Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2 adds Facebook, Google Street View and Yelp

While drivers continue to rely on smartphones to check services like Facebook and Yelp while driving, Mercedes-Benz is looking to move that behavior to the dash of the car with the second version of Mbrace technology.


Foursquare brings its Explore search feature to the Web

Foursquare stretching its model by bringing its recommendation search engine Explore to the Web

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Poorsquare brings Foursquare deals to the masses

Love the gaming aspect of location-based applications but can't afford the "discounts"? The answer is Poorsquare, a new hack that surfaces all things cheap.

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Foursquare wraps new Radar feature around iOS 5

Foursquare ups the iOS 5 ante with a new feature called Radar, which uses Apple's technology to put your location lists to use.


Nearly 300,000 status updates are posted to Facebook every minute

With users of Facebook endlessly uploading new status updates to their profile pages, the social network receives a bit over 17 million status updates every hour.

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What, me evil? How Google landed in hot water, and what happens now

Google is accused of favoring its own services over competitors' in search results, but Google says it's just giving users what they want. Can that really violate federal law? And what happens if it does?


Schmidt defends Google to Congress: The hot-button issues

Mr. Schmidt goes to Washington to fight accusations that Google has created a monopoly and favors it's own properties in search results, among other unsavory acts.


Study: Partnering with a daily deal site is bad for Yelp rating

Are thrifty shoppers more critical of the value of goods or services received? A study performed by researchers at Harvard and Boston University looks at the correlation of declining Yelp ratings and Groupon promotions.


Holy cannoli! Google buys Zagat

Zagat has been around for more than 30 years, but that hasn't stopped Google. The unstoppable acquisition machine has purchased Zagat to improve its Google Places ratings service.

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Location check-ins still unpopular among smartphone owners

While getting directions on a smartphone is increasing in popularity, sharing personal location isn't quite as important. A new study shows that smartphone owners aren't interested in letting the world know where they are located at all times.


Groupon is winning the clone wars

To say the daily deals market is over-saturated is to put it lightly, but the one that started them all is managing to stay on top and take out competitors at the same time. Still, it's long-term success is no where near assured.


TomTom Go Live 1535m includes travel apps

TomTom's new Go Live 1535m GPS system includes apps from Expedia, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Twitter to make travelers' ride smoother.

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Cornell researchers working to scrub fake reviews off the Web

How many times have overly positive reviews on the Web steered you in the wrong direction? A group at Cornell are getting some extra attention from companies like Amazon and TripAdvisor for their research.


Google Places removes third-party review snippets

Google Places - those location pages available in Google Maps and Google Earth - are dropping snippets of third-party reviews in favor of all-Google content.


Groupon will take to the airwaves with Super Bowl ad

This Sunday, Groupon will air its first ever television commercial during the Super Bowl, acting as a catalyst for the daily-deals market to up its advertising game.

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