TP-Link shows off new Archer C2600 router with MU-MIMO support

Looking to stream 4K content to a wireless device? You're probably going to want an aftermarket router then. TP-Link is hoping to sell interested parties on its new piece of kit, the high-speed, sleek looking Archer C2600.

Family sues school, claiming strong Wi-Fi signals made their son ill

It's never nice when a child is ill, especially if you don't know what's wrong with them. In one case where that seems to have happened, the parents of a child are suing the school, claiming that its Wireless network is to blame.

Updated: Smart City fined after blocking Wi-Fi hotspots at convention centers

The FCC has revealed that it's fining telecommunications company Smart City for jamming personal hot-spots at convention centers.

How dangerous is public Wi-Fi? We ask an expert

It’s always tempting to connect to public Wi-Fi networks when you find them, especially when mobile data is patchy, but is it safe? What are the risks of public Wi-Fi and how can we mitigate them? We asked an expert.

Latest iOS 9 update makes it easier to ditch dodgy Wi-Fi

iPhone owners can say goodbye to frustratingly weak or unstable Wi-Fi connections — the latest version of the iOS 9 beta can automatically switch back to a cellular connection if needed.

NASA collaborates with UCLA for next-gen Wi-Fi chip

A new Wi-Fi chip developed by scientists from NASA and UCLA reportedly functions using a thousand times less power than the standard components we use at present.

Need 4G LTE on your tablet? Surface 3 has you covered

Put off buying a Surface 3 tablet because you might lose your Wi-Fi signal? That's not a problem for Microsoft's new version, which has built-in support for 4G LTE, so as long as you're in a major city, you'll always have available…

Cut down on your phone bill: How to reduce your data usage on Android or iOS

Minutes and texts belong to the past now. The focus of your smartphone worry today should be data. We take a look at how to reduce your data usage, avoid breaking your limits, and save yourself a little money.
Cool Tech

Some NYC trash cans will soon give you 75Mbps of free Wi-Fi

You may think that they're only good for keeping litter off the streets, but like New York City inhabitants, New York City trash cans are capable of much more than meets the eye. They will soon double as Wi-Fi hotspots.

Connect to the Internet through a light bulb? Researchers want to use LEDs as routers

Instead of using radio waves to connect to the Internet, researchers at the University of Virginia are creating a prototype of a lamp that uses and LED light bulb and light waves to do so.

There is free Wi-Fi at the top of Japan’s highest mountain

Japan's free Wi-Fi services are about to reach new heights with the launch of hotspots along Mount Fuji's hiking trails. The new service is aimed primarily at foreign travelers, thousands of whom visit each year to climb the nation's…

No Internet, no problem — how to fix Windows 8.1 Wi-Fi issues

Windows 8.1 systems often suffer from Wi-Fi issues that make a network appear as if it lacks Internet access. We've scoured the Internet and found three solutions that commonly resolve the issue.