Yahoo’s Scott Thompson: Time for the chopping block?

Yahoo's new CEO Scott Thompson has been caught lying on his resume. Does embellishing undergrad credentials matter at executive levels, or should Yahoo toe the line on honesty?
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Facebook to buy $550 million in AOL patents from Microsoft

Amid its legal battle with Yahoo, Facebook has decided to purchase $550 million in patents from Microsoft — some of the same patents that Microsoft just bought from AOL. Confused yet?

Yahoo versus the hedge fund billionaire: A Silicon Valley soap opera

As Yahoo! struggles to stay relevant to a changing Internet, hedge-fund billionaire Daniel S. Loeb is vying to take control of the company.

Yahoo! lives up to its name: It laid off 2,000 of its 14,000 employees today, with more to come

Yahoo is dumping around 2,000 of its employees today in a huge layoff and it may trim down more soon as it preps for a gigantic reorganization. How did we get here and where is this headed?
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Facebook strikes back at Yahoo with patent counter-lawsuit

The Facebook vs. Yahoo battle heated up today, with the social network filing its own patent lawsuit against the aging Internet titian.

Yahoo to launch Do Not Track tool worldwide

Yahoo says it will implement a Do Not Track mechanism across all of its Web properties worldwide, starting this summer.
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Feed the troll: Yahoo sues Facebook over patents

Yahoo has sued Facebook for allegedly infringing on 10 Web-related patents.

Hey Yahoo, that patent shakedown makes you look desperate

Yahoo is taking a road all too often traveled by struggling tech companies: liberally exercising its patent portfolio. And it's taking on Facebook, which is conveniently in its pre-public quiet period.
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Yahoo threatening Facebook with first-ever lawsuit over social media patents

Facebook is facing a potential first-ever social media patent lawsuit if the social network rejects Yahoo's deal over licensing Yahoo's social network patents.

Yelp IPO slated for March 2, shares to start at $12 to $14

Yelp will finally go public on the New York Stock Exchange on March 2, hoping to sell $100 million in stock.

Can Yahoo be trusted with Flickr?

A former Flickr team member cries foul as the site prunes a heavy helping of its customer support staff.

Yahoo drops ten mobile apps

Despite a supposed focus on putting mobile first, Yahoo is killing off ten different apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.