Bing launches Groupon competitor with Bing Deals

Microsoft joins the likes of Yahoo, AOL, and Google with its own deals feature: Bing Deals.


Bing takes over number-two search engine rank worldwide

Microsoft's Bing has finally unseated Yahoo from StatCounter's number-two search engine ranking worldwide...with a whopping 4.37 percent.


MyBlogLog is the latest Yahoo casualty

Yahoo has informed users that it will be shutting down MyBlogLog on May 24.


Best of Quora: Social media insiders spilling secrets

From explaining Mark Zuckerberg's mysterious trips to China to the sudden death of UberTwitter, the best Quora topics highlight social media insiders spilling the secrets outsiders were never meant to know.

Social Media

Rumor: Google will shell out $100 million to enlist celebrities on YouTube

As it turns out, advertisers won't pay much for space next to endless videos of cats. In a new campaign, YouTube is rumored to be seeking out celebrities for a new channel it hopes will pull down some serious ad dollars.

Movies & TV

Google asks users to help combat content farms with new Chrome extension

Google asks users to help combat content farms, which are beginning to saturate search results, with a new Chrome extension


Google cuts search attacks in half while Bing hacks double

Google has done its homework. According to a new study, the search engine is returning half the number of malicious software links that it did six months ago, while its rivals have seen the opposite trend.


Reinventing Yahoo: Four ways to save the former king of search

Yahoo is looking more and more like a dinosaur stuck in a prehistoric mud pit, and every labored step is digging it deeper. Here’s how to winch out the once-proud Web titan.


Facebook launches new photo-viewing functionality

Facebook gives its photo-viewing user interface an upgrade.

Social Media

Yahoo to launch Livestand, a Flipboard-style tablet magazine

Yahoo is launching its own Flipboard-style visual news app on tablets called Livestand. The publication will deliver customized content and social features based on ever-changing user preferences.


Yahoo rumored to launch customized mobile content

Yahoo could use next week's Mobile World Congress as a podium to announce customized Web content for mobile devices.


Flickr accidentally “permanently” deletes user’s 3,400 photos

Flickr initially said that it had permanently deleted Mirco Wilhelm's five-year old account, but a day later said that it has fully restored the photo collection.


Leaked ‘AOL Way’ documents expose AOL’s cash-driven content strategies

AOL plans to combat falling ad revenue with a comprehensive system for generating thousands of search-engine-optimized articles every week, but some see it as the blueprint for a content farm.


Yahoo blames Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 ‘phantom data’ glitch

Microsoft and Yahoo have engaged in a blame game over the mysterious data usage affecting some Windows Phone 7 users.


Yahoo blamed for Windows Phone 7 ‘phantom data’ saga

Yahoo Mail has been blamed for hogging about 25 times more data than necessary in certain instances.