Is Wi-Fi too unreliable? Powerline networking may be what you need

Curious about Powerline networking and how it can help you relieve those Wi-Fi woes you've been experiencing? Here's everything you need to know, along with a few suggestions for viable Powerline adapters.

Vanquish Wi-Fi dead zones by turning an old router into a wireless extender

Is there a Wi-Fi deadzone in your home or office? A Wi-Fi repeater can help. And if you have an old router, you can turn it into a repeater with a simple hack. That dead spot will be gone in no time.

ResetPlug cycles your Wi-Fi power, so you don't have to

If you find yourself constantly resetting your router because the signal drops out, it's probably time for a new router. But if that isn't an option, then ResetPlug might be, offering an auto-cycling feature when your Wi-Fi drops out.

How to get started with any wireless home router

Want to get Wi-Fi working in your home, but don't know where to start? Here's a quick tutorial outlining the four basic steps needed for most routers. You'll be browsing on your laptop from the couch in no time.

Extend your Wi-Fi range with these powerful amplifiers

Your network is only as good as your Wi-Fi signal. These five devices amplify your wireless network at home or work to give you a more reliable connection.

The White House finally enters the 21st century, adding color printers and iPhones

White House staffers now have upgraded computing and communications technology, replacing older computers, printers, phones, and outdated wiring. Air Force One's communications system was also brought into the current century.

Banish your Wi-Fi woes with our top wireless router picks

Wireless routers lie at the heart of your beloved Wi-Fi network. Thus, here's our roundup for the best wireless routers currently available on the market — no matter your budget.

Researchers analyze lunchtime habits using Wi-Fi connection data

A research project undertaken by Swiss university EPFL has established a model for tracking pedestrian infrastructure patterns by comparing individual connections to Wi-Fi access points with map data.

The next Raspberry Pi knows Wi-Fi

A new Raspberry Pi model known as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is making rounds around the internet. The biggest new feature is undoubtedly Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

American Airlines drops lawsuit against Gogo over ‘inferior’ in-flight Wi-Fi

Fliers are fed up with rotten in-flight Wi-Fi, and so is American Airlines. It currently uses Gogo for part of its fleet, but says that having shopped around, it's discovered ViaSat offers a superior system. It's now gone to court seeking…

President Obama’s daughters hate how bad the White House’s Wi-Fi is

Poor Wi-Fi is just the beginning of a long list of tech problems the Obamas don't intend to leave behind for the incoming U.S. President.

New York finally starts to convert payphone kiosks into gigabit Wi-Fi hubs

New York City has talked for some time about converting its thousands of aging payphone kiosks into something useful for the connected community. This week it's started to make good on its promise.