xbox live

Microsoft forbids class action lawsuits within new Xbox Live terms

While many Xbox 360 owners are unwittingly agreeing to the lengthy terms of service agreement to gain access to the new dashboard update, Microsoft slipped in new wording to halt future litigation against the corporation.

Microsoft releases Xbox apps for Windows and iOS devices

Microsoft releases not only a Windows Phone Xbox app but iOS along with its Xbox Live dashboard update this week.

Netflix updates Xbox 360 app with Kinect control, still lacks 1080p streaming

While Xbox 360 owners finally got a chance to test our the new Xbox 360 dashboard update, streaming company Netflix also rolled out an update to the streaming application complete with voice and gesture control.

Gore Verbinski will produce a Kinect game for 2012

New deal with Microsoft will have Pirates of the Caribbean director producing a Kinect game in 2012.

Xbox Live update adds 40 entertainment apps, Kinect voice and motion controls, cloud storage, and more

Xbox Live will receive a major overhaul, starting tomorrow, December 6. The update includes a new Windows Phone Metro-like design, voice- and motion-control functionality and a slew of new entertainment apps.

UFC on Xbox Live pushed back to December 20

The new UFC app for Xbox Live was originally scheduled for a release on December 1 in time for the upcoming UFC 140, but has been pushed back.

Microsoft to improve Xbox Live media search through VideoSurf acquisition

Microsoft aims to improve its Xbox Live video and content search capabilities for Xbox Live by acquiring VideoSurf.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sells $775 million in five days

Is there a record that won't fall when it comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

Daytona USA Review

Review: You won’t have to hop in Doc Brown’s Delorean to get a chance at playing this seminal racing classic from Sega. An HD facelift, online multiplayer, and arcade controls await you in Daytona USA for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN…

Jurassic Park for Xbox Live delayed in Europe

Xbox Live gamers in Europe will have to wait until 2012 for Jurassic Park, says developer.

Microsoft designing custom version of Silverlight for Xbox dashboard update

With the release of the Xbox Live dashboard update approaching rapidly in November, Microsoft is currently perfecting a version of Silverlight for the barrage of upcoming video content providers.

Crysis Console Review

Review: Crysis, the PC game no one thought could be ported to a console does just that, giving fans what is arguably the best value game on any console today.