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Google+ traffic drops 60% after public launch

Google+ traffic dips 60 percent after huge usage surge after public launch on September 20. Traffic is back down to pre-launch numbers as the service seems unable to keep users coming back for more.
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Monster Cable blacklists Facebook, Sears and eBay as ‘rogue sites’

While Monster Cable certainly has a reputation for pricing its products at exorbitant prices, the company is attempting to fight back at sites that sell counterfeit Monster products. Unfortunately, the list of "rogue sites" has caught a few…
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Study: Average person spends nearly eight hours a month on Facebook

With more people spending time on the popular social network each month, Facebook seems to have the public's attention and continues to dominate other Web properties in regards to time spent on the site.
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Google+ gets a traffic surge of 1269 percent

Google Plus has reached a new high, with traffic up 1,269% and a spot in the top ten social networking sites--though still behind Facebook and even MySpace.

Zynga brings Facebook’s Most popular game CityVille to Google+

Zynga brings Facebook's most popular game, CityVille, to Google+ and hope that you are willing to ask a whole new group of people to be your neighbor.

Zynga profits drop 90-percent, further threatening its IPO status

The social network gaming giant has seen a massive decline in profits following recent expansions, which could seriously hurt its planned IPO bid.

Angry Birds developer becoming a publisher

Rovio Mobile, the group responsible for Angry Birds, is expanding to become a publisher for independent studios.

Report: Zynga may delay IPO

The New York Post says social gaming giant Zynga isn't in any hurry to go public, and may wait until the end of the year.
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Facebook’s new game update might return spam to the News Feed

Facebook has made some major changes to its app platform — and we can already see that they're not all good.
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Zynga updates S-1 filing, reports internal valuation of $11.5 billion in March

As Zynga gets closer to going public, their internal figures show a company with healthy revenue sources.

Zynga launching Words With Friends on Facebook

Up to this point, only iPhone and Android users have understood the gaming addiction of Words With Friends. Zynga is bringing the popular mobile word game to the web version of Facebook.
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Insiders confirm Facebook Credits are coming to mobile operating systems

Facebook is continuing development of Project Spartan, its HTML 5-based mobile payment system.