New York sues Spectrum over Wi-Fi speed based on data from Netflix

On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit accusing Charter Communications's Spectrum of under-delivering when it comes to internet speeds for its customers.

Flying JetBlue? You'll have Wi-Fi from the moment you board the plane

Choosing an airline for your next trip might've just gotten easier. On Wednesday, JetBlue announced the introduction of "always-free and speedy Wi-Fi connectivity on every aircraft from the departure gate to the arrival gate."
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Facebook wants to help you find free Wi-Fi

A new Facebook feature has been spotted in the wild that pinpoints local free Wi-Fi hot spots on a map within the platform's mobile app. The feature may have been built on top of the company's "Free Wi-Fi for check-ins" program.

Google's compact wireless AC router, Google Wifi, is available for pre-order

Spotty Wi-Fi connection at home? Well, you're in luck, Google Wifi is available for pre-order starting Tuesday, just in time for the holidays. The new Wi-Fi system uses mesh networks to saturate your home in a powerful wireless signal.

Your in-flight Wi-Fi options just grew, thanks to these new iPass deals

Getting service in the skies may finally be possible. Partnerships between iPass and United Airlines and Deutsche Telekom promises "seamless and secure in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity" that you can use both on the ground and in the air.
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Facebook ditches Free Basics for paid Wi-Fi service in India

Facebook Wi-Fi is now available in India thanks to the company’s new paid internet service, launched in collaboration with local telecoms providers. A pilot version of the Express Wi-Fi program is currently live in the country.

iPass and Uber partner to bring Wi-Fi to the Rio Olympics

A new partnership between iPass and Uber, which will “provide international Uber riders with free and secure Wi-Fi in Rio de Janeiro.” This could be particularly important as concerns around insecure internet networks in Rio increase.

What would Jesus download? German clergy hopes free Wi-Fi initiative will coax people into church

Germans have a new reason to attend church – free Wi-Fi will soon be offered in 220 churches around Berlin and Brandenburg, with plans to install Internet services in all 3,000 Protestant churches in the region.

Researchers break wireless bandwidth record with 6-gigabit connection

A German research team has broken new ground in wireless data communication by achieving the highest transmission rate to date while beaming information across a span of 23 miles.

Cirrent will connect your smart home devices to the internet right out of the box

Launching this week at Connections in San Francisco, Cirrent's new service allows for easier and safer Wi-Fi connections for smart home products. The company offers quick connections as soon as a device is unboxed.

Soon, you’ll be able to Netflix and chill on British Airways

Never fear a long flight again as long as you're flying British Airways. On Thursday, parent company IAG reached an agreement with in-flight broadband service provider Gogo that allows a number of flights to use a technology known as "2Ku."

You thought your Wi-Fi was bad? Threatening hot spot delays flight for two hours

A Quantas flight from Melbourne to Perth was delayed for two hours when a passenger discovered a Wi-Fi hotspot called "Mobile Detonation Device." It was never located, but the plane was eventually cleared, and landed safely in Perth.