CES 2013 Cars

Forget about TVs, laptops, and obscure Chinese smartphones you’ll probably never see stateside. CES is here, and that means thousands of square feet of cutting-edge car tech. From the data spilling out of your car into the cloud to the driverless roads of tomorrow, we’re delving deep onto the show floor to bring you a glimpse into the future of automotive tech.

Latest Stories

Ford begins paving the way to a modular motoring world with launch of OpenXC platform

Imagine a world where you can swap out parts of your car as frequently as your smarphone case. Well, Ford's OpenXC program could be paving the way for such a reality,


Porsche announces Aha integration at CES 2013

Porsche is the latest carmaker to use Aha, which connects mobile devices and their content with a car's infotainment system.


Audi Q7 Sound Concept rocks CES 2013 with 24 speakers and “3D sound”

Audi says extra speakers and some software trickery will create a higher-quality sound for its luxury models.


Drivers wanted: Audi says its self-driving cars will put the ‘me’ in autonomy

The future of autonomous vehicles is closer than you think, but according to Audi, it might be more "hands-on" than its name suggests.


TomTom unveils the new and more powerful HD Traffic 6.0 at CES

Thanks to a partnership with Telenav, the much more accurate system from TomTom is now available to mobile users as well.


Audi announces Nvidia Tegra-powered infotainment system at CES

Audi's new MIB infotainment system will use a Tegra computing module to make it easier to update.


Matrix LEDs and frikkin’ lasers: Audi dishes on some of its new auto tech at CES 2013

Auto tech took center stage at CES 2013, and Audi was on hand to discuss a number of its new innovative technologies coming soon to production vehicles.


Chrysler Uconnect Access Via Mobile: Uconnect gets an upgrade to keep up with the competition

At CES, Chrysler showed an upgraded version of its Uconnect infotainment system with Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio, and Aha connectivity.