With its latest overhaul, Bing wants to be your only search engine for online video

As the amount of video on the Web grows, good search tools are becoming more important. With that in mind, Microsoft has given an overhaul to Bing video search with more detailed results and an improved touch-friendly UI with bigger images.

Watching cat videos officially good for you, says the latest research

Don't feel guilty about clicking through a list of cat videos when you need to take a break — a new study published in journal Computers in Human Behavior says it has positive effects on mood.
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Dreamliner: Now you can ride in the cockpit during that stunning near-vertical takeoff

The video of Boeing's stunning near-vertical Dreamliner takeoff has been viewed 10 million times in a matter of days. Now the plane maker is letting us climb inside the cockpit for the same takeoff, one that's most definitely not for the…
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YouTube breaks the news with Newswire, a channel for verified eyewitness videos

When was the last time you turned on the news and didn't see a video from YouTube? Seeing the need to verify eyewitness videos, YouTube and Storyful announced three initiatives today: YouTube Newswire, The First Draft Coalition, and The…
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Chris Pratt gets pranked with two life-size dinosaurs in YouTube vid

Chris Pratt gets pranked by YouTube star SA Wardega, best known for the mutant spider dog and police training videos, who scares the actor with lifelike, animatronic dinosaurs inspired by Jurassic World.

Can your system handle YouTube’s first 8K video?

'Ghost Towns' is the first 8K video available via YouTube — and it's a great way of testing whether your rig is ready for the resolution.

NASA is bringing 4K content to YouTube, and here’s a 20-second teaser

Check out NASA's first 4K clip on YouTube — assuming you have the hardware to handle it — which the agency promises is the first of many UHD videos it's going to be showcasing in the future.

Google officially plans to take on Twitch with new YouTube Gaming site

Confirming earlier rumors, YouTube has officially announced YouTube Gaming: a new site and app that could be the first serious challenger to the Amazon-owned game streaming giant, Twitch.
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This guy’s ridiculous 40W “laser shotgun” focuses eight beams into one

If you're in the market for a laser shotgun ... you shouldn't be. But since it wasn't illegal to build one, this guy did. As the inventor readily admits, "there's no, no good reason for anybody to own something this powerful."
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Two new striking trailers drop as True Detective Season 2 readies for launch

Feast your eyes on not one, but two True Detective trailers, featuring all four main actors (Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughan, and Taylor Kitsch) prior to the second season premiere on HBO on June 21.
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30 feature-length movies on YouTube that are totally worth watching 2:37

Check out our painstakingly-curated list of the best full movies on YouTube to find 30 feature-length flicks that are actually worht watching.
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Watch ‘old man’ terrorize the neighborhood with Michael Jackson dance movies

An "old man" showing off his Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves on the street sends people running scared in a hilarious prank video by Robert James Hoffman III. Reactions range from shocked to downright terrified.