What would Jesus download? German clergy hopes free Wi-Fi initiative will coax people into church

Germans have a new reason to attend church – free Wi-Fi will soon be offered in 220 churches around Berlin and Brandenburg, with plans to install Internet services in all 3,000 Protestant churches in the region.

Researchers break wireless bandwidth record with 6-gigabit connection

A German research team has broken new ground in wireless data communication by achieving the highest transmission rate to date while beaming information across a span of 23 miles.

Cirrent will connect your smart home devices to the internet right out of the box

Launching this week at Connections in San Francisco, Cirrent's new service allows for easier and safer Wi-Fi connections for smart home products. The company offers quick connections as soon as a device is unboxed.

Soon, you’ll be able to Netflix and chill on British Airways

Never fear a long flight again as long as you're flying British Airways. On Thursday, parent company IAG reached an agreement with in-flight broadband service provider Gogo that allows a number of flights to use a technology known as "2Ku."

You thought your Wi-Fi was bad? Threatening hot spot delays flight for two hours

A Quantas flight from Melbourne to Perth was delayed for two hours when a passenger discovered a Wi-Fi hotspot called "Mobile Detonation Device." It was never located, but the plane was eventually cleared, and landed safely in Perth.

Dubai issues fatwa against WiFi squatting

A modern fatwa recently issued in Dubai makes it clear that without the owner's permission, WiFi access is stealing. The ruling affects all of the UAE. This type of fatwa is optional and non-binding, leaving it up to the individual to…

‘No Wi-Fi beyond this point’: new tech could block access based on location

A team at MIT was able to track the location of Wi-Fi users to a couple of decimeters, even on networks with only one access point. It could help block hackers, or help drones stay away from smartphone-yielding humans.

Make your home Wi-Fi faster and more reliable with these simple tune-up tips 2:31

If your Wi-Fi doesn't work in different corners of the house, for streaming HD video, or just seems to flake out when you need it most, try these simple tips to get it running smoothly.

Eero now taking pre-orders for its innovative Wi-Fi router

The Eero promises to make dropped Wi-Fi connections, slow streaming, and dangerous malware concerns of the past with their brand new router, and have started taking pre-orders for the device starting at $125 today.

Transform your Wi-Fi from awful to awesome by moving your router and its antennas

Reviving a Wi-Fi dead zone isn’t easy, but it’s possible given the right equipment, a bit of time, and some experimentation with your router’s position.

Traveling this holiday season? Do it with faster airport Wi-Fi from Boingo

Just in time for a Christmas, Hannukah, or Festivus is a particularly enticing announcement from Boingo -- airport Wi-Fi just got a huge upgrade, reaching speeds of up to 20 Mbps.
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Russia is installing Wi-Fi in its cemeteries

The deceased may have no use for Wi-Fi (yet), but their living visitors certainly do. Maybe that was the justification Russian officials used when they decided to install free WiFi in three of the country's most prominent cemeteries.