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DT Daily: Apple to debut a giant iPad? 2:57

Today on DT Daily: Verizon snaps up AOL, Netflix’s CEO predicts the future of TV and the latest rumors about Apple’s jumbo-sized iPad

Verizon will preload Android smartphones with Lyft and offer drivers a monthly discount

Verizon announced a new partnership with Lyft that will have Big Red offering drivers a monthly access discount. Unfortunately, the app will now be preinstalled on select Verizon Android smartphones.

Microsoft is tackling a Windows 7 pirate (with help from logged IPs)

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit in a Washington court against a Verizon IP address alleged to be behind pirating Windows 7 software for commercial gain at a significant scale.

T-Mobile strikes out at Verizon, offers free trial to disillusioned customers

T-Mobile's not happy about Verizon's Never Settle advertising campaign, and has come up with Never Settle For Verizon, a free two-week trial of its own network exclusively for disillusioned Verizon customers.
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Verizon caught upselling customer to excessive Internet plans for ‘smoother’ Netflix

Dan Rayburn, a streaming video analyst, caught Verizon sales associates in their bluff when multiple reps wrongly told him that upgrading his FiOS internet service from 50 Mbps to 75 Mbps would make for smoother Netflix streaming.

T-Mobile CEO says cable companies may one day merge with carriers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere hinted that cable companies and carriers may one day merge to offer one-stop shopping for users. Legere envisions a future in which one company provides phone, cable, and Internet services.
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ESPN sues Verizon over FiOS custom TV plans

ESPN has decided to back its word from last week and sue Verizon over the latter's FiOS custom TV plan, which allows customers to pick and choose channels. ESPN said ESPN and ESPN 2 cannot be sold separately.
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Fox Sports, NBC join ESPN in opposing Verizon’s custom FiOS TV package

Even though ESPN claimed that Verizon couldn't bundle its channels separately in its 'Custom TV' package under existing contracts, the service launched earlier this week. Now Fox Sports and NBCUniversal are joining ESPN in those claims.
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Verizon launches cord cutter-aimed FiOS Custom TV amid ESPN backlash (Update)

Newly launched Verizon FiOS Custom TV gives consumers a choice of genre-focused channel packages like Kids, Entertainment, and Sports. It's cable TV's first move towards unbundling, and ESPN isn't happy.
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Verizon gives potential cord cutters a better deal with custom FiOS TV package

Verizon is aiming to hang on to potential cord cutters' business with its new custom FiOS TV package, which starts at $65 and includes broadband internet, 36 basic channels, and two "channel packs," bundled together based on genre.

Unlimited data — Who wants that? says Verizon in totally unconvincing blog post

Verizon's latest blog post rails against unlimited data plans, calling them pointless and bad for customers. The analyst who wrote the post claims that unlimited data would strain networks and drive up costs.

911 went out in Colorado, and the FCC ain’t happy about it

The Federal Communications Commission has penalized two companies that were involved in a 911 emergency call outage that affected 11 million people. The FCC's actions included assessing a record $16 million against CenturyLink for its role…