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OpenTable gets in on social discovery with ‘Places I’ve Eaten’ Facebook app

OpenTable is venturing into restaurant discovery using social signals, with the launch of its Facbeook app "Places I've Eaten." Curiously, the app is Facebook only, even though Opentable recently acquired Foodspotting to build out its…
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Extortion or honesty? ReviewerCard is a gut check for the online review ecosystem

A new product called ReviewerCard lets you use your online clout to get better treatment by businesses. is the gut reaction to call this unfair or justified?

Terms & Conditions: Yelp owns your business – forever

Yelp provides consumers with a great way to help choose the businesses we patron. What's not so great: Yelp's Terms of Service say that it can use any of your content however it wants, forever, even if you delete your account (or it gets…

Why Facebook’s Graph Search needs to be mobile right now

Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, and, even though it wasn't the fabled Facebook Phone, the new feature makes Facebook all the more powerful in the hands of users. Desktop users, that is. Here's why Facebook should move search onto…
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Yelp creates LIVE standard to unify restaurant hygiene scores

Yelp has launched a unified health code standard for venues in San Francisco and New York called LIVE, which will let customers know the hygiene of a restaurant.

Negative Yelp review will not be censored, Virginia court rules

A Virginia court has reversed a preliminary injunction against a Yelp user that would have required her to censor a negative review of a business. Online rights advocacy groups are calling the decision a win for freedom of speech on the…

Foursquare adds deeper Facebook integration, uses your friends for location suggestions

Foursquare recommendations will now show activities by your Facebook friends and recommend venues using your Facebook friends' data.

WSJ: Apple in talks to bake Foursquare into Apple Maps

After a rocky start, Apple Maps is reportedly returning to the drawing board - and getting a little help from social app Foursquare.

How to not get sued for writing a negative Yelp review

Slamming businesses with bad Yelp reviews has landed an increasing number of people in court. Here's how to warn people about a negative experience without breaking the law.
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Watch out Yelp, Foursquare adds ratings with social signals for venue discovery

Foursquare has updated its iOS app to introduce a new ratings system that aggregates signals from likes, check-ins, number of visits and others variables.

Long-awaited photo menus make their way to Yelp’s desktop and mobile apps

Yelp has finally added a crucial feature to its mobile and desktop apps, a native menu feature powered by user-generated reviews and photos.
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Yelp tries public shaming to discourage businesses from gaming reviews and ratings

Yelp, in its latest measure to discourage businesses from gaming its reviews and ratings, will display warning signs on businesses suspected to be be illicitly enhancing their visibility and profile.