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William Shatner confirms he’s been asked about returning for the next Star Trek movie

During a recent convention appearance, William Shatner confirmed that he's been approached by J.J. Abrams for a potential part in the next Star Trek movie.
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If Captain Kirk designed a watch, it’d be made with asteroid dust and self-powered

Renaissance Man William Shatner collaborated with a watchmaker to design a limited-edition timepiece called Passages, and it's sold only through Indiegogo. The watch, befitting of a TV starship captain, is made with asteroid dust and…

Shatner vs. Gorn: the rematch

After 46 years of waiting patiently, William Shanter finally gets a chance to settle the score with his arch nemesis the Gorn.
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Shatner, Wheaton lend Star Trek cred to NASA’s videos

If there was one thing missing from the Mars rover, it's the soothingly awkward cadence of Captain James T. Kirk.
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Google+ said to launch verified celebrity accounts

Like Twitter, Google+ will soon offer verified accounts for celebrities, according to a report from CNN.

Why Google+ kicked out William Shatner

Google+ showed Shatner the door and is demonstrating a sensitivity uncommon for social sites, just one example of how Google is scrutinizing what's let into the infant platform.
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William Shatner’s Google+ account flagged

Google set phasers to stun and inexplicably froze William Shatner's Google+ profile on Sunday.
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Elton John rocked out to wake the space shuttle Atlantis crew

Sir Elton played a live rendition of "Rocket Man" this morning to a space audience consisting of astronauts on the Atlantis and the International Space Station.

William Shatner reveals new album track list, will feature Bootsy Collins, Dave Davies, others

William Shatner has revealed the track listing for his forthcoming summer album release, Searching for Major Tom, with a guest artist lineup that includes members of The Kinks, Parliament Funkadelic, Yes and more.
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William Shatner gives space shuttle Discovery crew a fitting send-off

The space shuttle Discovery crew starts their final day aboard the International Space Station with a recorded message from original Star Trek star William Shatner.