sprint and Verizon. Even though AT&T seem to be unsatisfied they don't seem to want to jump ship.