Health & Fitness

New research center is dedicated to engineering cells into living machines

Based at the University of California, San Fransisco, the $24 million Center for Cellular Construction will be used to study and promote cellular engineering, a young discipline that aims to create living machines by manipulating nature.
Cool Tech

Watson will soon be in your ear with “hearables” from Bragi

Watson will soon be in your ear. A new partnership between "hearables" company Bragi and IBM has yielded a new set of headphones that seek to "transform the way people interact, communicate, and collaborate in the workplace."
Movies & TV

Watch an eerie, IBM Watson-made trailer for a film about the dangers of AI 3:27

Aside from being a Jeopardy! champion, IBM’s Watson has held positions as a health care adviser, teaching assistant, and meteorologist. Now, America’s most famous artificial intelligence has lent its intelligence to Hollywood.

IBM's Watson has landed a customer assistant job at Macy's

Customers at department store chain Macy's will soon be able to ask IBM's question answering computer system Watson for shopping assistance, thanks to a new pilot program.
Cool Tech

With a little technological magic, this dad build a sorting hat straight out of Harry Potter

To get his kids interested in science, an IBM engineer built a Watson-powered sorting hat inspired by the character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.
Cool Tech

Century-old law firm Baker & Hostetler just ‘hired’ an AI attorney to help its human lawyers

One of America's biggest law firms has officially employed an artificial intelligence attorney called Ross to help its human lawyers build and defend legal cases.
Cool Tech

Watch IBM’s Watson-powered robot bust a move — and sing

IBM's Watson just gave doing the robot a whole new twist. While dancing has never been a forte of machines, IBM's artificial intelligence system is proving that robots really can have fun (even if it has to be programmed in).

It’s elementary! Watson and Tom Watson partner on IBM’s digital Masters experience

When speaking of Watson with IBM, you're now going to have to ask, "Which one?" Just in time for the Masters to tee off, the software company has partnered with none other than golf superstar Tom Watson
Cool Tech

Call him Connie, but Hilton’s new robot receptionist is powered by IBM’s Watson 1:49

On Wednesday, Hilton and IBM announced a collaboration that will bring a Watson-powered robot concierge into hotel lobbies across the United States. Her name is Connie, and she's named after founder Conrad Hilton.
Cool Tech

Cure your robo-phobia with Pepper, the adorable ‘human-shaped’ robot 5:10

Day three at MWC finally left some time for a conversation with Pepper, the wondrous 'human-shaped' robot. Pepper's creators envision a future where humans have robot companion that read our emotions and help in our daily lives.

Watson at the Wheel: How IBM plans to power your drive

IBM unveiled its vision of the self-driving, self-enabling, connected car at the 2016 NAIAS show Tuesday, through a video showing how Watson might be built into the dashboard. That's right: The same technology that mastered chess may…
Health & Fitness

Watson is getting closer and closer to being your doctor

IBM's Watson is finally getting closer to becoming your doctor. Last April, the century-old company launched IBM Watson Health, and now, it's opened up a new office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.