Former PlayStation executive: Vita handheld gaming system was released ‘too late’

Former PlayStation executive Jack Tretton admits that the PlayStation Vita was released too late, and couldn't succeed due to mobile devices. Tretton was formerly the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Citing development woes, 'Hyper Light Drifter' on Wii U and Vita cancelled

Citing development difficulties, Studio Heart Machine has announced that the Wii U and Vita ports of its game Hyper Light Drifter have now been cancelled. Users that purchased those version can have codes exchanged or refunded.

The ‘Xboy’ was the Xbox handheld that never was

In an interview with IGN, former Xbox head Robbie Bach revealed that the "Xboy," or a handheld Xbox branded console, was in early conceptual stages, but was halted, and not just because of the Zune.

‘Drinkbox Vita Collection’ brings three of the system’s best games together at last

Drinkbox, the studio behind acclaimed Vita titles 'Guacamelee!' and 'Severed,' has announced the Drinkbox Vita Collection. The bundle includes both aforementioned games as well as Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

'Cosmic Star Heroine' saves the galaxy this summer on PS4, Vita

Indie studio Zeboyd Games announced that its Super NES-style RPG Cosmic Star Heroine will premiere for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this summer, following up on a successful Kickstarter project.

Gesture-controlled action game Severed hits PS Vita April 26

The creators of the hit multiplatform brawler Guacamelee are set to return later this month with Severed, a uniquely themed first-person action game that will hit the PlayStation Vita on April 26th.

Never Alone gets demastered, coming to PS3 and Vita

Never Alone, the puzzle-platformer from Alaskan developer Upper One Games, is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita, but brand new DLC will be hitting other platforms even sooner on July 28.

Tearaway Unfolded floats to PS4 this September

Media Molecule has revealed the release date for Tearaway Unfolded. The PS4 retooling of the original Vita release arrives this September, and pre-ordering the game gets you several goodies.

Sony Entertainment Network now offers Americans new ways to spend their cash

Today marks the debut of the Sony Entertainment Network in North America, and for those of you who enjoy glossy attempts to streamline the way you spend all your money this new initiative should be a real treat.

Best PS3 and Vita games of 2012

The PlayStation 3 had several big releases, as did the PS Vita. Here are our choices for the best of the best.

Vita Remote Play finally added to Tokyo Jungle

After months of waiting, fans of quirky PlayStation Network hit Tokyo Jungle are now able to enjoy the downloadable game on their Vita handhelds.

Tecmo Koei reveals release date for Vita’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

The third (and presumably final) iteration of Ninja Gaiden 2 will debut on Sony's Vita handheld toward the end of February.