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Technology is rapidly changing the cars we drive and even the way we drive. Here’s the latest on how technology is reshaping the driving experience.

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2014 Cadillac CTS pumps engine sound into the cabin using the car’s audio system

For the all-new 2014 Cadillac CTS, GM is applying the principles of psychoacoustics. CTS engineers have tuned the car with specific audio properties related to its three driving modes and then used the stereo to amplify them.


Watching out when you aren’t: Infiniti’s and Mercedes’ car safety suites square off

Is Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Drive the smart choice or is Infiniti’s Safety Shield better equipped to guard you from harm? We compare the features and put them to use on real roadways to find which suite of tech protectors is most effective.


5 big industries battery storage tech and solar power could change forever

Solar power and battery storage systems are beginning to emerge as a new way to power mobility. What other industries might benefit in the future? Semi trucks? Ships? Airplanes? Those and more.


Beyond the tech, autonomous driving is an issue of trust – and parking

We assume it's a lack of technology that keeps us from enjoying all the cool stuff we see in the movies, but when it comes to autonomous vehicles, it's a lack of trust and infrastructure keeping us at bay.


The cat’s claws: Jaguar F-Type’s hidden transmission and suspension tech revealed

It’s easy to admire the new 2014 Jaguar F-Type for its good looks, but we peel back that gorgeous shell and look at the technology that makes it so great to drive - and drive hard.


Can Elon Musk solve the world’s energy needs through solar power and electric cars?

Solar power, despite high-profile business failures like Solyndra and a few others, is riding a wave of popularity. Put simply: it works.


Automotive tech a la carte: Upgrade your ride with these technology add-ons

You might not have the fanciest set of wheels but that doesn't mean you have to go and throw huge cash down on a new ride. Instead, try these simple add-ons to bring your car's sophistication up a few notches.