Vinyl sales generate more revenue than free Spotify, Youtube, and VEVO combined

Vinyl sales generated $60 million more revenue than all on-demand free streaming services combined in the first half of this year. Vinyl revenue is up 52 percent year over year with no no signs of slowing down soon.

Mario betrays some of his most devoted fans with new YouTube copyright claims

Nintendo is targeting speedrunners and modders in a new round of YouTube copyright claims, issuing video takedown requests to users who post footage from modified Super Mario World levels.

Artists are getting paid more for their music, but is it enough?

The company that gets artists paid each time their music is played says that digital music royalty payouts were at a record high. 0ver $1.013 billion was generated for songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

Stop using YouTube as a music player by downloading the audio off your favorite videos

Want to rip music from YouTube, but leave the video behind? Check out this tutorial to learn own it's done in five easy steps - you won't find a better method anywhere else
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Gamers bring out the hate on Jimmy Kimmel after his skit about YouTube Gaming

Gamers are a passionate bunch, and clearly so about YouTube Gaming as they left an angry stream of comments on Jimmy Kimmel's video mocking of the service, some of which went a little too far.

FTC and Machinima reach settlement: it’s actually about ethics in game journalism

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with YouTube network Machinima over allegations that the company contracted popular YouTubers to create paid advertisements under the guise of unbiased, independently produced video…

YouTube subscriptions are coming

Rumors of a YouTube subscription service have been rumbling in the background all year, but a new report suggests a revamped version of Music Key and a separate plan are launching soon.

Look out, Twitch – here comes YouTube Gaming

From today, gaming fans can check out YouTube Gaming, the company's much anticipated Twitch-like streaming service that promises 25,000 pages for various game titles, live streams, archived gameplay footage, and more.
Home Theater

Comcast’s YouTube rival is just weeks away

Watching television on your smart living room set is becoming identical to watching video on your laptop or smartphone, and Comcast's newest venture is proof. Its YouTube rival is expected to launch soon.

After YouTube Kids, is Google Maps next for the child-friendly treatment?

Google's already rolled out a kid-friendly version of YouTube, and is known to be interested in launching other child-oriented editions of its most popular Web tools. According to a recent job posting on its site, it looks like Maps could…

Thanks to a counting tweak, YouTube videos won’t get stuck on ‘301+’ views anymore

YouTube has announced it's doing away with the infamous "301 view" threshold on popular videos. It'll move to a more accurate system -- a system better at distinguishing legitimate views from illegitimate ones -- soon.
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Live life from a cat’s perspective as Trip chases a laser pointer

In 90 seconds of truly riveting footage on YouTube, Tyler Crompton allows viewers to live the life of a laser-pointer-chasing feline by strapping a GoPro camera to the head of his cat.