Yahoo Mail begins blocking users with ad blockers installed

Yahoo is taking a stand against people who employ ad blockers in their browsers by testing a feature that locks out Yahoo Mail users from accessing their accounts. The company says it’s testing the feature with a small set of U.S. users.

Yahoo attracts 15M viewers to first live stream NFL broadcast

Yahoo attracted 15 million viewers to its first NFL broadcast of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills, exclusively live-streamed on the company's homepage and microblogging site Tumblr.
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Ouch! Yahoo loses $42 million on Community, two other shows

Yahoo's video division has announced a $42 million loss, which CFO Ken Goldman blames on the cost of big budget streaming exclusives like Community, Sin City Saints, and Other Space.
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Flickr will soon let you take gorgeous virtual tours of panoramic photos

Flickr will be improving its experience by adding support for virtual reality devices that'll let you view panorama photos in a radical 360-degree view.

Yahoo’s Livetext messenger is a cross between Snapchat and Periscope

Yahoo's Livetext app is a video messaging client with a twist: no audio. You can text your chat partner but can't hear them. It's the latest attempt by Yahoo to capture an audience on mobile.
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Facebook takes aim at YouTube’s video revenue: DT Daily 1:12

Facebook plans to pay some video producers part of ad revenues in a challenge to YouTube, Yahoo teams up with... Google?

Yahoo’s Aviate launcher wants to be as smart as Google Now with Smart Stream

Yahoo updated its Aviate Launcher with a new Google Now like feature called Smart Stream. The contextually aware feature aims to give you the information you need when you want it.

Yahoo revamps search for mobile to highlight broader range of relevant content

In an effort to increase its share of the mobile search market, Yahoo has rolled out changes for its browser-based offering that it says guarantees more relevant, and therefore helpful, information at the top of returned results.

Yahoo will be the default search engine for Oracle’s Java

Users installing Java will soon be given the option to opt in for several Yahoo search engine services, as the company forges a three-year deal with Oracle.
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iPhones on T•Mobile hit with Blue Screen of Death: DT Daily 1:18

T•Mobile iPhone 6 users report 'blue screen of death' and sudden reboots, Yahoo inks deal with Oracle to slot browser during Java updates.

It’s the end of the road for Yahoo’s Maps site

Yahoo said Thursday it's closing its eight-year-old Maps site at the end of this month. The move comes as Apple is reportedly making increased efforts to improve its once-maligned maps-based offering, while Google continues as the leader in…

Yahoo faces huge class-action lawsuit over email spying

A Judge has handed down a ruling allowing a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo for spying on customers emails, to move forward. Yahoo faces both subscribers and non-members in this lawsuit.