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Hackers stole 2M Facebook, Twitter, and Google passwords – here’s how to stay safe

Security researchers have uncovered a criminal botnet that has stolen over 2 million passwords from sites like Facebook and Google.

French court forces search giants, ISPs to block video streaming sites

France: a land known for its illustrious history, fine wines, Zinedine Zidane's headbutt in the World Cup final and, most recently, a new ruling that aims to restrict access to illegal video streaming sites.
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Yahoo’s latest acquisition is Katie Couric – here’s everything you need to know

Katie Couric has accepted a position as Yahoo's new Global Anchor - so what does that even mean, and has Yahoo finally defined itself as a media company?
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Yahoo announces Flickr Photo Books, so you can print more than your Instagrams

Now Instagram images aren't the only photos you can turn into memorabilia; Flickr is now getting the print treatment too. Although, differing from Instagram, is taking a more in-house approach.

Flickr launches Photo Books, turn your images into a hardcover for $35

Flickr on Tuesday announced a new Photo Book service, allowing users of the photo-sharing site to quickly and easily create image-filled hardcovers. Prices start at $34.95 for a 20-page book.

Hey, kid, want to buy Yahoo sells off its URL stash

Yahoo is selling off 29 of its unused or under-used domains, like,, and The URL barn sale could net the company as much as $3.5 million – not bad for a couple dozen dusty URLs.
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NSA secretly taps into Google, Yahoo data centers, leaked documents show

The NSA is at it again. But this time, they are secretly scooping up hundreds of millions of records from Google and Yahoo by tapping into the links between these companies' data centers.
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Tumblr finally improves search so you can find all content, hashtagged or not

Frustrated by Tumblr search? You weren't the only one. But with a helping hand from Yahoo, the feature is much improved and you can now find everything you're looking for instead of just hashtagged content.

Yahoo Mail’s makeover has spawned thousands of complaints

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for Yahoo Mail users who prefer the old version of their email over Gmail, it's unacceptable.

Yahoo’s not done with Flickr, continues to tweak redesign with new photo page

Continuing to make improvements since its major overhaul earlier this year, Flick is redesigning its photo page with better navigation and features. Viewers can also see detailed EXIF data when available.
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It’s the tale of internet domination, told through an old timey map

In case you still had doubts about the lordship of Google and Facebook over the Web, this 'Age of Empires'-themed map will set you straight.
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Marissa Mayer is personally going to see to it that you use My Yahoo, one retweet at a time

Marissa Mayer's plan to bring back My Yahoo? Taking it to the streets. Er, tweets ... as in retweets.