T-Mobile may soon offer plans without voice service

A leaked image shows that T-Mobile may launch a data-only plan with unlimited texting as soon as March 30. If true, it's a solid choice for people who don't use their phones for calling anymore.

Still have a landline? So do about 40 percent of US households

The CDC's recent National Health Interview Survey found that nearly 47 percent of U.S. households are without a landline and rely exclusively on cellphones, but about 41 percent use both.

Facebook Messenger for Android reaches 1 billion downloads

Facebook's Messenger app has reached over 1 billion downloads on the Android Google Play store. This puts it in the three comma club with a very exclusive group of successful apps from Facebook and Google.

Updated: Skype crash bug fixed, download the new version now

An eight-character message will cause Skype to crash, and it will continue to do so every time you attempt to sign in. If you send the eight characters or receive them from a friend, you will be impacted by the bug.

Move over Viber, WhatsApp can make calls now, too

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has just released a voice calling feature for iOS, after having rolled it out on Android a month ago.

Microsoft’s pivot on Skype in China could lead to increased privacy

If you love privacy and you live in or have a loved one in China, you have it kinda rough. Luckily, Microsoft is allegedly taking steps that'll give a significant boost to Skype users based in China.

Say hello to landline video calls – the U.S. plans to upgrade its phone network

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced on Tuesday plans to begin transitioning the nation’s copper-based landline network to a digital one similar to Internet phone services, like Skype or Vonage.

Are you ready for a phone call so clear you’ll want a cigarette?

Mobile technology has moved in leaps and bounds over the past decade. So why is it that call quality is still so terrible? HD Voice is starting to be more available, but Fraunhofer, the inventors of the .mp3 and .AAC, don't think it's…

Facebook Messenger brings free calling feature to U.S. iPhones

After initially launching in Canada only, Facebook has now rolled out its free-to-call feature to Messenger for iPhone users in the United States as well.

Skype offers a month of free and unlimited worldwide calling

If you have friends or family around the world and fancy calling them on their landline or mobile phone this Christmas, Skype's offering free calls for a month to a long list of countries.

Hands on: Orange launches Libon, a VoIP, messaging, and voicemail app

Libon, a voicemail integrated VoIP app launching on Monday in the Apple App Store, has every feature that you'll need to make phone calls, and more. Read our full hands-on impressions and interview with its creator.

Imo.im redesigns iPhone and Android apps, and adds photo-sharing and instant upload features

imo.im unveiled a brand new redesign of its iPhone and Android app, and new photo uploading and downloading features specifically for the iPhone app.