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Bright light! Watch an insane 20,000-Watt lightbulb test

Ever wondered what it's like to fire up a 20,000 watt lightbulb in your house? This crazy guy does exactly that, and although the results are, ahem, "illuminating." We really don't envy his next electricity bill though.
Movies & TV

Dwayne Johnson launches new YouTube channel to reach fans in fun ways

Dwayne Johnson has launched a new YouTube channel to reach fans in a way other than his film and TV projects. He highlighted what a "cool space to play in" the internet is, "deranged" as it may be.

Apple’s simplified payment plan to stream music would make life expensive for rivals

Apple proposed a new simplified streaming music payment plan for songwriters and publishers that would make it much more expensive for Spotify and YouTube to offer free music streaming.
Social Media

Attempted coup in Turkey results in social media clampdown

Turkey saw a social media blackout on Friday during an attempted coup by the country’s military, with reports that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube were all down. Live-streaming platforms are still being used to broadcast scenes on the…

Vevo hits reboot, previews new features, teases subscription service

Vevo launched its biggest update today with a redesigned mobile app, new personalized video feed, and a more unassuming logo. Vevo plans to launch new original programming and have music experts curate playlists from different genres..
Home Theater

YouTube to offer a live 360-degree look at the Republican and Democratic conventions

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are right around the corner, and YouTube is planning to offer live streaming coverage of both in 360 degrees, featuring a number of popular YouTube creators.
Movies & TV

Non-HBO subscribers can live-stream Bill Maher's convention specials on YouTube

Bill Maher is going to bring viewers into the Republican and Democratic national conventions, whether or not they subscribe to HBO. The four half-hour convention specials will be available for live-streaming on YouTube.

Warner Bros, PewDiePie slapped with FTC order over undisclosed promotions

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has ordered publisher Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to clearly disclose its influencer partnerships in light of alleged violations of FTC guidelines.
Movies & TV

YouTube expected to add ESPN, CBS, and ABC to online TV service

YouTube is reported to have cut a deal with a number of major broadcasters, including ESPN, ABC, and CBS, which will provide their TV services online, without any cable subscription.
Cool Tech

A DIY laser bazooka is the most terrifyingly awesome thing you’ll see today

“I get a lot of good comments from people who love this kind of thing, but also some negative ones from people who think I’m crazy and that I’m going to blow myself up,” creator Drake Anthony tells Digital Trends.

Hotkeys saves tons of time in Photoshop, and here's proof

If your knowledge of keyboard shortcuts ends with Command-Z or Control-Alt-Delete, you need to watch this video. For here is proof that using hotkeys is superior than relying on a mouse.
Cool Tech

Ridiculously dangerous DIY helmet lets you shoot fire from your eyes

In today's edition of "Please Don't Try This At Home," we present to you the ridiculously dangerous Cyclops Visor, which is living proof that some things from the movies are better left ... in the movies.