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Play ball! Yahoo Sports now streaming MLB Free Game of the Day

While Yahoo might be floundering as a company, it isn't finished yet, and now it's expanding on its sports live-streaming, which includes NFL, NHL, and the PGA Tour, with the addition of the MLB Free Game of the Day.

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo want to make email immune to man-in-the-middle attacks

A joint research team with members hailing from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others, has published a proposal for new email security standards. They hope to improve email encryption and defend against interception en-route.

Yahoo Livetext and Games face axe in ‘streamlining’ plan

Yahoo says it's planning to shutter more products in the coming weeks and months, including Livetext, which launched just last year, and Yahoo Games, which has been going considerably longer. The cull is part of Yahoo's ongoing plan to…

Once threatened by Yahoo, Time Inc. may now be its savior

Magazine publisher Time Inc. may be looking into merging with the spun-off core of Yahoo, potentially saving the company from being subsumed by interested buyers.

Yahoo to ax a bunch of its digital magazines

Just weeks after announcing plans to lay off 15 pc of its workforce, Yahoo has announced it's shuttering most of its online magazines. The move comes at a turbulent time for the Web pioneer as embattled CEO Marissa Mayer works to build a…

Envy Gmail users no more: Gmailify brings best Gmail features to your current email account

Are you still using a non-Gmail address, but want the features of Gmail? Gmailify is just that. Introduced today by Google, Gmailify will make your "other" email address look and act just like Gmail.
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Marissa Mayer gets one more stab at saving Yahoo from getting sold out 3:07

Big changes at Yahoo mean some 1700 employees may lose their jobs. In a last-ditch effort to fix what ails Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is staying on as CEO to oversee the streamlining of the company, once again saving it from impeding…

Yahoo just released a ton of user data in the name of academia

In what is purported to be the largest ever cache of Internet data ever granted to researchers, Yahoo is granting universities access to the online behaviors of some 20 million anonymous users.

Report claims massive job cuts on the cards at Yahoo

A new report claims that Yahoo is close to cutting 10% or more of its workforce as it undergoes a restructuring process. Over a thousand jobs could be lost as soon as this quarter, according to sources close to the matter.
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Yahoo shuts down its online video streaming service Yahoo Screen

Yahoo has shut down its video streaming service Yahoo Screen, ordering its content to be disseminated to its wider family of digital sites. Yahoo Screen carried original and syndicated shows, such as the comedy series Community.

Yahoo to notify users of state-sponsored attacks

In a blog post published Monday, the Internet giant's Chief Information Security Officer, Bob Lord, wrote, "Yahoo will now notify you if we strongly suspect that your account may have been targeted by a state-sponsored actor."
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The Yahoo Video Guide App for Streaming Sites Helps You Decide What to Watch

The new Yahoo Video Guide app contains listings and recommendations for all your favorite streaming sites, including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and dozens of TV networks. The app is available now for iOS and Android.