Trends with Benefits: The Best of Google I/O and the Pizza Box Projector

Google I/O is on our minds this week as we patch Nick in from Google's grandest show of the year. Conspiracy Dan, the Gravity Light, and a Pizza Projector Box also make the rounds in this week's show.


Put your ’80s pants on and get blown away by this homage kung fu masterpiece

Kung Fury is a cop who is also a kung fu master on a mission to kill Adolph Hitler in the full, Kickstarter-funded movie from writer/director/star David Sandberg, now available to watch free online.

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You can now click to shop from YouTube ads

Google is launching shoppable ads on the YouTube ad platform, enabling potential consumers to access products they see advertised right from the video. It's called TrueView shopping and is aimed at driving higher ad retention and sales.


YouTube Kids app bashed for Bert and Ernie Casino skit, adult content

Child advocate groups highlight inappropriate content on the YouTube Kids app, including an expletive-laced Scorcese scene featuring Bert and Ernie. While reps from Google cite the app’s video review system as a safeguard, these groups want the FTC involved…

This hilarious video will make you so happy you’ll never date Google+, or any other social network

Ever wondered what it would be like to date the personification of your favorite social network? Turns out if that's Google+, it may go pretty badly. But then, in this funny video, it doesn't look like any of the others would be much better.

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Google and Nestlé are teaming up again for a YouTube-KitKat cross-branding campaign

KitKat break, anyone? Nestlé and Google are teaming up to commemorate the joining anniversary of YouTube and KitKat with a special promotion ... in the UK and Ireland, that is.


Stan Lee Wants Superhero Stories on YouTube

Stan Lee and YouTube have joined forces to bring original, superhero-related content online. Creators get custom-built sets all over the world to create original stories to be aired on the world's largest video-hosting site.

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The Muppets take the Internet in YouTube collaborative series

YouTube's biggest stars are linking up with the Muppets in new collaboration in an effort to connect with younger audiences. Famous YouTubers like Lindsey Sterling and Vsauce3's Jake Roper will appear alongside well-known Muppets.

Pocket your favorite videos with our guide to downloading YouTube videos

The Web can be a scary place when it comes to finding methods for downloading YouTube videos. Check out our how-to guide to help make downloading YouTube videos a snap so you can watch them whenever and wherever, free of an Internet connection.


Could Comcast’s next move be creating its own YouTube?

In the wake of Comcast's unsuccessful bid to acquire its biggest competitor, Time Warner Cable, a new report claims the service may be looking to create it's own short-form video streaming site to compete with YouTube.

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YouTube is 10 years old, and will celebrate for 26 days

YouTube is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by, well, sharing videos. Throughout the month of May the site will be looking back at some of its best content, with each day of the 26-day celebration dedicated to one letter of the alphabet.


YouTube stars as movie stars: YouTube to make full-length feature films this year

YouTube is trying to turn its most popular personalities into movie stars. They've reached an agreement with AwesomenessTV that will see them release films starring popular groups like The Fine Brother and Smosh.

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You may lose YouTube: Users with old Apple TVs, iPhones, and other devices may be cut off

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new streaming box but haven’t found a good enough reason, you might have just found one, depending on your TV's age. Soon the YouTube app will stop working on certain devices made in 2012 or earlier.

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How to turn any YouTube video into an animated GIF

This website makes it quite easy to turn any YouTube video into a GIF for your viewing and sharing pleasure. We'll show you how to pull it off in a handful of easy steps.


YouTube live-streaming sets from Coachella, catch the acts here

YouTube is now live-streaming sets from this weekend's Coachella shindig in Indio, California. Music fans around the world can catch big-name bands across three live channels for free – not bad for an event that costs $375 a ticket.