Feeling adventurous? Bar Roulette wants to take you to a random bar

Are you sick of going to the same old bar to grab a drink? A new Web app called Bar Roulette wants to bring out your adventurous side and introduce you to new bars. It uses Uber to drive you there and Yelp to vet the bars for quality.

More than just a site for finding good pizza, Yelp now allows quote requests for services

The popular business review site Yelp just announced it now allows users to directly contact businesses to get quotes on a wide range of services. The new feature also lets users see response times and rates for each business.

Food Network’s new show 12 Hungry Yelpers will confront restaurateurs with Yelp reviews

Sure to be just as enjoyable as the classic 1950s film, 12 Angry Men, 12 Hungry Yelpers is a true sign of our times, and will feature some of Yelp's most acrimonious reviews in order to help spur restaurants to fix their issues.

Check out the Delight score of your favorite restaurants on DoorDash

Now, not only can you order food from nearby restaurants using DoorDash, you'll also be able to make smarter decisions thanks to its new "Delight score," a feature that rates the food delivery quality of its restaurants.

Peeple, the ‘Yelp for people,’ lets anyone publicly rate you as a person

Peeple has been described as the "Yelp for people," and when it makes its terrifying debut in November, it'll be like putting the entirety of the Mean Girls' burn book online. Once you're in it, there's no getting out.

SoundHound unleashes Hound from private beta, announces Yelp and Uber integration

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have some serious competition. SoundHound has released its digital voice assistant, Hound, from private beta. The company is touting it to be faster, while offering a more normal conversational experience.

Yelp employee behind open letter to CEO is fired

Talia Jane writes an open letter to Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, saying she's just about living in poverty, incapable of even buying groceries. And now, she's also jobless -- Jane was fired on Friday just hours after her post broke.

A divorcing couple's slandering online reviews helped an attorney win $350,000 in damages

Divorcing couple Copia Blake and Peter Birzon posted online defamatory reviews of the former's divorce attorney, which wasn't a good idea because they led to the attorney winning $350,000 in punitive damages.
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Facebook’s new local business listings feature causes Yelp shares to drop

Facebook is currently testing a new local business listings feature that provides reviews and info for local service providers. News of the tool has caused Yelp shares to plummet.
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One-star Yelp review? It may be a sign of food poisoning

The power of the masses and public forums may be helping public health officials track food poisoning outbreaks, and Yelp is at the forefront of this new, almost accidental method of food safety alerts.
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South Park ridicules entitled Yelp reviewers who think their words matter

There's a lot of noise in social media, particular with crowd-sourced reviews sites like Yelp. The latest episode of South Park pokes fun at self-absorbed and entitled Yelp users who think they are important critics.

Google is playing dirty, skewing search results in its own favor, study finds

Google is skewing search results in their own favor. According to the rather unsurprising results, Google favors its own content when returning local search results, which is -- surprise, surprise -- a violation of competition laws.