Klausner inks visual voicemail settlements with Yahoo, others

More dominos fall: Klausner Technologies has reached settlements with Yahoo, Panasonic, Avaya, and Qwest over visual voicemail.


Delicious has a new home: YouTube founders scoop up the forsaken site

At long last, Delicious has found a buyer. YouTube's founders will acquire the bookmarking site.


Yahoo buys IntoNow to boost social TV

Yahoo is buying IntoNow in a bid to boost social and advertising integration with what a user is watching on real time.

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Greenpeace puts Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and others on trial

The environmental organization Greenpeace puts the spotlight on some of Silicon Valley's biggest energy-dependent companies.


Yahoo to retain search data for 18 months

Backtracking from previous commitments, Yahoo now says it will retain users' Internet search records for 18 months - a dramatic increase from 90 days.


Bing makes up ground on Google, accounts for 30 percent of all searches during March

According to a new report Bing may be steadily closing the gap on Google. But can Microsoft's search engine continue to make inroads without making innovations?


Yahoo! Search Direct offers real-time ‘as you type’ search updates

Yahoo! unveils real-time "as you type" web search enhancement with Search Direct, which offers a twist on the competing Google Instant service.


Flickr exec bails, renews concern for the site

One of Yahoo's most popular properties continues to draw concern over its future as its day to day leader quits.


Study: Gmail users younger, better-educated than AOL, Yahoo! users

Do you judge people by what email address they use? If so, a study by may be able to back up your stereotyping with actual statistics.


Groupon gripes: Are daily deals headed for disaster?

Companies continue to pile into the daily deals space in pursuit of Groupon, but the pioneer’s formula still has a lot of kinks to work out.


Bing launches Groupon competitor with Bing Deals

Microsoft joins the likes of Yahoo, AOL, and Google with its own deals feature: Bing Deals.


Bing takes over number-two search engine rank worldwide

Microsoft's Bing has finally unseated Yahoo from StatCounter's number-two search engine ranking worldwide...with a whopping 4.37 percent.


MyBlogLog is the latest Yahoo casualty

Yahoo has informed users that it will be shutting down MyBlogLog on May 24.


Best of Quora: Social media insiders spilling secrets

From explaining Mark Zuckerberg's mysterious trips to China to the sudden death of UberTwitter, the best Quora topics highlight social media insiders spilling the secrets outsiders were never meant to know.

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Rumor: Google will shell out $100 million to enlist celebrities on YouTube

As it turns out, advertisers won't pay much for space next to endless videos of cats. In a new campaign, YouTube is rumored to be seeking out celebrities for a new channel it hopes will pull down some serious ad dollars.

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