Yes, you can take free online photo classes from Harvard and 5 others

Looking to step up your photography game without a big investment? Several places offer online photography classes – for free. From entire semesters to quick tutorials, here are some of the top spots for online photo classes.
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Fire versus ice: Video shows what happens when thermite meets a frozen lake

Have you always wondered what would happen when a bunch of thermite is used to try and blow a hole in the thick ice of a frozen lake in Finland? Of course you have. You're only human!

YouTube hits another ‘1 billion’ milestone, this one for auto-captioned videos

YouTube revealed this week that it now has more than a billion captioned videos on its site. Primarily for those with hearing impairments, the feature launched in 2006 with the company automating it three years later.

15 seconds of fame: Add yourself to Maroon 5's latest music video using your phone

To help promote its latest single, Cold, Maroon 5 has partnered with shared media company Vivoom to allow fans to upload a 15-second video onto the group's website and have it inserted into the music video.
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YouTube star PewDiePie has show canceled over anti-Semitic jokes, pranks 2:52

Also today: Reborn Nokia may bring back a classic cell phone, Apple may take its MacBook Pro to Kaby Lake this year.
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Facebook meets with record labels in bid to steal YouTube’s music video crown

Facebook is meeting with record labels and chasing song licensing deals to position itself as the premier site for music videos. There is just one (giant) obstacle that stands in its way: YouTube.

YouTube faces off against Facebook Lite with lightweight YouTube Go

Facebook has already proven that lightweight versions of popular apps can be a hit in developing markets. And now, YouTube is hoping to take a page out of that book with the inconspicuous launch of YouTube Go.

A weird YouTube glitch has been causing alarm among popular vloggers

A weird YouTube glitch on Wednesday saw subscriber numbers for some of the site's popular channels slashed by hundreds of thousands. The video streaming giant admitted there was an error, and said it was trying to sort a fix.
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Netflix making the "Venn diagram of TV" with new shared profile feature

Netflix's vice president of product innovation Todd Yellin explained during Netflix's live-streamed event that the streaming service is testing a feature that allows two people to share a profile based on their shared tastes.
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Twitter CEO says new tools to fight online abuses are almost here 3:14

Also today: The FTC drops the hammer on Vizio over data collection, and YouTube rolls out live mobile video feature, but not to everyone.

YouTube begins rolling out live-streaming via app, starting with creators

YouTube has featured live-streaming on its desktop site since 2011, but the firm is ready to take on Facebook Live by bringing the feature to smartphones. It's available for creators now, but will see a wider rollout soon.

FIFA gaming YouTuber faces huge fine after pleading guilty to gambling charges

FIFA YouTube personality NepentheZ has been fined more than 90,000 pounds for running an illegal gambling site that encourage children to bet. It's the first case of a high-profile YouTube gaming star being punished for such an offense.