Xbox 360

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360: spec showdown

The "One" and only will hit the market later this year, but how does it compare with its successor? We'll let you be the judge with our side-by-side, Microsoft console comparison.


The ‘Console War’ is so last decade: How everyone wins with Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Microsoft and Sony roll out different messaging in the next generation gaming console announcements only to meet in the middle with the industry's most balanced gaming hardware showdown in years.


Xbox ‘One’ pushes boundaries in hardware, graphics, and user experience

Microsoft finally unveils its next-gen gaming console, the Xbox One. Read on for a detailed rundown of the hardware and the basic facts released so far.


Microsoft trademark for ‘Forzavista’ suggests an imminent Forza announcement

A recently discovered trademark for something called Forzavista seems to refer to an in-game feature for a presumably unannounced Forza game, with functionality that sounds similar to Forza Motorsports 4's Autovista.


Everything you need to know before Microsoft announces the next Xbox tomorrow

With only one day left before Microsoft unveils its Xbox 360 successor for all the world to see, we look back over the confirmations, rumors, and speculation that sprung up in recent months concerning the next-gen console.


Twitch viewing app arrives today on Xbox 360

Microsoft and Twitch launched a video viewing app on Xbox 360 today that provides Gold subscribers with access to 300 popular Twitch channels, though streaming content out continues to be a game-specific feature.


Media Streamer Showdown: PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360

Interested in adding a gaming console as a dedicated media streaming device in your home theater? Check out our breakdown of the PlayStation 3 versus the Xbox 360 for streaming video off services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.

Home Theater

The History of the Xbox

From "DirectX Box" to "720," it's been a long, strange trip for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console.


Next-gen Xbox won’t require always-on Internet, alleged internal memo states

Microsoft's Xbox successor won't require an always-on Internet connection, according to an allegedly leaked internal memo that was sent out to the company. A statement released to Digital Trends refuses to comment on the memo, stating only that all will be…


Microsoft’s Xbox Fusion domain redirects could point to next Xbox name

There's been endless speculation about the name of the next Xbox console, but some newly discovered evidence in the form of Microsoft-owned domains redirecting to now suggest that it might be called Xbox Fusion.


Rumor: Respawn Entertainment and EA’s ‘Titan’ will be an Xbox exclusive

The long-teased shooter from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts that will be revealed at E3 2013 is rumored to be an Xbox 360-exclusive. Respawn is reportedly working on the next-gen version, with an unnamed dev handling an Xbox 360 port.


Recent results give Microsoft a compelling defense for the always-online Next Xbox

Microsoft had a mixed first few months of 2013, but the Entertainment & Devices division, fueled by Xbox 360, is doing pretty well. Most impressive, though, is Microsoft's booming Xbox Live. Membership has grown from 25 million members in 2010, to 46 million…


Microsoft refuses to let Japan go and gives the Xbox 360 one final push

Japan has never cottoned to Microsoft's consoles, not the original Xbox nor its far more successful successor, the Xbox 360. Microsoft has never quite given up on the market, though, and it's giving the Xbox 360 one more marketing push before rolling out the…


Rumor: Microsoft prices new Xbox at $500 upfront, $300 with subscription

Microsoft still hasn't laid out details for its next video game console, but information about the Xbox 360 successor continues to trickle out. A reporter claims the Next Xbox will cost $500 on its own, but just $300 with a subscription to go with it.


Jim Cramer thinks Microsoft should buy Netflix

If you ask "Mad Money" stock expert, Jim Cramer, Microsoft should make a major move and acquire Netflix, bringing it into cohesion with the Xbox for total control of the living room. Oh, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings should also run it all.