President Obama’s daughters hate how bad the White House’s Wi-Fi is

Poor Wi-Fi is just the beginning of a long list of tech problems the Obamas don't intend to leave behind for the incoming U.S. President.

New York finally starts to convert payphone kiosks into gigabit Wi-Fi hubs

New York City has talked for some time about converting its thousands of aging payphone kiosks into something useful for the connected community. This week it's started to make good on its promise.

Wi-Fi criminals beware, tampering with wireless devices can be wirelessly detected

Wi-Fi can do more than just stream cat pictures and Netflix to our phones. Researchers have discovered it can also detect if anyone is tampering with the transmitter, or moving through a nearby room.

The cyborg revolution has already begun, and you can’t even see it

Radio waves are all around us – sending signals, controlling our devices, and leading the way for a cyborg revolution you’ll never see coming. Literally.

Your Christmas lights may be slowing down your Wi-Fi, say government Grinches

A British regulatory agency has concluded that up to six million homes and offices in the U.K. may be suffering from under-performing wireless broadband connections, a problem that is "often caused by the Wi-Fi set-up in the house slowing…
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'Wi-FM' uses FM radio signals to reduce interference, boost your Internet speeds

Wi-FM allows devices to listen in on FM radio signals to transmit data without interference from neighboring networks. Wireless Internet speeds suffer from neighboring traffic, so data transmissions sent during quiet periods won't slow…
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The inventor of light-based ‘Li-Fi’ Internet has completed the first working prototype 1:32

Li-Fi is a groundbreaking approach to wireless internet technology that could bring connectivity to the more than four billion people in the world without internet access. It runs on nothing but an LED light bulb and a solar cell…

JetBlue pushing ahead with plan for free Wi-Fi on every flight by fall 2016

Surveys have shown just how important in-flight Wi-Fi has become for passengers, with most saying availability of such a service influences their booking. With that in mind, it's little wonder JetBlue is keen to roll out its own service to…

TP-Link shows off new Archer C2600 router with MU-MIMO support

Looking to stream 4K content to a wireless device? You're probably going to want an aftermarket router then. TP-Link is hoping to sell interested parties on its new piece of kit, the high-speed, sleek looking Archer C2600.

Family sues school, claiming strong Wi-Fi signals made their son ill

It's never nice when a child is ill, especially if you don't know what's wrong with them. In one case where that seems to have happened, the parents of a child are suing the school, claiming that its Wireless network is to blame.

Updated: Smart City fined after blocking Wi-Fi hotspots at convention centers

The FCC has revealed that it's fining telecommunications company Smart City for jamming personal hot-spots at convention centers.