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Boston Dynamics’ freakish SpotMini is the robodog we secretly want 2:23

Robot dogs are not new, unless Boston Dynamics is making one, at which point things get pretty weird. Plus: YouTube goes live, Uber stops playing the surge game - sort of.

Look out, Facebook! YouTube finally lets you live-stream videos

Google's video platform YouTube took to VidCon to announce that mobile live-streaming is coming to its mobile apps, and will be rolled out to all users. The move could spell trouble for its rivals, Twitter's Periscope, and Facebook Live.

The one thing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift agree on: The fight against YouTube

Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney and scores of other music industry professionals are calling for big reforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which allows YouTube to run wild with illegal tunes.

Users in India can YouTube after hours to save on data fees

YouTube has launched a new feature in India that allows users to choose when to download videos -- meaning users can download videos during non-peak times, saving money on potentially high data fees.

Pocket your favorite videos with our guide to downloading YouTube videos

The web can be a scary place when it comes to finding methods for downloading YouTube videos. Check out our how-to guide to help make downloading YouTube videos a snap so you can watch them whenever and wherever, free of an…

YouTuber captures bullet whacking five light bulbs at 62,000 frames per second

If there is one thing that we might all agree on, it is that slow motion makes everything better. Especially in the case of this absolutely incredible footage of five light bulbs exploding as a bullet flies through them at…
Cool Tech

Classic Pong game gets mechanical makeover

More than 40 years after it took the gaming world by storm, Pong has been brought to life again via the creative genius of Daniel Perdomo, who has created a coffee-table version of the game that can be played in your living room.

New EU hate speech rules agreed to by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft

In a moment of unity among tech giants and the European Union, Facebook, Twitter, Google-owned YouTube, and Microsoft agreed on Tuesday to a new code of conduct that seeks to address hate speech within 24 hours in Europe.
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Pope Francis reveals his favorite type of YouTube videos at meeting with web stars

Pope Francis professed his admiration for vloggers in a Vatican meeting with YouTube stars from around the globe. The pontiff also used the occasion to discuss positivity online, "migration," and social media influence.

Super Smash Bros. Melee and jazz go hand in hand

Mathematics and music theory/composition major Caleb Goss came up with the tremendous idea of playing jazz over competitive matches of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and his second video is far more ambitious than his first.

For 32 hours, a group live streamed the ‘terms and conditions’ of apps like iTunes

A consumer group in Norway is so fed up with the "absurd ... scope, length, and complexity" of smartphone apps' terms of use that it decided to highlight the issue by reading out user agreements in a marathon reading session lasting 32…

‘Mighty No. 9’ trailer sparks fan outrage weeks away from launch

Following up on a series of delays and development setbacks, Kickstarter-funded platformer Mighty No. 9 suffered another wave of fan backlash today with the launch of a poorly received trailer that failed to paint the game in a…