Terms & Conditions: Vizify knows everything about you (updated)

Data visualization company Vizify allows you to create a slick online profile that tells viewers a whole heck of a lot about you. So, what exactly are you getting yourself into when you click "agree" with Vizify? Let's find out.
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#Followme: Twitter and Vizify partner to bring some visual life to your text-based tweets

Twitter and Vizify are partnering to let people take their social media profiles to the next level. Want to see your tweets beyond their text-heavy selves? This app will reimagine it all in an image-heavy format.
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Vizify rolls out of beta, ready to protect and serve your Web identify – infographic style

Identify website Vizify is now open to the public, ready to create your custom landing page complete with personalized infographics that break down - visually - the data you and your social circle are creating. This isn't another social…
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Twitter finds a friend in Vizify, launches personalized user infograph to recap 2012

After a whole year of mouthing off on Twitter, what were some of your most infamous tweets? Vizify and Twitter partners up to show you just that.
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Vizify rolls outs badges, analytics, and custom backgrounds to customize your landing page

Landing page creator Vizify continues its quest to plot your Internet portfolio with several new features. In addition to badges, analytics, and custom backgrounds, the site has also revamped its mobile experience for a display-friendly…
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Vizify helps you put your best, most visual, virtual self out there

Now that you've accrued a wealth of personal data online, it's time to harvest and control it. Enter, Vizify, the fix to your scattered virtual identity.