Watson at the Wheel: How IBM plans to power your drive

IBM unveiled its vision of the self-driving, self-enabling, connected car at the 2016 NAIAS show Tuesday, through a video showing how Watson might be built into the dashboard. That's right: The same technology that mastered chess may…
Health & Fitness

Watson is getting closer and closer to being your doctor

IBM's Watson is finally getting closer to becoming your doctor. Last April, the century-old company launched IBM Watson Health, and now, it's opened up a new office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Cool Tech

IBM is bringing sports into the digital age, starting with the U.S. Open

In partnership with the U.S. Tennis Association, IBM has catapulted sports into the digital age, leveraging its data capabilities with even more impressive analytics to create a truly state of the art for fans, coaches, and players alike.
Cool Tech

Watson can now tell you if you’re at risk for diabetes, thanks to CVS partnership

Watson can add one more line to its staggering resume -- thanks to a new partnership with CVS, IBM's Watson can predict who is at risk for diabetes, and can "develop custom care management services for [those] with chronic illnesses."

My Surrey, the ‘Siri for cities,” is powered by IBM’s Watson

IBM's Watson is helping some city residents find out more information about their homes and environments in a program known as "Siri for Cities." The new app is being tested in Surrey, Canada.
Cool Tech

IBM’s Watson may now be able to tell how snarky your email is with its new tone analzyer

It may be difficult for humans to detect sarcasm via email and text, but IBM's Watson may be able to do the trick. A new application, the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, claims to be able to "assess and refine the tone in textual communication."

IBM’s Watson supercomputer powers Usher, an intelligent museum tour guide app

A group of IBM researchers in India recently unveiled the first version of Usher, “an intelligent tour companion.” In their paper, the group says there are three advantages Usher has over its traditional audio guide counterparts when…

From Jeopardy champ, to ace chef: Here’s what’s next for IBM’s Watson supercomputer

IBM's Watson supercomputer is already a star, but its story is just beginning. IBM is partnering with firms to help more industries tap into its power.

SXSW 2014: IBM’s Watson stars in the kitchen as well as TV’s Jeopardy

After slicing and dicing through Jeopardy a couple of years back, IBM's Watson has taken the stage at SWSX 2014 in Austin, Texas to take on and conquer a new challenge: conjuring up cooking recipes.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer has a new job, as a lawyer

Watson might soon be looking for digital evidence to be used in court, helping employees achieve their long-term career goals, and concocting the perfect treatment plan for a PTSD patient if the USC students who took part in IBM's…

Beyond the Jeopardy podium: IBM takes Watson computer to the kitchen

You're the smartest computer in the world and proved it by beating your human opponents at Jeopardy. Now what do you do? For IBM's Watson computer, cooking lessons are next on its agenda, along with dabbling in pharmaceuticals.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is heading to college to study math and language

Remember Watson, IBM's supercomputer that bested Jeopardy champions? IBM is sending its baby off to college so that it can become even smarter.