Verizon gives up on SugarString, the odd tech news site that never was

Likely an experiment that's not going to be repeated any time soon, Verizon's attempt at creating a heavily sponsored tech news site called SugarString has been erased from Internet existence.


Verizon turns the other cheek, offers 1-year of Netflix free with $60 Internet/TV package

Verizon is upping its game in the competitive TV market by offering a new FIOS TV package that includes local TV, HBO, Showtime, and a year of Netflix access for $60.

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Are you a Verizon FiOS customer in Maryland? Big Red owes you some money

Verizon has agreed to a settlement worth $1.38 million in Maryland. The investigation stemmed from thousands of customer complaints about Verizon's advertising when it first launched FiOS.


It just got more expensive to leave your contract before Verizon wants you to

Verizon updated its policy to make leaving your contract a lot more expensive. Reductions will not kick in until your 8th month under contract, unlike before, when reductions kicked in the month after your contract started.


Verizon to give away free stuff on a holiday it just made up: Connection Day

Verizon announced Connection Day, which will take place the day before Thanksgiving. Connection Day is full of giveaways that are not just for Verizon customers, but for anyone interested in free stuff.


Verizon’s new wireless router comes smart home-ready with built-in Z-Wave compatibility

In addition to regular Wi-Fi, Verizon's new router also supports the Z-Wave protocol, meaning it can function as a network hub for any Z-Wave compatible device. The router also offers a lot of other perks.


The Galaxy Note Edge and its cool curved screen is out on November 14 (Updated)

Samsung's unusual, and very exciting, Galaxy Note Edge has been confirmed for release in America on November 14. Best of all, the phone will be sold through all major networks, and in Samsung's own stores.


Does Verizon owe you cash? It’s about to fork over $64 million to over-billed consumers

Verizon quietly agreed to a settlement for $64.2 million. The settlement stems from a lawsuit that alleged Big Red over-charged its Family SharePlan subscribers between 2002 and 2006. The settlement has yet to be approved.


A 15-minute charge fuels up Motorola’s roided-out Droid Turbo for 8 hours

The Motorola Droid Turbo packs a tremendous amount of heat, with its 5.2-inch Quad HD display and Snapdragon 805 processor. It arrives on October 30.


The GPS rocking, Android Wear sporting Sony SmartWatch 3 is yours for $250 with Verizon

Verizon has announced the availability of the Sony SmartWatch 3, the first Android Wear smartwatch to take advantage of the OS's latest features. It's priced at $250, and will be out at the end of October.


Sony’s waterproof, wirelessly charging Xperia Z3V lands on Verizon Oct. 23

Sony's flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, is making its way to the United States. Verizon will carry the device, named the Xperia Z3V, for the first time. It will also make the trip with new features, including wireless charging.


HTC’s low-cost Desire 612 hits Verizon on October 9 for $0 down

Verizon announced that the HTC Desire 612, a slightly redressed version of AT&T's Desire 610, will be available for purchase on October 9 for $0 on-contract. No word on how much it costs off-contract.


Streaming Shutdown: Redbox, Verizon give up on Redbox Instant

Closing down a streaming service that failed to attract a significant number of subscribers, Redbox and Verizon decide to shut down the Netflix-killer that never was, Redbox Instant.

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Verizon won’t throttle your unlimited LTE data, after all

Even though Verizon originally announced that it would throttle the top 5 percent of unlimited 4G LTE users, the carrier reversed its decision. The FCC, which criticized Verizon's original decision, applauded the reversal.


Verizon Droid Turbo reportedly set for October unveiling, brings fast charging with it

According to a report, Verizon will unveil the Droid Turbo next month. No word on when the handset will be released, though specifications point to a beefy smartphone with a ridiculous screen pixel density.