Yahoo Mail now comes with Dropbox built in

Yahoo has gotten its cloud storage solution - a necessary service to compete with what Microsoft and Google are offering with their webmail clients. Dropbox will sign up more users thanks to the deal as well, so it's a win-win for the two companies - and a win…


Terms & Conditions: Dailymotion protects your privacy better than YouTube

Video-sharing site Dailymotion may not compete with YouTube when it comes to monthly traffic numbers. But when it comes to terms of service and privacy policy, Dailymotion may have YouTube (read: Google) beat.


Yahoo buys Summly news app from Brit teen for an estimated $30m – then closes it

Yahoo has just paid a 17-year-old Brit around $30 million for Summly, a news-reading app that uses an algorithm to summarize articles. The Web giant has already closed it down, with the intention of using its technology to overhaul its own news apps.


R.I.P Yahoo Mail Classic Messenger, we hardly knew ye

Yahoo pared down its Messenger service again today. It's time to say your goodbyes, and get on board with the new Yahoo Mail ... and everything that comes with it.


For those returning to cubicle captivity, we salute you (and recommend the following)

Thousands of Best Buy and Yahoo! employees are about to return to the workplace for the first time in a while. Here are 11 rules to live by now that you’re amongst other people all day long.


The Digital Self: Confessions of a terrified telecommuter

Yahoo has decided to ban employees from working remotely – a move that has sparked intense debate from both sides of the issue. Problem is, most people don't know what it takes to be remote employee – and Yahoo just made it possible that many may never…


Yahoo updates Flickr iPhone app with tagging, faster uploads, volume shutter and more

A couple of months after a pretty major revamp, the Flickr iPhone app has just received another update. New features include the ability to tag friends, faster uploads, volume up shutter release and more.


Yahoo’s home page gets a Marissa Mayer facelift

Say goodbye to the old, clunky Yahoo home page. And welcome the all-new, which includes a cleaner look, new social features, apps, and personalize customization options. The new marks the third major property overhaul by CEO Marissa Mayer.

Social Media

Flickr privacy flub exposes private photos for three weeks

Privacy settings on some Flickr photos had been changed, which Flickr chalks up to a bug, for three weeks. The bug has since been patched.


Aviary nabs another major partner, Photobucket, to use its image-editing tools

Having already scored several partnerships with high-profile Web services like Twitter and Flickr, Aviary announced that Photobucket will be the latest company to implement its image-editing tools.


Google, Yahoo ad networks fund online piracy websites, USC report claims

A report from the University of California's Annenberg Innovation Lab claims that Google, Yahoo, and others are helping fund online piracy through advertising – a claim Google says is "mistaken."

Movies & TV

Yahoo exits South Korea market after 15 years of business

In line with plans accounced in October, Yahoo completed the closure of its South Korean business on Monday.


13 people who defined tech in 2012: Buyers, sellers, fired, and fugitives

Chock full of noteworthy layoffs, hires, acquisitions, and enough legal battles to talk about well into the new year, we take a look at the tech personalities that shaped 2012.


Terms & Conditions: If Instagram has your knickers in a twist, Flickr might untwist ‘em

If you're still in a huff about the Instagram terms of service, you might switch your photo-sharing life over to Flickr, which allows for far more limited uses of your pictures than Instagram ever did.


Flickr goes all Instagram on us, introduces filters and boosts social integration

Yahoo unveiled its newly redesigned Flickr iPhone app. Users can now take photos and add color filters using Flickr's app.