HP to bring Skylake to Spectre X2 lineup with 12.5-inch convertible tablet

HP has reportedly decided to go all-out with the introduction of a Spectre x2 Windows tablet, complete with a Core M Skylake processor as well as a detachable keyboard.


Cut the middleman out of your screenshots with the Microsoft Snip beta

The Snip beta is a new extension to the Office productivity suite that enables users to take a snapshot of either a single active window or your PC's entire screen at the click of a button.


Lollipop on Windows now possible with AMIDuOS 2.0

Although Microsoft might be pushing for a porting system from Android to Windows, you can jump the gun with the new AMIDuOS emulator, which is now capable of bringing over Lollipop apps, for just $15.


Lumia 950 and 950XL Rumor Roundup: Photos leak showing the new Windows phones

Microsoft is expected to announce two high-end Windows smartphones this year. Previously known as the 940 and 940XL, there's a chance the company may rename them the 950 and 950XL. Here's everything we think we know about them so far.


Users heard the Windows 95 startup music for the first time 20 years ago today

It's been 20 years exactly since Microsoft released Windows 95 to the masses. We've come a long way, but there's still a lot of that release in Windows 10.


How to customize File Explorer in Windows 10

The Windows 10 version of File Explorer has a few new bells and whistles. Here's a handy guide for new users (and Windows veterans) on the new interface.


Want to use one drive between a Mac and Windows PC? Partitioning is your best bet

Compatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X may have diminished sharply over the years, but that doesn't mean they've completely disappeared. Here's how to make an external drive work between both operating systems.


Stardock releases new tool to tweak the Windows 10 Start menu

Windows 10 has many great features, including the new Start Menu, but some prefer an old-school look. Start10 provides exactly that, and you can try it out free for 30 days.


How to set default programs and file types in Windows 10

Want to change your default browser in Windows 10? How about setting your photos to open in Photoshop instead of the image viewer? This guide will show you how to change every default program and file type.


Microsoft wins over its harshest critics as gamers move to Windows 10

The July 2015 results from Steam's opt-in hardware and software survey point to some interesting trends in Windows 10's release, such as where the biggest chunk of its users are migrating from.


If you’re waiting for Windows 10, watch out for this email scam

Scammers will try almost anything to get their malware onto your machine — including offering you a free upgrade to Windows 10. Here's how to spot the troublesome email and avoid it.


New video outlines IBM’s plan to switch from Windows to Mac

Jeff Smith, IBM's Chief Information Officer, has outlined a goal to switch up to 75 percent of IBM employees from Lenovo systems running Windows to Apple's MacBook.


Windows 10 didn’t break the Internet, but it could have

Many users are frustrated that they're still waiting to update the Microsoft's latest OS, but the staggered rollout may have saved everyone a lot of grief.


Windows 10 restores the desktop to dominance, but Cortana and Edge need work

Windows 10 scores a major victory for desktop users with a hoard of handy new features, but Microsoft still has work to do on the touchscreen experience.


Long live the desktop! Microsoft regains the keyboard and mouse crown

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s chance to redeem itself after the failure of Windows 8 and its touch-centric interface. Has the company managed to reverse course, or has it dug itself into an even deeper hole?