Windows Phone 7

Microsoft scraps Skype for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has announced it's scrapping Skype for Windows Phone 7. Although it says the software will become inoperable on WP7 devices "within the next few weeks," many users are already reporting that the app has stopped working.

Best app updates of the week

Apps that just hit the market are always appealing because they're new and exciting, but some of the old standard apps are getting updates that keep them ahead of the competition. We take a look at the biggest and best app updates to come…

Microsoft welcomes user suggestions for Windows Phone 7.8

In a move to perhaps lighten the impact on Windows Phone 7.5 users unable to upgrade to 8, Microsoft is accepting user-submitted feature requests for Windows Phone 7.8.

Windows Phone 7 users to get Windows Phone 8 Start Screen

Microsoft confirms that current Windows Phone users won't get Windows Phone 8, but they will get 7.8, which adds that fancy new Start Screen to their phone, one of the new OS's coolest features.

Microsoft wants a do-over with Windows Phone 8, but is it too late?

Microsoft is already mowing down the first seedlings of its fledgling mobile ecosystem with Windows Phone 8, which will leave early adopters out in the cold. Is it a necessary evil, or a giant misstep? And where does this leave Microsoft's…

Losers unite! This BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is running Windows Phone 7

Wonder what Windows Phone 7 would have been like on a tablet? We get a glimpse of a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running Microsofts mobile OS.

Get Windows Phone on a budget with the ZTE Orbit, the Nokia 610 and the Tango update

The ZTE Orbit has joined the Nokia 610 as the second budget Windows Phone device, and Microsoft has confirmed its plans for the Tango update.

Cheap Nokia Lumia 610 could give Windows Phone the boost it needs

Nokia is rumored to be bringing six new devices to Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. One of the most exciting is the Lumia 610, a budget handset that could give Windows Phone the boost it needs.
Android Army

Windows Phone 7 may get Instagram before Android

Rumor has it that the hit app will be making its way to Windows Phones before it debuts on Android.

Skype still only “coming soon” for Windows Phone 7, despite Microsoft ownership

Skype continues to be a no-show on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, but according to Skype's vice president, such an app is being worked on and is still "coming soon."

AT&T plans a hero’s welcome for Nokia Ace/Lumia 900, as more specs leak ahead of CES

A new leak provides us with more detail on the rumored Lumia 900/Ace, Nokia's flagship phone expected to be launched with AT&T at CES 2012.