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Trade-in your old game console and get an Alienware gaming PC for $499

Remember cash for clunkers? Alienware currently has a similar program of its own, specifically for gamers. You can trade an old Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and more to get a credit towards a new Alienware system.


PBS app on Xbox 360 raises the bar for free content streaming on the console

A newly launched PBS app on the Xbox 360 gives users access to a rotating selection pulled from many of the TV network's most popular titles, including NOVA, Austin City Limits, and more.


Secrets and cheats for ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’

'Grand Theft Auto V' is nothing short of ambitious and expansive, but where are those beloved cheat codes we all know and love? Here are some of the latest cheats, tips and tricks for the blockbuster title so you can live life in Los Santos to the fullest.


Rockstar warns against installing both ‘GTA V’ discs on Xbox 360

Rockstar Games advises against installing the "play" disc for Grand Theft Auto V on your Xbox 360 hard drive. As Digital Foundry discovered, doing so creates issues in the game's open world with texture pop-in.


Xbox Live Rewards program updated to reflect the death of MS Points

Microsoft changes up its Xbox Live Rewards program to better reflect a new face of Xbox Live in which Microsoft Points are no longer used as a form of currency.


Xbox 360’s free-to-play library just grew by one with Crytek’s ‘Warface’

Crytek’s long gestating free-to-play first person shooter, Warface, will be heading to the Xbox 360 in “Early 2014.” The console version will be free-to-play with an Xbox Live Gold membership.


Major in procrastination with a dorm room Game Cave

The college school year is just about to get underway, so now is the time to figure out the important things – like how to trick out your dorm to make it perfect for a gamer.

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Microsoft affirms commitment to indies, every Xbox One is a developer console

Microsoft clarifies its position on independent game development, confirming that the Xbox One can double as a development kit. This confirmation suggests a looser attitude toward indie development as Microsoft movies into the next hardware generation.


‘Fez’ due for patch following Microsoft’s elimination of Xbox Live Arcade update fees

Polytron Corporation's Phil Fish confirms that a patch is incoming for his Xbox Live Arcade game, 'Fez,' following Microsoft's move of eliminating the title update fees that Xbox 360 developers must pay for XBL Arcade games.


Xbox One won’t launch until 2014 in Japan

Microsoft Japan president and CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi confirms that the Xbox One won't be released in Japan until 2014, owing to the fact that the country is deemed a 'tier 2' market.


Time Warner Cable app coming to Xbox 360 with 300 live channels for subscribers

Microsoft and Time Warner Cable partner up to bring a TWC app to Xbox 360, offering subscribers with Xbox Live Gold membership access to as many as 300 channels, including favorites like Comedy Central and CNN.


Microsoft eliminates Title Update fees on Xbox 360 Arcade games

Microsoft confirms that the Title Update fees charged to the developers of Xbox 360 Arcade games are no longer in place, following a policy shift in April 2013. There's no word on whether or not this applies to full retail games or Xbox One titles as well.


Xbox Live ‘Games with Gold’ free titles arrive 1st and 16th of every month

The "Games with Gold" program that Microsoft revealed during E3 starts with Fable 3, available for free until the end of the month to Gold subscribers. After that a new game will be free for a limited time on the 1st and 16th of every month.


Nintendo 3DS in top sales spot for May 2013, ending Xbox 360’s 28-month reign

For the first time in over two years, the Xbox 360 is not the best-selling console, according to NPD's May 2013 sales charts. Instead, the Nintendo 3DS takes the top spot, something that few would have predicted just one year ago.