CES 2013 Home Theater

The  TV’s are bigger, brighter and smarter;  the wireless speakers are smaller and louder;  and Snooki wants you to buy her ugly headphones. Welcome to CES 2013 in Las Vegas. All the sweet gear you could possibly want for your living room, bonus room or man cave is here. Whether it is hidden in a dizzying maze brimming with booths, or tucked away in a hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Venetian Hotel, Digital Trends is on the scene to bring you the best of it. Now hang on to your mouses and monitors, because the future is happening right now. 

Latest Stories

Dish Network’s Hopper takes another big leap forward in 2013

CEO John Slayton's embracing of consumers' "full blown sprint" to mobile viewing has Dish Network offering even more options and apps in the latest version of The Hopper


Hisense unveils new 4K, 3D, and Google TVs

China's Hisense continues treading into the US market with a slew of new, budget-friendly TV's, including 4K, 3D, and Google TV models, plus some kind of transparent 3D business we've not heard of before.


Sony banks on NFC and 4K, teases 4K OLED TV

Sony has built an entire ecosystem around NFC pairing, is exploiting the living daylights out of its 4K/Ultra HD empire, and, for just one bright, shining second, gave us a glimpse of a prototype 4K OLED TV at its CES 2013 press conference.


Velodyne vFree Bluetooth wireless headphones hands on: Pretty and wireless

CES has begun and we're already in the muck of it all. Before we lose our minds though, we took some time to check out Velodyne's new vFree Bluetooh headphones.


Samsung unleashes 2013 TV line-up, including 85-inch Ultra HD and 55-inch OLED models

Samsung's 2013 TV lineup includes a goliath 85-inch Ultra HD model, a 55-inch OLED still shrouded in mystery, and more refined Smart TVs further down the line.


Panasonic at CES: Write on your HDTV and try on some ‘bone-conducting’ headphones

Panasonic talks HDTVs, partnerships, cord-free media devices, and bone-conducted music technology at its CES 2013 press conference.