'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' to cease updates on Windows Mobile phones

According to Windows Central, sources have confirmed that Minecraft: Pocket Edition will no longer receive updates on Windows Mobile devices. Microsoft purchased developer Mojang in 2014 for $2.5 billion.

How to convert a WMV movie to MP4, online or offline

WMV files may offer terrific quality and take up less space than an MP4, but they can't compete with the latter option when it comes to compatibility and features. Here's how to convert WMV files to MP4 using Windows or Mac OS X.

How to map network folders drives, on both Windows and Mac

Shared directories are more useful than you might think, especially for students and business owners. Thankfully, linking them with your local drive is easy, regardless of whether you're using Windows or MacOS.

Look out Surface Studio: Apple device shipments could outpace Windows’ in 2017

Microsoft unveiled a host of new and interesting products this year, but it looks like Apple might be poised to overtake the Windows juggernaut in 2017. It may be good news for Apple, but it's bad news for the global market.

Mac market share falls to five-year low

These are challenging times for Apple. The company missed its economic forecasts for last year, and the Mac market share has dropped to its lowest level since August of 2011. What can the Cupertino giant do to turn it around?

Samsung’s new Chromebooks should make Microsoft and Intel nervous

Samsung's new Chromebook Plus and Pro may signal a new battle with very deep roots. On one side is ARM and Chrome OS -- on the other, Intel and Windows.

These great Windows apps will get you started with your new Windows 10 machine

Not sure what apps you should be downloading for your newfangled Windows device? Here's our favorites, whether you need something to speed up your machine, or a way to quickly access your Netflix queue.

How to build the perfect budget gaming PC

Looking to build your way into PC gaming greatness? We've got a solid build that leverages the latest hardware from Intel and Nvidia to power your way through modern games at 1080p -- all for under $500.

The Anyractive GoTouch transforms electronic screens into digital whiteboards

The Anyractive GoTouch transforms virtually any electronic screen into digital whiteboard. It supports Android and iOS mobile devices, plus a growing number of Windows and Mac computers.

Want to keep a folder secure? Here’s how to password protect it

Some things are meant solely for your eyes, but keeping it that way isn't always easy. Check out our guide on how to password protect a folder in Windows and MacOS, so you can keep those would-be hackers and unwanted passerby at bay.

Next 'Age of Empires II HD' expansion — 'Rise of the Rajas' — is due this month

Microsoft's 1999 real-time strategy game Age of Empires II gets a new lease on life later this month with Rise of the Rajas, an all-new expansion developed in collaboration with studios Forgotten Empires and Skybox Labs.

Channel your inner Dre with the best free recording software

Believe it or not, Pro Tools isn't the only digital audio workstation worth your time. Check out some of our picks for the best free recording software, whether you're looking for a lightweight program for splicing audio clips or…