And the bidding for Yahoo begins

Reports have Silver Lake partners partnering with Microsoft and Andreessen Horowitz to buy a minority stake in Yahoo for as much as $3 billion. But can Yahoo be saved?

Federal judge orders Google, Facebook to “de-index” 700 domain names

In a move likely to send counterfeit product sites scrambling for new homes on the Internet, a federal judge has ordered in favor of a fashion company seeking to protect the brand.

Microsoft is officially looking into buying Yahoo

Yahoo and Microsoft sign a nondisclosure agreement, Microsoft officially looking into purchasing the aging internet company.

Yahoo’s iconic neon billboard in SF to be torn down

The yellow and purple neon lights of Yahoo's iconic San Francisco, California, billboard will soon be shut off for good.

Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad [updated]

Internet giants have taken to the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Washington Times, to fight back against SOPA, the Internet censorship bill.

Eric Schmidt: Google not ‘dominant’ in search; Apple’s Siri a ‘threat’

In an attempt to ward off the gnashing teeth of the law, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has denied accusations by the Senate antitrust committee that the Internet giant is "overwhelmingly dominant" in search, and assured that Apple's Siri…

Livestand takes on Flipboard: Our hands-on analysis

We go hands-on with Flipboard and new challenger Livestand to see which will hold our tablet-reading attention.

New releases from Yahoo, including its Flipboard clone Livestand

After laying low following some unsavory sale rumors and a reshuffling of its executive branch, Yahoo announces some major products.

Microsoft moving forward in bid to buy Yahoo: report

Microsoft is one of a number of firms moving forward with plans to make a buyout bid of Yahoo, which some say could be bought for around $20 billion -- less than half what Microsoft bid for the company in 2008.
Android Army

Steve Ballmer: “You need to be a computer scientist to use Android”

We've compiled quotes from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who spoke out on Bing, Android, Google+, cloud services, and a number of things at the Web 2.0 Summit.
Home Theater

Hulu takes itself off the auction block and is no longer for sale

It seems as though Hulu did not like any of the several purchase offers it received as it announced Thursday that it is no longer for sale.

Yahoo sale rumors swirl again: Who might buy, and why?

Five weeks after jettisoning its CEO, rumors are swirling that Yahoo is putting itself up for sale. Who might bid - and why would they want to?