Archos reveals upcoming Gen 9 tablets for summer 2011 release

Archos reveals plans to launch its Gen 9 series of tablets in June of this year with specs that put it in line with Apple's newly released iPad 2.

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Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom matches the iPad 2 – $599 at several retailers

Motorola will offer its Wi-Fi only Xoom for $599. Can it steal some iPad 2 customers?


iPad 2 graphics processor beats the competition in benchmarking tests

Apple's iPad 2 showed dramatically improved graphic performances over the first-gen iPad and Motorola's Xoom tablet in a series of benchmarking tests.


Samsung considering Galaxy Tab 10.1 overhaul after seeing iPad 2

The iPad 2 event made an impression on more than just Apple fanboys: Samsung will rethink its Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a result.


Xoom getting LTE in ‘approximately 90 days,’ requires free 6-day hardware upgrade

The Verizon 4G LTE network will launch in roughly three months, requiring a complimentary hardware upgrade for all Motorola users, according to a leak internal document from the wireless provider.


Adobe promises 10.2 Flash Player update for Honeycomb in ‘a few weeks’

Adobe promises that we'll see the release of Flash Player 10.2 for mobile devices in "a few weeks."


Motorola Xoom confirmed for Thursday release, no Flash support at launch

A Verizon Wireless product page for the Motorola Xoom confirms the release of the GSM/CDMA radio-equipped model this Thursday, with the added note that Adobe Flash support is coming Spring 2011.


Motorola Xoom Best Buy pre-orders open for February 24 release, no Wi-Fi only model

Best Buy posted the product page for Motorola's Xoom tablet on its website, listing a February 24 release for the $799 GSM/CDMA radio-equipped model.


Official Motorola Xoom prices: $799 on Verizon, $600 Wi-Fi only model

It's official: The Motorola Xoom tablet will cost $799 for the wireless-enabled version, $600 for the Wi-Fi-only model.


Motorola Xoom Best Buy pre-order priced at $1,199

A Best Buy pre-order page lists the price of the Motorola Xoom at $1,199.


First leaked look at HP Palm’s webOS Topaz tablet

Apparently February 9 couldn't come soon enough: Well before HP's scheduled press event, details have started to surface on the so-called Topaz and Opal tablets from HP Palm.


Motorola tablet likely named ‘Xoom’

Pocketnow discovers that Motorola has been filing for "Xoom" trademarks all around the world, hinting at a major product launch.