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‘Goat Simulator’ and ‘The Crew’ free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in June

June marks the third anniversary of Microsoft's Games With Gold program, and Xbox Live Gold service subscribers can expect to receive free copies of titles like Goat Simulator and The Crew throughout the next month.

Microsoft: ‘Nearly 1 million’ unused Xbox Gamertags now up for grabs

Microsoft announced plans to wipe "nearly 1 million" unused and dormant Xbox Gamertags over the next month, giving gamers a rare opportunity to reclaim abandoned Xbox Live usernames.

Microsoft slashes the price of Xbox One bundles, and games

Microsoft takes $50 off the Xbox One for the Spring Sale which puts the console at $299, giving it a winning edge against the PS4. Don't worry, the games are on sale too just to make sure you don't spend too little.

Xbox and PC gamers can finally battle as Microsoft rolls out cross-network play

Microsoft is breaking down the barriers that have long divided online gameplay in multiplatform video games, as the company announced today that licensed Xbox developers can now enable support for cross-network multiplayer with non-Xbox…

Snoop Dogg draws attention to Xbox Live's outage while PSN laughs

It's hilarious when a star snaps on social media. When Xbox Live crashed, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and said what a few thousand gamers may have been thinking: "Ya'll's f**king server is f**ing whack man."
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Netflix will shut down users watching out-of-country content | DT Daily 3:05

Those using services to avoid Netflix's country recognition technology may suddenly get shut down in the coming weeks as Netflix says it is going to actively seek out such users and put a stop to the practice.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both had successful holiday seasons… In their own way

Sony and Microsoft both announced that the 2015 holiday season was great for their video game platforms. How the two companies measured that success differed quite a bit from one another.

Microsoft’s Work and Play bundle is back for this year’s holiday season

The Work and Play bundle consists of a one-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold, Assure support, Office 365, Skype Wi-Fi, a $60 store card, and a year's worth of unlimited Skype calls.

Microsoft promises to promptly remove revenge porn from OneDrive, Xbox Live

In an attempt to defend users against revenge porn, Microsoft has announced a new reporting system as well as changes to the rules of its Bing, OneDrive and Xbox Live services.

Xbox services will be integrated with Windows 10 devices, says Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has elaborated on his plans to revamp Xbox into a multi-platform gaming brand. Xbox will become integrated with the new Windows 10, as well as Windows 10 devices.

Developers can port games between Windows 10 devices with just a few lines of code

Microsoft's game evangelists spent a BUILD 2015 session highlighting the company's vision for cross-device gaming, which includes easy porting of titles from Windows 10 for desktop to mobile devices and even to the Xbox One.

Microsoft bundles Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Office 365, and Skype Unlimited World for $149

Microsoft is bringing many of its top subscription services, including Office 365 and Xbox Live, together for $149 a year. This could save you a couple hundred dollars - if you use all the bundled services.