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SXSW 2014: IBM’s Watson stars in the kitchen as well as TV’s Jeopardy

After slicing and dicing through Jeopardy a couple of years back, IBM's Watson has taken the stage at SWSX 2014 in Austin, Texas to take on and conquer a new challenge: conjuring up cooking recipes.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer has a new job, as a lawyer

Watson might soon be looking for digital evidence to be used in court, helping employees achieve their long-term career goals, and concocting the perfect treatment plan for a PTSD patient if the USC students who took part in IBM's competition get their way.

Beyond the Jeopardy podium: IBM takes Watson computer to the kitchen

You're the smartest computer in the world and proved it by beating your human opponents at Jeopardy. Now what do you do? For IBM's Watson computer, cooking lessons are next on its agenda, along with dabbling in pharmaceuticals.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is heading to college to study math and language

Remember Watson, IBM's supercomputer that bested Jeopardy champions? IBM is sending its baby off to college so that it can become even smarter.

IBM wants to turn Watson into a smartphone

IBM's Watson supercomputer may one day fit in your pocket, if the company has its way.

Introducing Doctor Watson

Winning television quiz shows could never have been enough for IBM's supercomputer Watson; now it is going to be used to help heal people as a predictive diagnosis tool in the healthcare field.

IBM’s Watson may soon be answering your customer service calls

The IBM Watson supercomputer can beat the best Jeopardy! champions of all time. But can it tell you how to fix your printer? Yes, yes it can.

Nintendo Wii U: What you need to know

Our complete guide to everything currently known about the Nintendo Wii U. We outline the features of Nintendo's upcoming game console.

The 11 best Ken Jennings Reddit AMA quotes

"Jeopardy!" superstar Ken "WatsonsBitch" Jennings took to Reddit this week to answer users' question. The results were incredible.

New Jersey congressman beats IBM’s Watson

Watson is finally taken down by congressman Rush Holt in a match between lawmakers and IBM's Jeopardy champ.

IBM’s Watson gets job in health care

IBM has inked a deal with Nuance to apply Watson's Jeopardy-winning Deep Question Answering technology to health care.

Jeopardy! IBM Challenge ends with a big win for Watson the AI

The Jeopardy! IBM Challenge comes to a close with a big win for artificial intelligence Watson.

Jeopardy! IBM Challenge continues as Watson takes a huge lead

Round two of the Jeopardy! IBM Challenge concluded last night with Watson taking a considerable lead over its human opponents.

Jeopardy! pits man vs. machine, no winners yet

IBM's Watson artificial intelligence ties with Brad Rutter for first place in the first of three rounds in the Jeopardy! "IBM Challenge" tournament.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer beats humans in Jeopardy

Watson at one point confused Jamie Foxx and Beethoven, but still managed an impressive victory against two Jeopardy masters.

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