Zynga launching a new version of CityVille in mainland China

Can Zynga repeat their massive success of casual, social games in the Chinese market? A new version of CityVille is launching in China in the next few days.

Google+ ‘Games stream’ confirmed

Google+ will soon challenge Facebook further with a new Games section, evidence of which has appeared on a Google help page.

Google invests in Farmville-maker Zynga: Bad for Facebook?

A new SEC filing by Facebook's most prominent game-maker, Zynga, shows that Google has also invested in the company.

Why Trip Hawkins is wrong about Nintendo and should rethink Zynga

Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and owner of Digital Chocolate, believes that Nintendo plunged the video game industry into a "dark age" with its NES and Zynga's free-to-play games model may bring it out.

To stay hip, Ubisoft buys Owlient, a free-to-play games developer

In an effort to compete with Zynga and EA, Ubisoft is purchasing Owlient, a French free-to-play games developer.

EA to buy PopCap Games for $1.3B

In yet another move to establish itself in the social gaming industry, EA has paid $1.3 billion for Plants vs. Zombies creator PopCap Games.

Rumor: Electronic Arts purchases ohai to move into social gaming

EA has purchased Zynga competitor called ohai in order to move into social gaming.

Zynga turns its privacy policy into a game; can you guess what it’s called?

Zynga has attempted to turn its privacy policy into a game called PrivacyVille. We'll stick to the city and farm, thanks.

Zynga files for IPO

Zynga has become the latest tech company to catch the IPO fever by filing its SI paperwork today.

Zynga may file for IPO as early as tomorrow

Reputable sources are saying that Zynga may file for an initial public offering as early as tomorrow.

Free-to-Play games coming to Xbox Live, says insider

Microsoft is preparing to enter the free-to-play games market and is already calling on developers to bring these games to Xbox Live, according to reports.

Rumor: PopCap Games gets $1 billion offer from mystery buyer

PopCap is rumored to have been bought for the high sum of $1 billion. No news on who the mystery buyer may be.