How to play YouTube videos in the background on iOS and Android

Playing YouTube videos in the background can be a real chore. Thankfully, apps such as Safari and Firefox -- along with the premium offerings like YouTube Red -- make it easy to do on your mobile device.
Virtual Reality

PS4 YouTube app adds PlayStation VR support for 360-degree videos

Google is rolling out PlayStation VR support for its PlayStation 4 YouTube app, allowing PSN users to experience 360-degree video via Sony's recently launched virtual reality headset.

AMD playlist on YouTube packs 10 Ryzen CPU videos from New Horizon

AMD recently updated its YouTube channel with a New Horizon playlist featuring the full one-hour show, and nine individual videos showcasing each demo. These include Ryzen and Vega performing in Star Wars: Battlefront and more.
Cool Tech

Casey Neistat built a giant drone that can tow him around on a snowboard, lift him into the air

YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat has won Christmas with an epic holiday-themed video that features him as a snowboarding Santa who ditches the sleigh and replaces it with a human-flying drone.
Home Theater

Samsung's 2016 TV lineup joins the Chromecast to support HDR on YouTube

In November, YouTube officially launched support for HDR video, bringing increased contrast and color depth. Now Samsung's 2016 TV lineup, including its UHD and quantum-dot TVs, support it as well.
Home Theater

YouTube blocks North Korea’s state-run television channel

YouTube has blocked the “Korean Central Television” channel, a North Korean state-run broadcaster used as a propaganda tool by the country’s regime. The channel actively used its YouTube page to upload daily and breaking news…

Alphabet signs pact with Cuban telecom firm to improve access to Google properties

Today, Google's parent company Alphabet announced that it's doing just that, by entering into an agreement with Cuba's state telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA, that will make it easier for Cuban citizens to access Google properties.

Want to listen to a YouTube video on any device? Here’s how to make it an MP3

Want to rip music from YouTube, but leave the video behind? Check out this tutorial to learn own it's done in five easy steps - you won't find a better method anywhere else

PewDiePie says he’ll ditch his 50 million YouTube subscribers on Friday

He's the most popular creator on YouTube in terms of subscriber numbers but PewDiePie says he's not happy with the streaming giant, and as a result intends to delete his channel on Friday. But will he?

'Mobile Strike' Super Bowl spot with Arnold Schwarzenegger top YouTube ad of 2016

YouTube has released its most viewed ads of 2016, showing some pretty interesting trends. The top ad? The Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring Mobile Strike Super Bowl ad. Also on the list are the Samsung Galaxy S7 introduction ad, and a Pokémon…
Cool Tech

DIY 'wrist rockets' allow inventor to cruise underwater like a human submarine

With the aid of two T100 thrusters, a pair of wrist straps, and an Arduino, YouTuber PeterSripol has built the best pair of 'wrist rockets' we've ever seen. It's the only pair we've seen, to be honest!

Pocket your favorite videos with our guide to downloading from YouTube

The web can be a scary place when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. Thankfully, our guide will provide you with some viable methods for getting it done, using both desktop and web-based services like Clip Converter.