BlackBerry 10 News, Rumors, and Launch Coverage

It’s here. Today, Research in Motion launches BlackBerry 10, the company’s last best hope to make a turnaround in the cutthroat smartphone market. RIM may have helped build the first deadly smartphone fleet, but Apple lead a coup in 2007 and has been guiding the armada ever since. But it’s not so simple, in the wake of Apple’s ascension to command, rivals Android and Windows Phone have appeared in the mist and risen with the tide. Outcast by the mainstream, and diminished by its opponents, RIM has been losing share of the seas, but it doesn’t plan to go down without one last fight. Using every tactic at its disposal, RIM has completely reconstructed its BlackBerry operating system, hoping to win back its following and reclaim its phone throne. Today, RIM launches its first volley of new phones and apps in more than a year. Will it succeed or are its efforts in vain? Keep up with all our coverage here.

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BlackBerry Q10 vs. BlackBerry Bold vs. BlackBerry Curve: Spec Showdown

Research in Motion came out in full force with the launch of BlackBerry 10, even rebranding the company as BlackBerry. Not everything is changing, though. The new Q10, available in April, maintains the QWERTY keyboard and BlackBerry look…

BlackBerry 10 is here, will launch on Z10 and Q10 phones with help from Alicia Keys

BlackBerry has launched its new, long-awaited BlackBerry 10 software on a pair of phones, the touchscreen Z10 and the QWERTY keyboard-equipped Q10. Alicia Keys has signed on as a creative director and 70,000 launch apps were announced.

The new BlackBerry Z10 and Q10: When can you get one?

BlackBerry has launched the Z10 and Q10 smartphones, and networks around the world are busily putting the phones up for pre-order and in some cases, actually on sale. Find out everything you need to know here.

BlackBerry 10 app roundup, new platform launches with more than 70,000 apps

The BlackBerry 10 platform launches with over 70,000 apps and the intention is to add thousands more each week. Today, BlackBerry revealed some top apps available at launch.

Blackberry Z10 vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Spec Showdown

Research in Motion is all in on BlackBerry 10, so much so that it changed its company name to BlackBerry. The Z10 is the flagship device of the new OS and now that it's officially here, it's time for it to go head-to-head with the kings of…

RIM changes company name to ‘BlackBerry,’ one unified worldwide brand

The BlackBerry 10 launch has kicked off with the news that the RIM name will be dropped. Research In Motion will now be known simply as BlackBerry.

Big week for BlackBerry: BB 10 to launch Wednesday, Super Bowl ad to follow

On Wednesday Research In Motion launches its life-saving BlackBerry 10 platform, with a $3.8 million Super Bowl ad following a few days later.