Does something look different to you? Yelp redesigns its home page

First impressions can be everything. No one knows this better than Yelp, a site that has cut its teeth on sharing users' impressions with others. The review site has a new desktop homepage redesign that it hopes will keep you coming back.

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel taps Yelp, Spotify to help plan your first date

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel is launching two new web apps powered by Yelp and Spotify that are all about helping you plan the ideal first date. Thanks to the new tools you can scout date locations and collaborate on playlists.

Yelp’s rewards program nets you up to 10% cash back at participating restaurants

Yelp's latest ploy to attract users is a cash-back program that rewards customers as well as local businesses -- but you'll have to give up your financial information to the review-hosting site.
Social Media

Lawyer sues student over bad reviews on Facebook and Yelp, student wins $27K

A 20-year old Houston nursing student was sued by a law firm for posting negative reviews about them on social media. She won when the court ruled the suit was a SLAPP -- a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

Trends with Benefits: The Google Project Tango revolution, Uber gets an upgrade 23:31

This summer Pokemon Go brought augmented reality to the masses, at least for a couple of months. Now Google's Project Tango aims to take AR to the next level, but are we ready for that? Also, Uber wants you yo Snapchat about your…

Hungry? Here are 8 food delivery apps that will bring you a meal

After trying food delivery apps like Seamless and GrubHub, we realized how much of a pain it was to call a restaurant and order a meal. Who wants to read out a long credit card number when you can simply input your location, pick a…

Yelp’s Fusion API lets developers snag more local data for their apps

Yelp is giving developers a little more access into its service. With the new API, third-party apps integrating with Yelp can pull images and review excerpts. It's all a broader push into having the Yelp app more accessible to…

Yelp is offering ‘nice’ hackers up to $15,000 to squash its bugs

Yelp has joined the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook with the launch of its own bug bounty program aimed at rooting out security flaws in its online offerings. Open to the public, the company is offering a top cash reward of $15K…

Yelp’s new ‘Pokémon Go’ filter helps you find nearby Pokéstops

Yelp's new Pokémon Go filter helps you find businesses near Pokéstops, and after launching in the U.S., is now available in the U.K, and other countries. The feature is part of Yelp's apps and website.

Hungry? This new free app is bringing food porn to an entirely new level

Foodies just got their very own tasty social network. Yummi is a new app that's designed not just for showing off food porn, but also serve as a discovery tool and a memory bank for the places you've visited.

Feeling adventurous? Bar Roulette wants to take you to a random bar

Are you sick of going to the same old bar to grab a drink? A new Web app called Bar Roulette wants to bring out your adventurous side and introduce you to new bars. It uses Uber to drive you there and Yelp to vet the bars for quality.

More than just a site for finding good pizza, Yelp now allows quote requests for services

The popular business review site Yelp just announced it now allows users to directly contact businesses to get quotes on a wide range of services. The new feature also lets users see response times and rates for each business.