High stakes for social media: The fate of the world could literally be on the line

Opinion: Collaboration through social networks like Facebook and Yahoo Groups could literally hold the key to our world’s biggest problems. Which means they need to get a lot better, or we’re in trouble.

Sports lovers rejoice: Yahoo set to go all-out with this month’s Olympic coverage

Yahoo announced details of its extensive Olympic coverage on Wednesday, with all of its sites and apps getting involved in the sporting showcase.

How can Marissa Mayer turn Yahoo around?

Former Google exec Marissa Mayer has her work cut out for her as Yahoo's new CEO. Here's why Mayer excels, where she has stumbled in the past, and what might she do to shore up the struggling company and make it an Internet powerhouse…

Marissa Mayer, an ex-Googler, is Yahoo’s 5th CEO in 1 year

Google's Marissa Mayer has been appointed the fifth CEO of Yahoo in less than a year, and told the Internet she's pregnant via Twitter last night. We take a look at her rise and the history of Yahoo's tumultuous CEO position.

Yahoo hack: Details of 453,000 users exposed online

Hackers have posted online the email addresses and passwords of more than 450,000 Yahoo users, with those responsible saying the web company should take it "as a wake-up call, and not as a threat."
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Yahoo and Facebook settle patent suit; walk out as partners

With former Yahoo CEO, Scott Thompson, out of the picture, Yahoo's interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn, has settled the patent suit with Facebook, and have come to amicable terms. Facebook and Yahoo will cross-license patents and expand its…

Spotify teams up with Yahoo for massive distribution partnership

Spotify and Yahoo have joined forces in an attempt to boost user engagement.

Flipboard wins: Yahoo shuts down Livestand after only six months

Yahoo has shut down its news aggregating Livestand app for the iPad after only six months.

Yahoo launches Axis, a visually stunning “search browser”

In an attempt to connect with how a typical user visually remembers a site, Yahoo has created a Web browser that displays images rather than text for search results.

Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson resigns amid resume scandal

Citing "personal reasons," Yahoo!'s Scott Thompson has resigned his brief tenure as CEO of the struggling search giant.

Yahoo’s Scott Thompson: Time for the chopping block?

Yahoo's new CEO Scott Thompson has been caught lying on his resume. Does embellishing undergrad credentials matter at executive levels, or should Yahoo toe the line on honesty?
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Facebook to buy $550 million in AOL patents from Microsoft

Amid its legal battle with Yahoo, Facebook has decided to purchase $550 million in patents from Microsoft — some of the same patents that Microsoft just bought from AOL. Confused yet?