Microsoft loves Google's codecs, adds WebM and VP9 in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Edge will support more codecs starting this summer. WebM, VP9, and Opus audio will all be built-in to Microsoft's browser, meaning millions of new users will have support for the open source codecs.

YouTube rolls out 360 video live streaming, will showcase Coachella acts

YouTube plans to show off its new 360 live-streaming technology this weekend at the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival. Select artists performances will be streamed in the new format.

RIAA says YouTube isn’t willing to make a ‘real negotiation’ for higher music royalties

Major labels are set to renegotiate contracts with YouTube this year, and many important industry voices hope they get a better deal. But RIAA head Frances Moore says the streaming juggernaut isn't playing fair in the negotiation process.

Coachella goes virtual with three YouTube streams and a VR experience

Coachella will once again allow those unable to make the trek to California the ability to stream performances from select acts, with three live YouTube streams and a new virtual reality experience.

Prince disses YouTube on Twitter, quickly deletes his tweets

Prince recently took to Twitter to express his dislike of YouTube's licensing payments. Before deleting the tweets, Prince indicated poor payments are the reason he holds back content on the popular video streaming site.

Why pay to play when you can watch for free? How YouTube burns indie developers

Late last week, a developer of the video game That Dragon, Cancer spoke up about his concerns with Let's Play videos and their impact on creators of "short, relatively linear" gaming experiences. But is he right?

Netflix, YouTube and Twitter donate to Black Lives Matter activist’s mayoral campaign

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson's campaign to become mayor of Baltimore has received thousands of dollars in donations from executives from major tech and Internet companies such as Netflix, Twitter, and YouTube.

Noted combines social media and digital smarts for better music discovery

Noted is a new music discovery platform that claims to be the first of these services to be truly smart, combining social discovery and algorithm-based discovery with a little of what it calls its "secret sauce" in order to learn users'…

Is Google building a live-streaming YouTube app to take on Periscope?

YouTube, it seems, wants to get into the mobile live-streaming game. Reports suggest the business is building an app along the lines of Periscope and Facebook Live that'd let users quickly and easily launch a live broadcast.
Cool Tech

Amazing new video tweaking program lets users edit a person's lip movements in real time

A new system called Face2Face lets you dub the face of the speaker in any captured video to make it look like the person is saying whatever you want. The technology is in its early stages, but it already produces convincing video…
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Popular YouTube prankster jailed for staging bomb threat hoax

There are practical jokes and then there are displays of idiocy. The following is the latter. Following a rather elaborately staged bomb threat hoax, a popular YouTube troll has been arrested.

T-Mobile adds YouTube, Google Play Movies and more to Binge On program

Today, T-Mobile announced nine new video providers added to its Binge On program, allowing customers to stream more video content without it affecting their monthly data cap. YouTube, Google Play Movies, Red Bull TV are among those added.